Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Review - Betrayal © Kim Amburn


Title: Betrayal

Author: Kim Amburn

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press ( Crimson Rose)

Main Characters:  Becca Ellis & Mac Holt

The last thing Louisville corporate attorney Becca Ellis expects to find when she makes an emergency trip home is her sister's body hanging naked in her bedroom. The sheriff says its suicide, but Becca knows better--and what’s all this about Elizabeth willing the family home and its contents to the new church in town?

When Mac Holt left the army to care for his dying mother, he never expected see Becca Ellis again. He’d betrayed her fourteen years ago, and knew it. But when no one else will help her find out what happened to her sister, and someone tries to kill Becca, too, Mac feels he owes it to her to step in and keep her safe for as long as she’s in Sedgefield—whether Becca wants him around or not.

Will they discover the truth about Elizabeth’s killer, the past, and their feelings for each other before time runs out?


Becca was back in town…


“Hello, Becca.” He kept his hands stuffed in his pockets, knowing she’d rebuff even the friendliest handshake. “I’m sorry about your sister.”

Fury leapt into her eyes. “Don’t tell me you believe that crap about her committing suicide.”

“You don’t?”

“No. Elizabeth wouldn’t have killed herself. Even if she’d been down lately, she wouldn’t have done that to me.”

“Not everything’s about you, Beck.” His voice gentled. “But I think you’re wrong.” He’d seen too many men struggle through the stages of grief in the Army. Denial was normal.

“Elizabeth would never have left me all alone, without even a note to say goodbye. You knew her, you lived here. Did you think she was suicidal?”

“What I think doesn’t matter. The coroner ruled her death a suicide. There’s nothing you can do.” Although he’d wondered, himself, when he’d heard. Elizabeth hadn’t seemed the type to kill herself, but who knew what secrets people hid behind their smiles?

“I can find her killer. I will. I owe it to Elizabeth.” Her voice broke. “I owe her everything.”

Regret stabbed at his heart. He wanted to take her in his arms and comfort her, but she’d not only reject any sympathy, she’d turn that rage boiling inside her on him. And he’d deserve it.

Betrayal © Kim Amburn



When Becca Ellis rushes home at her sister’s request, finding her hanging from the rafters was like a slap in the face for her. Her sister was everything to Becca and despite the distance between them – they have always had each other to rely on.

Becca refuses to believe that her sister’s death was a suicide as the entire town would like her to think.  Determined to get to the bottom of her sisters death she is willing to take on all comers irrespective of who they are. No one is talking and to be honest they have all closed ranked and she is starting to feel like an outsider in the town she grew up in.

Help and support comes from the last place Becca expect it to – from Mac Holt, the same Mac Holt that walked out on her fourteen years earlier is now back in town and he and his mother seems to be the only two people that Becca can rely on to help her get to the bottom of what is happening.

There is something sinister and all empowering happening in this small town and everyone is either too scared to put a foot wrong or is trying to get the wayward to toe the line. Becca is however on a mission and someone aims to make sure she does not succeed. With no one else to rely on can she and Mac find out what is really happening in this town before they lose all that they have left.

This was another book that didn’t really grab me on all level. Ms Amburn does carry the mystery really well, and small town scenario always does it for me. With some stereotypical character making an entrance as well as some decently developed cast, I enjoyed the mixed bag of people that flowed through this book.

I had some issues with the protags and how unsure their path was, I wasn't sure if a romance was happening either –they kissed, they hug and they even did the deed, but it was over and done before I realized that smut was happening.

The strength of this book lays in the mystery that was happening in this town, the fact that Ms. Amburn tied a few other story lines to it made it not a total wash out for me.

If you like cloak and dagger stuff along with some small-town brashness and irregularities then BETRAYAL is for you



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Smokinhotbooks on 8 December 2009 at 22:10 said...

"but it was over and done before I realized that smut was happening" Dear God the horror *hand to forehead* bad sign when the "smut" is over and done with EH.

Erotic Horizon on 8 December 2009 at 23:30 said...


You said it my dear -the horror of it.

I missed the smex... But the mystery kept me going, so all was not lost..