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Review – River Of Tears – Michele L. Montgomery

Title: Rivers Of Tears

Author: Michele L. Montgomery

Publisher: Self Published –, Barnes & Noble, 

Main Character – An entire family

A woman's struggle as she searches for her missing husband leads to shocking revelations about him, his family, and the crime of adult kidnapping.
Abby meets Caiden when she is sixteen years old and knows she has met her soul mate. At nineteen Abby marries the love of her life and together they begin a family of their own. Life gives them a gift, but this gift is short lived. After seven years of marriage it ends.
>Abby is left alone with her two children and the bloody clothes that Caiden was last seen in. With the horrifying revelations from her mother in law Abby sets out to prove her husband is indeed alive and that he's been taken against his will by his mother, brothers, and sisters in a sick and twisted game of keep-away.
Knowing her husband isn't dead, Abby, with the help and support of her family, begins a search that takes her from Arizona to Arkansas and lasts for a span of eight years.
On a visit to Caiden's birthplace, Abby and her brother Chase meet with Caiden's best friend who fills them in with the secrets of her husband's childhood and of the hell he endured. He tells them of the nightmares, the deceit, and the abuse Caiden suffered at the hands of his family.
More determined than ever to locate her husband, before his family kills him, Abby hires a private investigator who opens the doors to Caiden's private world of hell and exposes his family for what they are, but will he be on time? Will Abby be on time to save her soul mate? Can she make him want to fight one last time?


For eight long years we’ve searched long and hard for Caiden. For eight long years my life was so completely turned upside down and inside out by sick and cruel people. Those sorry excuses for human beings did all they could to destroy my family. They went as far as trying to kill Caiden to keep him from his wife and children.

I should have seen it coming. We both should have, but we ignored it. We ignored the threats, the talks, all of it. We were too busy being in love.
I went back to my chair and sat next my husband. I gently kissed the top of his hand and laid my head on the side of the bed praying to God to bring Caiden back.

I’ll share my story with you, in hopes that maybe the next missing person flyer you see maybe someone living down the street and in need of help. A short message and it’s an easy one. Open your eyes to what’s around you, take note of it all. The breeze in the trees, the squirrels playing in the grass, the children’s laughter in their yards, the passing cars, the cries, and yells for help. I beg to you to listen to all of it, because one day you just might help save someone like Caiden.
Caiden tried to get help, he yelled and cried and begged, but fear kept him a prisoner. Sometimes we think it’s easier to ignore what we don’t like and hope it goes away and we can pretend it was never there because it’s almost seven and your favorite show is about to start. At seven fifteen that person crying for help is slowly dying and at eight, when your show is over, that person passed away. That person could have been my Caiden, my children’s father.

Once again I plead with you, you may not think you can help someone in a state of despair, you may not think the person shouting or pleading or crying for help is serious, and you may think things will work out, but it’s not always the case. We are all humans, and we all need each other, each and everyone needs someone. Don’t turn a blind eye, look at it dead on, and be sure before you turn away.

Rivers Of Tears © Michele Montgomery



When you hear about a kidnapping – the first thing that naturally comes to ones mind is where, when and how was the child taken, is there a chance to rescue him/her and you all pray that the child is not  traumatized in anyway possible. But what if the kidnapping is an adult kidnapping, what if it’s done by a family member and  what if no one believes you.

This is where Michele Montgomery pulls me into RIVER OF TEARS.  The book is told in total hindsight and I looking back now, I think that is the only way I could have handled this book – the stress along would have made me hyperventilate.

The story revolves around Abby and Caiden – from the moment they met when they were sixteen the two were inseparably and they had six years together that saw them learn together, grow together and form friendships and a family together. The life they lead was the stuff of dreams, they worked, they played and they loved together, the only fly in the ointment of these two life was Caiden’s family. Not that Abby didn’t try to form a bridge between the families and always extend the olive branch, but with an inbred sense of violence and total lack of self they made Abby grit her teeth every time they came around.

However in the interest of fostering a relationship between Caiden and his family, Abby was willing to put up with a lot from them – she however had to draw the line at some point, after all she had a family to look out for. Then Caiden did not come home.

This starts a journey that took Abby and her family along with some ultimately brothers in arms to the dead of beyond, open them up to a world they never knew existed, hurt unlike any thing they have ever known and expose then to a crime that so little is known about that Abby felt like she  was the only one fighting the battle to find her husband at one point.

This my first emotional read in a long, long time. When Michele approached me to review this book instantly it called to me. From the minimalistic look of the cover, to the blurb and just something that said take a chance on this one – it’s time.

I hanged on to this book with my heart in my mouth – it was everything that I was ready to read. Meeting Caiden and Abby along with friends and family, I grew to love them, their sprit, their drive and that naive little quality about them that thought the world would be kind and good to them if they loved all and played fair.

Abby was clearly the go getter in that family and with a steel to her spine and a definite moral code, she set the tone of the relationship, don’t get me wrong Caiden was loved and he loved in returned and all of Abby‘s family loved him and he revelled in their affection. Caiden was from a different upbringing and no matter how he naively thought the love he was now being exposed to would solve all the evils of his upbringing – he had another thing coming.

With stranger towns and even stranger tales – Abby, her brother, her family and an officer and an investigator who was worth their weight in gold went on an eight year journey – that  almost sucked the life out of her and me if truth be told.

This journey with Caiden and Abby is heartbreaking, it brings to light a matter that I certainly have never thought about. As an adult there is freedom of choice, freedom of movement – but when you are trapped and conditioned to a certain way of life – it is the hardest thing to get away from. I gripped my mouse as I read this, at one point I just had to stop and go for a walk, I just could not imagine the unbelievable events that unfolds over a period of eight years.

Ms. Montgomery reigned it all in and did a magnificent job in creating the balance between, love, affection and this thrilling hunt that saw me wanting to do bad bad things to these people…. Hope was never lost. Abby was the corner stone of that search and she did everything humanly possible to find the man who was everything to her. There are unexpected twist and turns in this book that had me thinking WOW – I didn’t see that coming, but it came and it only made the book more of a powerhouse than it already was.


Bottom line

I am so pleased I jumped in and read this book – right from the outset I knew it was going to  be an emotional ride, but this  was a ride that I would have regretted not taking. Ms. Montgomery voice is gentle, it is not forceful and there is a certain firmness to the language that was the right tone for the type of plot that was revolving around me – I at no time felt let down by the tone or the flow of this book. I can’t say how much this book surprised the hell out out of me and I loved it. RIVER OF TEARS is a book that comes full circle and in that process  held me, wrapped me up in a battle of wills, of heartache and heartbreak but also of hope, gentleness and the will to survive at all cost.

You MUST read this book.    



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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great book! I am adding it to my TBB list.

Great review.



Amy C on 23 November 2009 at 11:27 said...

Ugh...why does it have to be a 20 dollar book? You've made me really want to read this book, E.H. Ever since you mentioned it a while ago, I've been curious to read your thoughts. Someday I'll get it :).

Janna on 23 November 2009 at 11:56 said...

I've been looking forward to your review of this book. It sounds intense but great. It's definitely going on my TBB list. Thanks for the wonderful review, E.H!

Erotic Horizon on 23 November 2009 at 18:45 said...

Hey Ms. M ..

Please do give this a shot - A must read for anyone..


Erotic Horizon on 23 November 2009 at 18:50 said...

Hey Amy C..

I know what you mean - it is so worth every penny though...

The author is giving a special on the book - especially for US readers...

Michelle Said
" If your readers would like to purchase River of Tears, I can offer to them a signed copy for $17.34. Shipping free in the U.S"

Please use this link to play your order..

This is a phenomenal read...

Erotic Horizon on 23 November 2009 at 18:52 said...

E reader..

I do hope you get to this at some point - it is differnet and deals with an issue that sad to say I have never given much thought to...

This book made me sit up and say WOW...


Smokinhotbooks on 24 November 2009 at 05:11 said...

EH I'm totally lurking on your blog looking for a good book to download from Ellora's Cave :)

P.S. You've been tagged on my blog for a m/m meme