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Review: Poker Night Bk5 - Full House © Carol Lynne


Title: Poker Nights Bk5 – Full House

Author: Carol Lynne

Publisher: Total Ebound

Main Characters: Marco De Le Santo & Kent Baker

Book five in the Poker Night Series
Life hasn't been easy for Marco De Le Santo. He's spent the last eight years raising his young brothers and sister. At the age of twenty-four, Marco finally has the chance to explore his feelings for Kent Baker, his boss. He knows Kent thinks he's a playboy, but Marco's finally ready to tell his friend the truth about his secret life. What would Kent say if he knew Marco came with three kids under the age of eighteen?
Kent Baker has watched Marco since the day he stepped into his office. As owner of a construction company, Kent has seen his share of good-looking men, but none of them hold a candle to Marco. Kent has waited years for Marco to grow up and realise there's more to life than partying and random men, but with each year passing year, he becomes bitter.
When Marco finally opens up to Kent, will his boss be angry at the deception or can they build a future that includes Marco's, already, Full House?


Tired and dirty, Marco parked his pickup in the driveway of the small two bedroom house. He grabbed the cooler on the seat beside him and headed inside after a long day of work.

What he’d hoped would be a relaxing night shattered as soon as he heard the arguing. “Shit.”

It seemed his brothers were always fighting lately. He unlocked the door and stepped into the living room. Nicky was pinned to the floor by Bruno, his much bigger brother. The two of them were cussing and screaming at each other.

Marco glanced around the room. “Where’s Maria?”

His brothers were too busy yelling to even hear him. The feuding siblings took a back seat momentarily in Marco’s mind as he strode through to Maria’s bedroom and opened the door. He didn’t immediately see his baby sister until he opened the small closet.

Maria sat on the floor, her arms wrapped around her legs.

“Come here, baby girl.” He reached down and pulled Maria up and into his arms. “It’s okay. It’s just what brothers do. I’ll take care of it.”

“Dad called,” Maria informed him. She buried her face against Marco’s neck.

Marco hugged his sister. “Is that what Bruno and Nicky are arguing about?”

Maria nodded.

Marco carried the frightened girl over to her small twin-size bed. “I’ll go find out what’s going on, and then I’ll start dinner. Hamburgers on the grill sound okay?”

Maria nodded, again. She reached out and grabbed a pink stuffed bear that was starting to fall apart.

With a kiss to Maria’s forehead, Marco went back out to the living room just in time to see Nicky throw a punch. Although Nicky’s fist didn’t land squarely, it did manage to clip Bruno’s jaw.

“Break it up!” Marco screamed, lurching for his brothers.

He wrapped his arm around Bruno’s neck and pulled him off his younger brother. “Stop it.” He pointed a finger at Nicky. “Throw another punch, and you’ll be sorry.”

Although Marco wasn’t big, years of laying brick had given him enough upper-body strength to intimidate both his brothers. They broke apart, but continued yelling at each other.

“He’s going to see Dad,” Bruno spat.

Full House © Carol Lynne



In every series that Carol Lynne produces there is one book that literally leaps out at me by how good it is – and in the Poker Nights series – FULL HOUSE is that book.

Kent and Marco has had four books worth of word throwing, mud slinging and cold shoulders and this has finally come to a head. Marco De Le Santo, Kent long time worker is barely breaking even, with his sister and brothers to look after, mortgage, food  and an unruly dog to content with – it just feel like the days will never end. When an accident brings home a few home truths he knows it’s time to come clean with Kent about all the things he had never told him and thereby leading to Kent having the worst opinion of him.

Kent Baker is a self made man with his own construction company and other than the joy of having his own business Kent other joy and pain in equal measure is his love/hate feelings that he has for Marco. Marco is hands down one of the best at his trade, but Marco is young and the lifestyle that Kent assumes he has does not sit well with Kent.

When Kent finds out what has been taking up Marco’s nights and free time, he feels like an eel but he is also prompted to express how he feels to Marco. Both men are relieved to find out how they feel about each other and while Kent can only see them building on this little spark from here on in – Kent is more realistic and knows he comes with baggage and some of it deadly.  

FULL HOUSE is Kent and Marco’s story – so my anticipation level was way high to see how they were going to resolve their issues. It had kids, it had teenagers and it had a bad guy, what more could I ask for, I was loving this fifth book in the Poker Nights Series.

Kent and Marco have been at each others throat from day one – so I knew these guys, I have been on the sideline shouting “this guy likes you – open your eyes and see” and  I was very pleased that no pussy footing was done with the getting to know each other – they already had that history.

The family setting and situations were a wonderful backdrop to not only give that familiar feel to the book, but gave me an insight into Marco - the man and of course allowed Kent to prove himself worthy of Marco after all the side swipes that he had taken at him. The kids were fun, they did the usual kids stuff and with some choice words they were there to make Marco laugh as well as look at himself through their eyes.

The pace of this one is fast, very fast and the emotional scenes and concerns  came on with just as much speed, but I liked it. Ms Lynne also captured the group of men relaxing and showing why they are great guys and fun to be around…

FULL HOUSE cannot be read on it’s own and I can only say this is the best of the series so far… Kudos to Ms. Lynne…


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Janna on 17 December 2009 at 13:08 said...

This is another author I still haven't read but def wanna give a try! Good to know it's not a standalone. Great review!

Chris on 17 December 2009 at 13:38 said...

I haven't read any in this series yet, but you have me intrigued...

Smokinhotbooks on 17 December 2009 at 17:17 said...

EH this looks like another good one, but I have to buy that Gothic novel you reviewed earlier this week first :)-

Did I ever thank you for reviewing Shared by Wolves by Rena Marks...Mr. Smokin Hot also thanks you :)

Erotic Horizon on 17 December 2009 at 19:49 said...


Carol Lynne is my guilty pleasure - I cannot resist her work...

A very prolific author...

Her imagination is fantastic...


Erotic Horizon on 17 December 2009 at 19:49 said...

@Chris -

The series started off a bit slow - but this book so made a difference...


Erotic Horizon on 17 December 2009 at 19:51 said...


Yup Heart's Bloood is definitely a must -

Please dont you dare corrupt Ms. Smokin'''- It's not right... you evil woman..