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Review: Raising Caine Bk3 – Capturing Casey’s Heart © Maggie Casper

Title: Capturing Casey’s Heart

Author: Maggie Casper

Publisher: Elloras Cave Taboo (Jasmine Jade)

Main Characters: Casey McCain & Jared Calabrese

Book three in the Raising Cain series.

As the only sister of four bossy brothers, Casey McCain is used to being overprotected and cared for. What she isn’t used to, however, is the overwhelming need to give herself completely to another, namely Jared Calabrese. When their relationship progresses and Casey is presented with Jared’s collar, she runs scared.

Jared has had enough of Casey’s evasion of him and their relationship. He sets a plan in motion to show Casey there is no weakness in being submissive, in being owned by him. He not only overwhelms her with his presence, throwing them together whenever possible, but he also shows Casey how others in the BDSM lifestyle live so she understands there is no one right way. Jared plans not only to win Casey back but to capture her, heart, body and soul, and he’ll use whatever means necessary to see the job done.


Metal clanked against metal as she lifted her wrist slightly. “Are you going to turn me loose now?”

Jared stalked closer. He was close enough to hear her ragged breathing but not quite close enough to touch—yet.

“Not just yet.”

She licked her lips then. Jared knew it for the nervous gesture it was. She had a tendency to do so when unsure. He also knew she did not mean for the gesture to be arousing but it was. The sight of her pink tongue peeking out to moisten her full lips had the ability to give him a raging-hard erection.

“Then what do you have planned?”

He had a lot planned. Some she would like, even beg for before all was said and done. On the other hand, some of it was sure to piss her off. Jared couldn’t quite bring himself to care. This was going to go his way, and in the end all he could hope for was she agreed that at his feet, in his bed, his life, his heart and his soul was right where she belonged.

It was time to delve into her mind. He knew she was riding wave after wave of uncertainty and turmoil. He could see it in the depths of her gaze every time she looked at him. She was torn and fighting herself as well as him. Jared needed to find out why and to help her over whatever hurdle was holding her back.

“Turn around and close your eyes.”

It took a moment before Casey did as asked. She swiveled on the stool until her back was to him. Jared could only assume she had followed his directions and her eyes were closed.

He moved impossibly closer until every inch of his front covered her much smaller back. She shivered. Jared wrapped one arm around her so he could touch her pretty much anywhere he chose. He buried his other hand in her hair, tilting her head to the side.

“Perfect girl. Absolutely perfect. This is just the way I like you.”

He spoke the words low so she would have to really listen in order to hear. Jared wanted her complete attention. He wanted her focus to be on one thing and one thing only. Him.

“You belong to me, Casey. You said the words yourself.” He lightly stroked a hand over her abdomen, letting her get used to his touch. “There is no escape and you know it.”

Capturing Casey’s Heart © Maggie Casper



When Jared meet Casey – he told her straight up what type of man he was and they were getting on fairly well, so it was a surprise to him when Casey refuse to wear his brand so to speak.

After a few sleepless nights and lonely times Jared is refusing to believe that the perfect woman for him is calling it a day without at least giving it her all. He has a plan and he aim to get her back by fair or foul means if necessary…

Casey McCain is the over protected sister of the McCain brothers – she has always had it a little too good if truth be told. never having to not be independent and have a say in what’s happening in her life has never been an issue. Jared Calabrese  has now turned her life upside down. What Jared wants she can’t give, what Jared is asking of her is too much and what she wants does not come into the equation - at all.

When Jared set a plan in motion that Casey is not of the the mind to agree to – Jared shows her his brand of claiming, his brand of putting her on the right track and ultimately show Casey that he is after more than just control.

Casey is not an easy catch and she put up a hell of a fight – Jared may just have the hardest job of his life ahead of him.

Knowing she was in just as much pain as he was only made it worse. She wasn’t just being stubborn—she was making herself miserable and all because she was too scared to talk things through. To Jared that was inexcusable. As his property, she didn’t only have a duty to him but also to take care of herself, which she clearly wasn’t. Casey had asked for it the minute she’d run and he aimed to see she got exactly what it was she deserved.

Capturing Casey’s Heart © Maggie Casper


CAPTURING CASEY’S HEART is the third book in the Raising Caine series. This is baby sister’s turn in front of cupid’s arrow. In this case however cupid arrows come with clauses and they include slap and tickle and a collar.

Casey was having none of it – as from everything that she knew about BDSM (as limited as that was) that was not the lifestyle for her and there was no way Jared Calabrese was going to drag her into the lifestyle. Casey is spunky, lippy and has a exhibitionist side to her that comes out to play every now and then.

Jared on the other hand is a no nonsense man – he has always known what he is – A Dom and he make no bones about what he wants from his partners. He has decided that Casey is the woman for him and as much as she is running form him, he knows what she wants and he can give her all the needs.

Together Casey and Jared are like a bush fire – burning out of control – but Jared knows what he is doing and with this full prove plan that he has set in motion, he is about to reign Casey in whether she likes it or not.

Let me just say right up front – If you have issues with certain aspect of BDSM, this is not the book for you. There is dominance, spanking, submissive behaviour and a hell of a lot of other smutty stuff in this one – and I loved it.

“Somewhere deep down you know it’s okay to trust me, to let go.” Jared breathed against the flesh of her neck, nibbling and licking until she arched into his hand. “Tell me.”
Casey tried to turn her head away, fighting the truth of his words. Jared held tight. The hand fisting her hair allowed her no more movement than what he saw fit to give her. A strangled moan left her lips as she sagged against him. “Tell me.”
“I…I don’t know.”
Her voice was husky, her tone unsure. “You do know. You remember how the last few months have been. I know you remember the freedom in my ownership. I can feel it in your body even now. You remember how it felt to finally realize you could do anything I asked of you.”

Capturing Casey’s Heart © Maggie Casper

Ms Casper voice is clear – I liked the fact that she explained everything, tears were shed but comfort was swift in coming, and at all time there was the option of walking away.

Raising Caine is definately a series I will be following closely – there is still one brother that has intrigued me from the beginning of the series and I am looking forward to his comeuppance. All the brother and their wife's make an appearance in this book and it had a well thought out feel to it.

Bottom line

CAPTURING CASEY’S HEART is a little more than I had expected, while the previous books were on the lighter side of the BDS scale – this one really pushed the envelope.  The protags are easy to fall for – they  were entertaining and I had fun with them.

The plot has an insulated feel to it – and as mush as there are other cast member filtering through the book, the book was all about clearing up Casey’s issues and Jared laying down the law of the land.

Load of tension with no clock and dagger stuff to take away form the important stuff, so if you are in the mood for some very spicy loving with a man who knows how to use a handcuff and a woman who is everything and all to him – this one is definately for you  


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Andi Anderson on 11 November 2009 at 04:07 said...

Great review, EH:) I've like Maggie's books in the past so I'll definitely have to consider this one:)

Erotic Horizon on 11 November 2009 at 06:54 said...


It was my love of her books that pushed me to read this one - I was loving it alot..


prashant on 11 November 2009 at 13:35 said...

I've like Maggie's books in the past so I'll definitely have to consider this one: Lingerie Affection

Erotic Horizon on 11 November 2009 at 13:52 said...

@Pashant ..

Maggie is a tried and proven author - she does have a style all her own...

Happy reading my dear..