Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Waiting on Wednesday – It’s another great one!!!!


Too Close to the Fire

Jaydyn Chelcee

Eternal Press

Feel the heat—taste the passion—expect to get burned when you’re too close to the fire….
Out of luck—When Dianna’s plane crashes in the Australian rainforest, her life is in the hands of her passenger, Taylor Spencer, a bitter, venom-filled man who so far has only made her life miserable.
Out of hope—The last person Taylor Spencer wants to be stranded with is the spoiled sweetheart of the wealthy Remington family of Rimrock, Montana. Hell, he didn’t even want to be in the plane with her in the first place.
Out of time—Dianna and Taylor, two people at odds, with nothing in common, except a strong will to survive and a desire for each other that neither is willing to acknowledge.


Take It Easy

AKM Miles

Torquere Press

When Easy meets runaway in trouble Mano at his mother’s truck stop in Nashville, he falls hard and fast and the feeling seems mutual. The two are as different as night and day, and happy endings don’t always come easy, even if that's your name. While Easy is out on the road, Mano is arrested and taken back to Tampa. Mano is in shock, knowing he didn’t commit the crime, but unable to prove it.

Easy has to get down to Tamps, find Mano, figure out who did do it, and protect Mano and his mother at the same time, especially with the real criminals working hard to make sure Mano stays in jail. Love is wonderful, exciting, fulfilling, and sexy, but is it enough to keep Mano out of prison for murder?




 All My Loving
Pepper Espinoza
Amber Allure

Sometimes, a couple is only truly complete when they find their third...

Previously available only in electronic format, these sizzling stories of ménage erotic romance have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the tales...

  • ...And To Hold
    Can an unorthodox solution relieve the tension between a bride and her impotent groom? Mari is deeply in love with her husband, Justin. But shortly after their marriage, a tragic accident leaves Justin impotent. The newlyweds do their best to work around the problem, but no matter what they try, Mari remains unsatisfied. Until Justin brings home his best friend, Paul...
  • A Farewell To Angels
    The best way to say goodbye is to show them how you really feel... The last thing Rachel wants to do is say goodbye to her best friend, David, on the night before he ships out to Afghanistan. David is a pilot in the Air Force, and they all knew the time of his deployment would come, but nobody is emotionally prepared. David’s wife, Jade, is miserable and frightened. Rachel’s husband, Ian, hates to see his wife so heart-broken, especially since David is his close friend, too. Before David leaves for an uncertain future, he has one request for their final night together. He wants to show Jade, Rachel, and Ian just how much they all mean to him...
  • Four O’Clock
    Johnny Leach has a good life. He’s married to Elizabeth, a woman he loves, he lives in a quiet frontier town, and he owns a successful saloon. In some ways, it’s a better life than he might deserve. Still, he keeps the past firmly behind him, not because of what he’s done, but because of who lurks there...the man he rode with for ten years...a man a part of him still loves...a man who rides into town one morning without warning. Brody James is running from his own past, and his ultimate goal is South America. He claims he stopped to say goodbye to Johnny, and claims he’ll catch the four o’clock train to Galveston. But where Brody James goes, trouble follows. Before four o’clock, Johnny and Elizabeth will find their secure world falling into an uncertain future...
  • To Bend
    Frazier Lee has only been in Chris Leeves’ wolf pack for three weeks, but he’s already rubbing everybody the wrong way. Even the person who made him a wolf wants him gone. Frazier finally goes too far when he tries to convince Chris’s wife, Rose, to sneak away with him while at a pack party. Frazier thinks Chris is going to kick him out, leaving him homeless and friendless. But Chris has other plans. The first? Make Frazier submit to his will...



    Jane Doe's Return

    Jenni Holbrook

    WildRose Press - Crimson Rose

    Imagine knowing the wrong person is convicted of raping and killing your sister. You know the real killer still lurks in the shadows, killing once year, and waiting for the one victim who escaped his wrath to return. Imagine spending the majority of your career searching for Jane Doe, only to find her in the most unlikely place.

    Special Agent Travis Brown has set his life up so he can have access to information that will lead him to the one woman he believes can tell him who killed his sister. However, he’s not prepared for the drive and determination of his new partner, Special Agent Shauna Morgan. Her instincts are razor sharp and her beauty undeniable. His attraction to her is as strong as his need to find his sister’s killer. What he doesn't know is that Shauna has a secret; a secret which will ultimately put his heart on the line, along with her life.



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