Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Waiting On Wednesday – I so am….

Capturing Karma [The Sullivan Boys, Book Three]

K. M. Daughters

Wildrose Press: Crimson Rosebud Line

Veterinarian Matty Connors' visions lead her to homicide detective Brian Sullivan once again despite her resolve to remain anonymous the past four years. Her official work with the police in California resulted in the brutal murder of her fiancé, and since, a recurrent nightmare she barely survives. Brian, the reputed ladies man of the Sullivan family, has yet to give his heart to a woman until Matty lays claim to it. His black-and-white approach to solving crimes doesn't jibe with Matty's spooky pronouncements or her reputation for alleged infallibility. A wild goose chase searching for a murder weapon casts doubt on Matty's "truths" and threatens their smoldering romance. Is Brian her nightmare slayer and ultimate truth? When the puzzle pieces fall in place for Brian, will it be too late to save Matty?


Sweet Summer Sweat

Claire London

Aspen Mountain Press

Scot’s on the run with his lover, Jerry.  All he’s known in his young life is prejudice and frustration.  But they’re ill-prepared for their new life and in suffocating heat, find themselves stranded at a desert motel. Broke and confused, the heat exhausts them and Scot starts to doubt how he really feels about Jerry. The two men who run the motel are gorgeous and uninhibited lovers, and willing to welcome the two young guests into their sensual, self-indulgent life. Scot struggles to hold on to his dreams and ambitions in the face of such seduction, but when their elusive master, Conor Maxwell, starts to dominate Scot’s thoughts and desires, he wonders how he’ll ever get to leave.  Or if he really wants to.


Eagerly Awaiting the postman for


Virtually His (The first book in the Virtual series)
Gennita Low

Mira imprint of Harlequin.

Chosen to be the ultimate secret operative, Helen Roston has become the most dangerous woman in the world. Two years of training and she's now ready for the final phase--a risky combination of virtual reality and a mind-altering serum.

When her mysterious and faceless "trainer" syncs his mind to hers using the program, she's amazed at her sizzling response to his virtual touch. But Helen likes to be in control. She's not going to beg for more.

Helen's final test is a challenging mission, picked by the other government agencies whose candidates lost out to her.

To succeed, she has to put herself completely in the hands of her trainer, a man she



Virtually His (The first book in the Virtual series)
Gennita Low

Mira imprint of Harlequin.

He can't get her out of his head - literally.

In Helen 'Hell' Roston's elite black ops world, failure isn't listed as an option in the rule book. As the leading guinea pig in a dangerous combination of virtual reality training and a mind-altering serum, though, every day offers a thousand ways to blow it. And the very real sexual chemistry that sizzles between Hell and her trainer is messing with her head even more.

COS Commando Jed McNeil is an expert in mind manipulation games. He's been chosen to be Hell's monitor and anchor in the Super Soldier Spy program. Trained to compartmentalize his needs and feelings in an assignment, he's unprepared by how much Hell affects him.

When the experimental serum gives Helen incapacitating headaches, her pain throws Jed into protect-at-all-costs mode. A position the fiercely independent Hell would rather die than be in. But with a rogue CIA faction out to sabotage the program, Hell has no choice - even if it makes her head explode. It's trust Jed, or die.


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Janna on 18 November 2009 at 21:16 said...

The Virtual series sounds interesting. Have you read any books by Gennita Low before, EH? Can you recommend her books to a non paranormal romance reader like me?

Smokinhotbooks on 19 November 2009 at 00:54 said...

I'm in awe of your Waiting on Wednesday stash. FYI you got a special thank you shout out on my blog today :)

Erotic Horizon on 19 November 2009 at 12:14 said...

Hey K.C.

I am looking forward to this weeks stash as well...

I will come over and check it out... thanks out..


Erotic Horizon on 19 November 2009 at 12:20 said...

Hey Ereader..

I have not read any of her books YET - but I thought I would start with the Virtual seires...

There are three other series

S.A.S.S. series
COS Commando series
Crossfire Series

All those are non supernatural series...

Also check out her page on Fantastic Fiction..

Let me know which one you are starting with...

Janna on 19 November 2009 at 22:54 said...

Thanks for the info and link. I just put 'The Protector' (Crossfire series) on my wishlist at BooksonBoard. The other series look interesting too. I'm curious what you'll think of the Virtual series.

AReader said...

You can read excerpts from her books at and her blog Also, I wouldn't classify Virtually His and Virtually Hers as erotic books, although there are some super-erotic elements in them, especially Virtually Hers, which I gave 5 Steamy Stars. GLow is more a military spy action author, imho, with some really hot sex.