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Review: Raising Caine Series Bk. 2 - Enough Love For Two © Maggie Casper

Title: Enough Love  For Two

Author: Maggie Casper

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Main Characters: Connor and Carson McCain & Tara Sanders

Connor and Carson McCain have always shared everything…including their women. They’ve grown a bit cynical about ever finding the right woman for them to share their lives with when Tara Sanders returns home.

Falling for calm and cool Carson was one thing. Realizing on the night both men were to take her to their bed that she also loved his dark and dominant twin brother left her panicked. It has been three long years since Tara fled not only her hometown but the love of two men. Now she needs their help. In her quest for assistance Tara has come to realize she has more than enough love for two in her heart.
Now she just needs to figure out how to convince the wild McCain twins she’s back home t


Product Warning – If you are averse to men taking charge and lippy women being put through their paces – Step away from this review - now.
If you however like when men know how to use a barn door, a sofa or any piece of furniture to hand to maximum advantage and provide high probability of spanking – please carry on….


When Tara Sanders realised that she not only had feeling for Carson McCain but for his brother Connor as well, she does what ay good girl would do – she ran away from home.

Now two years later she is back and not under the most ideal of circumstances. Tara is prepared to eat a little humble pie to get a chance with the men that have no idea why she left them without a word to either of them. First she however have to face them, but even before that she have to find a job as even small town living cost money.

She goes to the one place where she knows she may have a shot at getting a job.

Connor and Carson are as different as day from night, but despite their differences in personality they are both in agreement on their loving and who they love. Carson is the smoother of the two brothers but he is also the one that holds onto his ire for the longest. Connor on the other hand is a ‘what you see is what you get” sort of guy – he takes no prisoners and other than his  family and especially Carson he rarely goes out of his way for anything or anyone else.

Connor is willing to do anything for Carson and when the last person he expects to walk through the door of “Raising Cain”  does walk through – he figures he just might be able to have his cake and eat it too.

“Don’t thank me yet, Tara. I’m not done.”
The depth of her coffee brown eyes staring back at him nearly had Connor mesmerized. Shaking himself free of the lust surrounding him due to her closeness, he continued. “In return, you’ll pretend you came back for the sole purpose of fixing things with Carson.”
She was nodding before he’d even finished the sentence. “I want that. Really, I do.”
Connor stepped away from her. He was sure he was making a huge mistake by all but blackmailing Tara into a relationship. Before overwhelming guilt had the ability to make him change his mind, he headed back down the bar.
Her voice was low and husky. Without a word, he turned.
“You too?”

Love enough For Two © Maggie Casper

Carson, Tara and Connor are about to lock horns and it will be a boom when they do – however will it be boom and burst or  a boomerang and second time around just might be their time.

I have always liked Ms. Casper books and when I came across this series I just could not resist. ENOUGH LOVE FOR TWO is the second book in the  Raising Caine  series and it is a ménage – my favourite genre.

One of the things I love about Ms. Casper’s style of writing is the pace and the emotional embargo that she tosses out to her reader. This book is no different, from about five pages in there is angst and upset and mudslinging and it just gets better as I read along.

Tara is the girl who ran away from the guys that thought she was all and everything.. When she comes back in not only Carson’s life but Connor as well, they were not about to hold back and let her do it again.



The main protags were beautifully crafted – I knew them, I felt their hurt, their joy and when they got right pissed I knew to look out for an explosion. Tara is the wild card of the trio, because as much as Connor and Carson are their own person, they knew each other and were so set in their ways that something's could be predicted if you knew them well enough. This is where Tara is weakest because as much as she has known them all her life she never looked beyond the front that she saw and in return never questioned her own feeling toward the brothers.

Tara is definitely the focus of this book and Ms. Casper give us a birds eye view of the road she has travelled to get to Carson and Connor.

Were women supposed to crave bondage? Was the thought of being spanked supposed to turn her, a normal woman, on? Tara raised her chin even though she was sure her cheeks were flushed. No longer was she going to give in to second guessing herself. So what if she wasn’t normal - Hell, who in this day and age was normal, she chided herself.

Love enough For Two © Maggie Casper

As much as this is the second in the series it firmly stands on it’s own…  the support cast that filter through the book gives enough support to the three to make them have the isolation that they need to build their relation, as well as Ms. Casper build on each character as we meet them, so I am looking forward to some wonderful books to come.

The book is rife with emotional and sexual tension and the kind that might not sit well with every one – for me I love it. It was immediate, sometime aggressive but so enjoyable.

Connor grabbed her shoulders, turning her back to face him when she would have walked away. Moving in close until they were nearly nose to nose, he gritted between clenched teeth, “We have an agreement, don’t fuck it up now.”
Tara’s mouth hung open in shock. Connor could only assume it had to do with the crudeness of his words. She might as well get used to it, he thought grimly to himself, because things were going to get worse before they got better.
“I won’t—”
“Yes you will, so just shut up and listen.” He ran the flat of his hand over the short stubbly crown of his flat-top.

Connor reached into his pocket for the keys to his truck and some cash. Once free of his jeans, he tried to hand them to Tara. “Go buy something nice for tonight. Do whatever it is women do to themselves before a night out with a man. In your case, men.”
Once again Tara’s mouth gaped open. This time a look of pure astonishment clouded her features as she thrust her hands behind her. “You can’t be serious.”

Love enough For Two © Maggie Casper

I loved the fact that as much as this book had a very autocratic male edge to it – Ms. Casper gave the men a chance to show there human side so to speak. They explained stuff, they listened but they also knew when to push Tara well beyond her limits and she loved.

Carson added an edge to the whole scene by pressing her forward until she was face-to-face with Connor. It was now or never, he knew. He also knew there was no way he could allow it to happen. Not when the woman he hoped would become part of their lives permanently looked as if she would bolt if given half the chance.
Feeling like the lowest of dogs, Connor lifted Tara off his still-engorged shaft. “Fuck!” The expletive burst from his mouth like a shot.
Perched on the edge of the bed, he ran a hand over his head then down across his face in hope of wiping the vision of her wide, and he assumed, scared eyes from his mind.
When that didn’t work, Connor left the room pissed off at himself, completely nude and still as hard as he’d been when they started.

Love enough For Two © Maggie Casper

There was a little mystery involved in the book as well, but I was pleased Ms. Casper kept it low key and not take away the story from Carson, Tara and Connor.


Bottom line..

I did not start this series from the first book, and I have missed nothing. Carson, Tara and Connor have made ENOUGH LOVE FOR TWO their own. They took a chance and made of it what they will.

The pace is fast enough, the scenes kept moving between the side stories and back again with a regularity that had a nice flow to it. The three have a history and strong emotional links between them to give that all involved feel. The setting was spot on and with enough pieces of furniture and other farm structure in their way to make sure they got their groove on when they wanted to and as much as they wanted to – I was in smut heaven..

This is most definately ménage at it’s best.



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Smokinhotbooks on 9 November 2009 at 18:33 said...

This sounds like another hot one. Ever since you reviewed Shared by Wolves I've been on this menage kick on Elloras Cave, so I blame you {points finger} for my spending spree at EC!

TheChicGeek on 9 November 2009 at 22:15 said...

Hot, hot, hot! I can always count on you, EH :)

In high school I dated a twin...he and his brother looked so much alike it was hard to tell them apart! LOL

Great review!
Hugs, EH :)))

Erotic Horizon on 10 November 2009 at 08:14 said...


This is another hot one my dear -and I take no responsibility for the hotness of the books I review...


Erotic Horizon on 10 November 2009 at 08:15 said...


Why am I not surprise - you are going to kill me one of these day with your surprises...

Little miss adventure..