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Review: Rose and Thorn Society Bk 2 - Never Say Never © Jenna Byrnes

Title: Never Say Never

Author: Jenna Byrnes

Publisher:  Total Ebound

Main Characters:  Nicolas Fontana & Adam Reeve & Mitch Silver

Book two in the Rose and Thorn Society Series

When Adam Reeve is drawn into the world of D/s he couldn't be happier - until his old lover returns, shocked to see Adam collared and vowing to win him back.

Adam Reeve can't keep his eyes, or his hands, off the sexy new stud working out at Full Throttle Fitness. Adam's policy is not to jeopardise his job by having flings with clients, but tall and gorgeous Nick is too hard to resist. Plus, it's been a serious dry spell since Adam's long-time love, Mitch Silver, callously walked out on him.
Nicolas Fontana is instantly captivated by the handsome personal trainer, sweet talking his way into Adam's bed and his heart. He doesn't tell his new love about his desire to dominate. Instead, he takes things slow, leading the less experienced man down the D/s path Nick craves.
Mitch returns with thoughts of reclaiming Adam. He's amazed and surprised by the changes in his old lover's life. Sure, Nick is handsome and definitely hot. But Miguel would never let anyone dominate him. Never.

Publisher Note: The stories in this series are linked solely by theme. Each story can be read on it's own and the stories can be read in any order



Adam had only been employed there a year and a half, following his graduation from college with a kinesiology degree. For the first six months, he’d been in a committed relationship. Or so he’d thought. When his long-time lover, Mitch Silver, had left after almost five years together, Adam had been too hurt to think about dating anyone else. It had taken months to get over Mitch and several more months to realise he loved his job and didn’t want to jeopardise it by having sexual flings with clients.

Until Nick.

The new member’s muscular physique had been hard to miss. Adam had checked out his body first then his handsome face with its sharply chiselled nose and cheekbones. The stranger wore his black hair cut very short on the back and sides and longer on top. He started each workout with it slicked away from his face, but after an hour of stretching, straining, mind-numbing exercise, his black muscle shirt would be soaked with sweat and his bangs would hang in his eyes. The look twisted Adam’s shorts into a knot. The first time Adam had noticed, it had been all he could do not to follow the guy into the locker room and join him in the shower.

For two days, Adam had stolen furtive glances and tried to control his burgeoning hard-on. On several occasions, he’d thought he’d caught the man checking him out, as well. Finally, Adam had taken the first step and initiated gym talk.

Nicolas had jumped at the opportunity, chatting up a storm. After a few minutes listening to his sexy voice, Adam had been hooked. He would have bent over and let the man fuck him on a treadmill if that had been the only way to get him. Fortunately, Nick not only had felt the same, he’d had a little more self-control. They’d arranged to meet for drinks after Adam’s shift and had made it as far as a secluded corner of the bar’s car park before they’d been all over each other.

They’d been intimate as often as possible those first two weeks. Nick was a busy executive for an organisation whose main objective seemed to be raising money for a local children’s hospital. Fundraisers sometimes required him to work late into the evenings, but he’d made time for Adam each day.

Balancing his schedule with Adam’s rotating shifts at the gym was still tricky. Occasionally, it meant tugging off his jacket and necktie and meeting over the back of Adam’s sofa just long enough for a quick, yet satisfying, fuck.

Merely thinking about sex with Nick had Adam’s cock throbbing in the shower. He stroked the skin back and forth a few times before remembering Nick had asked him not to masturbate. He’d made the request nicely, and Adam hadn’t questioned it. He understood his new lover wanted to be the one to satisfy his desires. After squeezing his shaft once more, he grinned and released it. Waiting was better. Nick would give him all the pleasure he needed, whenever he asked.

He rinsed and left the glass enclosure then used a thick, plush towel to dry off. The friction caused his sensitised erection to twitch. I’m such a slut! Sex all night long, and I’m horny again. Only for Nick

Never say Never ©  Jenna Byrnes



When Adam started a relationship with Nicolas Fontana it came about after a break up with his long time partner Mitch Silver. Adam is a great guy, he likes his job, gets on with his clients and knows when to keep his head low about the important things in his life.

After a less than ideal year he is now at a happy place and Nick is the guy that he owes this all to. Whilst Adam likes Nick a lot, he is was not blinded to the fact that Nick is controlling when it comes to their personal life. Adam has no issues with this has he needs what Nick has to offer him how.

Nick is a Dom through and through and from the moment he meets Adam he knows he is the guy for him. Getting together was not a big stretch for Nick and his only concern is having to hide his true nature from Adam. Something's however cannot be hidden for long and Nick had to take his man by the collar sooner or later, he only hope his man was ready for his collar.

The two lovers are good together and are thrilled at where their relationship is going – Then Mitch returns, and not only does he wants Adam back, but he is not liking the new Adam that he has come back to. Nick has a lot to say about this because Adam now belongs to him and he will do anything to make Adam happy even if it means giving Adam what he himself wants.

NEVER SAY NEVER is one of my most anticipated book for the end of the year. Ever since I read the first book in the Rose and Thorn Society series Switching Seth I was hooked and wanted to know more, not only about the characters that left us on a bit of a cliff hanger, but also I wanted more happenings from within the dungeon of the club.

On this second journey I was treated to a battle of will between two men and an eager acceptance between another two.  I knew right from the outset that this book was not a follow up book to the first book in the series, I was a little disappointed to be honest and despite the fact that I loved the cover on this books – I reserved judgment until today. 



When I started this book there was a fun pace pace to this book. If felt light, it felt free of baggage and because of this I was able to really enjoy the flow of NEVER SAY NEVER.

This books centres solely on the future – and this is a refreshing change. There is always a past following a protag or some other baggage to clutter the scene. NEVER SAY NEVER deals with how to make the future better and brighter and ultimately happier all round for these three guys involved.

I thought Ms Byrnes put together three perfect characters that were strong, developed enough for the length of the book and independent enough to make me like them in their own right.

Adam is the centre piece of this game -  I personal had some issues with Adam towards the end of the book, but he is the one that showed the most growth. He was a really strong lad all in all and I would have liked to stay with him a little longer to see how he faired out in the relationship.

Nick – the smooth talker and a man that knew exactly what he wants and what made his man happy and will do anything thing to make that happen. I thought Ms. Byrnes really spent some time on Nicks character – as the Dom in this relationship, I could easily hate him – but he was written in such a way where I knew that his every thought and deed was about making his man happy.

Mitch is the wild card in this pack and it was love at first sight for me. Mitch is the misunderstood hero – knows he’s done wrong, but not willing to give up the fight before he has to. The human side of Mitch was evident and a good play on the authors part  I thought Mitch was opinionated, stubborn and was a sweetheart when it comes to the matters of the heart.

The plot  I like alot. It moved through a series of location and this gave the book not only that excited feel but it made the BDSM part of the book not feel so structured and rigid as most BDSM relationships are made to look like.

The BDSM is on the lighter side of the BDSM  chart, with words, thoughts and a little slap and tickle. With any BDSM material it is not going to work for everyone. I found this aspect of the book not only well written, but a pretty good understanding of what was ticking in these guys head.

Adam road to being a submissive was brilliantly scoped out. It was told in such a way where I could see that fine edge and at one point I thought – this is not right, but Ms, Byrnes does  what she does best and laid the pros and the cons on me and made me realise that Adam was actually at peace and elated  with is decision.

I could so be a voyeur after this book – the body is perfected described in this book, from how sexual hair can be to how just by a touch or the tone of each others voice the men all got off and had the ride of their life.

The smut was good – nope it was great. It was all over the place and it was in varied position and the men connected on a level that at times it feels like they knew each others thoughts and was aiming to please.


Bottom line.

NEVER SAY NEVER is a wonderful second book in the Rose & Thorn Society series and despite my little irk at not getting a follow-up story to the first book, I loved meeting these three guys – they make fun for themselves, they were confident and had a sense of family and caring about them that you can’t help but admire.

Ms. Byrnes wonderful style is full frontal in this book, with her pacey scenes, concentrated plot lines and characters that refuse to let me good,  NEVER SAY NEVER was so worth the wait.


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This is one of those times that I would just get the book for the cover regardless of the recommendation. I'm such a cover whore. LOL.

Sassy Brit @ on 30 November 2009 at 23:23 said...

oh yes, I like the sound of this! Glad it didn't disappoint. :)

Erotic Horizon on 30 November 2009 at 23:24 said...

I agree Kris- I fell in love with this cover.. Even the guys at the back are a good reproduciton of the angst in the book...


Erotic Horizon on 30 November 2009 at 23:25 said...


I would be in tear - I have been waiting months for this book... It so hit the spot...


Chris on 1 December 2009 at 00:48 said...

*covers eyes (because so does not need to get hooked on another series/author) and flees*

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the lovely review EH! You never fail to give me lots of fun quotes to choose from. I especially enjoyed: The smut was good – nope it was great. LOL

Seriously, thanks so much and I'm glad you enjoyed the read.



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*no Chris -stay****

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Sweet read to sink your teeth into..


Erotic Horizon on 1 December 2009 at 06:42 said...

Hey Jenna..

What can I say - the smut was good - no it was great... LOL

Congrats on the release my dear ...

Lets see what the dungeon tosses out for the third book...


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Wow how do you have the time to read so much :) I am a bit envious

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*pants at sight of cover* Dives in to EH review and oh yes - you did your job EH - Another author I'm buying as soon as e-reader is in the house LOL She going on my e-book list!

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It' no hardship to read manlove and when it's my guilty pleasure author...
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I am so looking forward to the day you get your reader - beware world !!!!..

The two book so far in this series so far are both wonderful..

Love the new avatar- Do you know your boobs are falling out, or are they meant to be falling out...?


Amanda Young on 1 December 2009 at 23:46 said...

This sounds awesome. I can't wait to read it. I've been salivating over that cover since you shared it on the blog a while back.

Janna on 1 December 2009 at 23:52 said...

O, I'm definitely gonna buy it now! I enjoyed Switching Seth a lot and was looking forward to this second book. Your review closed the deal, girl! Thanks :)

Erotic Horizon on 2 December 2009 at 00:25 said...


I think most of us have been drolling over that cover... How sexy is that model in the forground...

I really need to start wiping down this blog... there is just too much drooling going on here now..


Erotic Horizon on 2 December 2009 at 00:26 said...


I know you have been jonesing for this book for a while now - I look forward to your thoughts on this one - especially Adam character...

Lets chat when you are done with it..


Janna on 2 December 2009 at 10:32 said...

I better take notes while reading than, especially about Adam ;) You've made me curious!
Looking forward to the chat with you about him and the story...

Erotic Horizon on 2 December 2009 at 18:38 said...

Just read and enjoy the book my dear - these characters are such that you wont easily forget them...

We will chat...


Janna on 2 December 2009 at 19:43 said...

I'll just do that :)
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