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Review - Midnight Cove © Cierra James


Title: Midnight Cove

Author: Cierra James

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press (Crimson Rose)

Main Characters:  Nick Rawlins & Krista Vincent

Nick Rawlins’s desperate need for rest from his job as County Medical Examiner is interrupted when he accepts an offer to search for the missing daughter of a prominent local man. This quest takes him to the Adriatic Coast of Italy.

He finds raven-haired Krista Vincent recovering from an attempt on her life and they are thrown into close proximity by his vow to protect her from increasing death threats. Krista is not going to take protection easily because she came to Italy on her own search, a link to her past. Tested by desires they can’t deny, Nick’s confirmed bachelorhood teeters as they fall into perilous events which threaten both of their lives.


Nick kicked off his shoes and stretched out his feet. He reached for his beer and took a long drink. As he went to set the bottle back on the end table, the patio door shattered along with the bottle in his hand.

“Oh my God,” Krista screamed. Instantly, she was on the floor with Nick’s body shielding hers. His hand was balled into a fist near her mouth. A thick substance dripped on her face. She had a sickening feeling it was blood as her fingers reached to wipe it away. At that moment, her stomach lurched into her mouth. A wave of dizziness flashed through her when the pain from her shoulder wound assaulted her. Her entire body shook while she fought back a scream. Most of all, she didn’t want to throw up in front of her gorgeous protector.

“Nick,” she whispered, “your blood is dripping on my face and you’re crushing me.”

“Stay down and be quiet,” Nick whispered harshly. “I’m going to have a look around.” He lifted his body over hers, rose to a crouch, and then stood. Krista’s eyes followed his movements as he combed the room. Quietly, he opened the door and left the apartment.

She knew instinctively this was no time to go against his wishes. She wasn’t moving from her safety zone. Here she was, lying on the floor of her own home, shivering with fear, Nick’s blood on her face, about to vomit, and all she could do was cry. Next time she decided to go chasing after the unknown, she would find a friend to kick her butt and remind her how dangerous it could get.

Midnight Cove © Cierra James



Nick Rawlins is burnt out or needs a new challenge, at least that’s how he looks at the fact that despite the knowledge that he is on a much deserved holiday from the job, he is just hitching to do something different.

That something different comes in the shape of missing Krista Vincent. Krista’s parents are worried about the fact that they have not heard from their daughter in quite awhile. When Nick takes onboard the challenge of finding Krista, not even in his wildest dream did he wish for the amount of excitement that follows in his wake.

Krista is hooked on the past, from the moment she uncover document in her grandmothers house she feels pull to find out the missing information about her family. Nothing however prepares her for the adventure that she would be on and it all started when Nick Rawlins walked into her life.

This was a funny old read for me, it’s one of those books  where nothing seems to work but I just could not stop reading. The protag were just about tolerably for me and I had so much issues with the connection that they were meant to have. I however liked the dialogue between the two and with Krista temperamental ways and Nick very clock and dagger attitude it kept the books moving.

The mystery was good, tension filled, full of detail and it felt like special effect was added to it and I think this more than anything else held me through the length of the book. The author gave a convincing show with the mysterious house, the unknown cave and a whole lot of voices in the dark that only leads to more mystery.

MIDNIGHT COVE is an easy read and despite the issues I had with the characters and some of the scenes not holding me, one of two of the support character were worth their weight in gold – they made the book come alive whenever they got page time and their scenes were totally worth the effort.

MIDNIGHT COVE was worth the few hours I spent with it and Ms. James style is one I like – it didn’t drag and I will be checking out more of her work.


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