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Review – Take It Easy © AKM Miles

Title: Take It Easy

Author: AKM Miles

Publisher: Torquere Press

Main Character: Easy and his Manolito

When Easy meets runaway in trouble Mano at his mother’s truck stop in Nashville, he falls hard and fast and the feeling seems mutual. The two are as different as night and day, and happy endings don’t always come easy, even if that's your name. While Easy is out on the road, Mano is arrested and taken back to Tampa. Mano is in shock, knowing he didn’t commit the crime, but unable to prove it.

Easy has to get down to Tamps, find Mano, figure out who did do it, and protect Mano and his mother at the same time, especially with the real criminals working hard to make sure Mano stays in jail. Love is wonderful, exciting, fulfilling, and sexy, but is it enough to keep Mano out of prison for murder?


It wasn’t hard to admit he already cared for Manolito. He’d call him Mano when around others and keep Manolito for himself. His little man. Easy was surprised at the depth of feeling he had after only a small amount of time. He was about to remedy that. Easy had no trouble admitting he was anxious to increase the time spent with Mano from a little to a whole hell of a lot!

Pulling the truck around the back of the building, he began the task of settling it in. Anxious to see Mano, he was hurrying through the shut-down routine when he nearly jumped out of his skin at the face that suddenly appeared in the window beside his left arm. Mano!

He lowered the window and smiled at the eager face of his dream lover.


“Hey, you. I was watching for you,” Mano said.

“Yeah?” Easy didn’t seem to be able to get past one word responses. He tried harder. “Been waitin’, huh?”

“Yep. I don’t have long since it’s almost time for the supper rush, but I saw you pull around and wanted to say hi privately. I wish…” Mano paused, looking in at Easy.

“You wish what? Don’t be shy now. Let’s see if it’s what I’ve been wishing for since I left here.” Say it, he begged in his heart, say it for me, Manolito.

“I wish I could have that kiss you told me about when you left. I haven’t thought about much else.” Easy admired the courage that took as he watched the blush cover Mano’s neck and then his face.

“Hop down so I can get this door open.” Easy had pulled quite close to the back side of his apartment this time. On purpose? Hell, yes, just for this.

Mano jumped down. Easy finished the steps necessary in shutting down the truck, and stepped down, slamming his door. He turned to find Mano had backed up to the wall and stood, waiting. As he looked at him, Mano’s arms lifted just a little, but the invitation was obvious. He walked right into those arms, bending to take Mano’s mouth with his.

Oh, Easy needed hours, days, to get his fill. As much as he wanted to press Mano into the building and take and suck and grind, get as much feeling as possible all at once, he made himself take his time. This was their first real kiss and he wanted to be able to remember it with joy. He relished the feeling of Mano reaching up to clasp him around the shoulders, knowing Mano had to be up on his toes to do it.

He took his mouth from Mano’s to say, “Up,” as he tightened his arms and lifted. Mano gave a little hop, his legs wrapping around Easy’s waist and his back resting on the wall behind him. Oh, now, this had definite possibilities.

Take it Easy © AKM Miles


I had the pleasure of reading this book a few days ago and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. Firstly I must admit I was coming off a rather feel good high and this book just hit the spot for me with it swings between the lowlife and the highlife – I was ready for a book like this.

The book starts immediately-with angst and Easy, a gentle giant of a man who has just come home from a long run on the road. Home for Easy is with his mother Sally, other wise known as Mama Sasy, she runs a trucker stop in Nashville that also acts as a safe house for gay men. The beginning tension is immediate and before long I was introduced to the entire  little set up at the truck stop.

With the ultimate aim of providing a safe place for abused men, Mama Sasy is again awaiting a new arrival at her place. Being a busy truck stop she is always on her feet – but when her awaited charge walks in with her son all she thinks about is wrapping him up in love and affection, because that is just how she was. Easy on the other hand is of mixed feeling, he has never thought of Mamas boy’s as any thing more than young men needing help – this new arrival however makes him not only feel things he has not felt in years but he is wanting to do sexy sexy things to this little man if his dream are anything to go by.

Manolito is bruised, scared, tired and hungry, making it to Mama’s place was the only thing that has pushed him forward for the past few days. Now that he was here – it takes a man much bigger than himself to offer that last hand of support that he needs to go inside. Mano is amazed at how welcomed he is made to feel by everyone at the truck stop, but despite this he is still skittish and who wouldn’t be, after all his life before coming to the truck stop has not been a bed of roses.

Mano despite his situation is not unaware of how attractive Easy his and of course notices how gentle and considerate he is of him. Sooner rather than later the men are all hot and heavy over each other and a new page his turned in Mano books despite some concerns he still has.

This idyllic life does not last long, Mano past come bursting into his present and he is right back where he started - scared, angry and feeling alone. From the moment Easy called Mano his own he was in Mano’s corner – Easy now has to convince Mano that he is with him for the long haul and make him realise that he is important to alot of people and he just about heads the list.

I have condense that summary to the bare minimum because this review is a little hard to write without giving away the main crust of the book. Right from the books start there is a feel good attitude to this book and I will admit I am a huge fan of AKM Miles works so was happy to carry on expecting nothing new to jump out at me – I was so wrong.

Opposite attraction are always a winner for me and in every way you can imagine Easy and Mano are opposite, Easy is a giant of a man, both in size and temperament. Easy is a Mama’s boy as well but he was man enough to be mean enough not to be messed with. Gay for as long as he can remember he supports his mother one hundred percent in her safe house that she has developed over the years. He is almost laid flat now not only by the fact that he is so attracted to Mano, the bruised and edgy young man that is the latest addition under Mama’s roof, but he is more surprise just by the fact that he is unwilling to wait to make this young man his.

Mano on the other hand from the moment I met him, I knew he was going to give my heart a ride. He is the arty type very agile and fluid in his form and everything he does is centered around creativity or beauty and I love him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not all sweetness and kindness, he was so naive and trusting at times that I just wanted to slap him a good one. Despite that he is the one that gels this book together', with a rather tragic past that seems to be behind him for the time been, he takes the first chance he gets to follow up on an attraction with a man that is literally sex on a stick as well as explore a world that has never been available to him before.  

The two together are fun and I kept smiling and thinking – enjoy this boys, it wont last long, something is going to go wrong – and so said so done, Ms. Miles then dragged me into Mano’s past and into the underbelly of a community in fear. With very descriptive language and blow by blow tension filled scenes she opened up a world and a life that is just hell if not worse. I will say that portion of the book was certainly one of the highlight of the book for me.

A few side stories run right along side the main plot, all dealt with individual issues of life changes and the chances the characters are given and what they do with those options when they are presented to them. The side stories made me push my imagination and immediately I simply wanted to know more - I have already forwarded an email off to the author wanting to find out “What the hell next is going to happen” – she probably is still laughing her arse off…  

TAKE IT EASY is definately a pacey and character driven book and despite the gravity of the situation that Mano was in or even the areas of concerns that came up in this book – the larger than life personalities with their mannerisms, their need for fairness and their sense of fair play pushed this book right along for me.

For fans of Ms. Miles work you will find shades of “Solider”  (from her book SOLIDER) in Easy and even when I closed this book I found myself ticking off my likes and dislike between them and I have to say they both came up high on my scale of likable heroes…. new comers to Ms Miles work, don’t let the cover turn you off – TAKE IT EASY is so worth the ride.


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Still haven't lost my MM virginity, but hey one day ;)

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Hey B..
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Great review, EH
I love AKM and this one is on my TBR. Can't wait to read it.

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Oh wow! The cover appeals quite a lot to me, it's very unusual. Sounds like a good read, too. Glad you enjoyed it.

Erotic Horizon on 30 November 2009 at 17:48 said...


You will love this one - Very much AKM style...


Erotic Horizon on 30 November 2009 at 17:49 said...


I am not so thrilled with the cover - but that took nothing away from how much I enjoyed this book..