Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Review - North Wind © David Gigilio

Author: David DiGilio

Artist: Alex Cal

The future: mankind has suffered a disaster. Where there was once a lush, thriving planet, there is now only glaciers and snow. The cities that still stand are buried under the surface in caves of ice. Skinrunners trade valuable pelts for rations, warmth and survival. Into this violent, damaged world, a hero will rise…in the vein of Mad Max and The Road Warrior and for fans of Antony Johnson’s Wasteland


I read this one a few days ago and as graphic comics goes it did what it had to do told a story. Digilio is not a new voice to me and I probably expected this comic to jump out at me and blow me away – but it didn’t.

I like a straight forward comic and with that Cal, the artist got it right with me – the drawing were good, the artist capture the landscape perfectly and the colouring worked well for me. I will admit that as much as I liked it – I missed the over extension of the artist – the expressions, the nuances and other little bits that make a good comic stand out.

The story line is simple – Ice age has hit the earth and through a cycle of weather deterioration the earth falls into a apocalyptic mood, where everything is rationed and the man who rules is the man who has what is needed the most – in this case it’s heat.

Through a barter system the outcast- the people who live outside of Lost Angeles negotiate for heat, food, commodities or pleasure. When a barter goes wrong through the over eagerness of Pak, the outcast leaders son – all hell breaks lose and in it’s wake there is death, regret and a lone  Skinrunner who takes Pak under his wings to train him an an apprentice – because Pak is all that is left of the outcast.


Fast-forward a few years later and Pak had not only learn the craft of the Skinrunner, but he has learn how to make his own heat through the implements of his trade and the North Wind.

Despite the number of years Pak has been away from Lost Angeles he has never forgotten who and what has taken his family and life away from him – and as soon as his mentor passes on, he heads off to exacts revenge.

One of the first people he meets when he tries to dig into the underground city is one of the outcaster who was suppose to be dead – this was a pleasure for him, but even more so was the fact that there is one more outcaster alive. Pak aims to find her and take her home.

What follows is a fast pace scenario of fighting, greed at it’s worst and people who are like herds, just following after each other. Some characters stand out but the storyline just fall short of that little extra something that made the classic Mad Max and The Road Warriors what they were.

NORTH WIND is not a long read, and It was worth the time I took to give it a go.


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Blodeuedd on 9 December 2009 at 06:50 said...

Different, hm, I would read it. I do like catastrophic future scenarios.