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Review – Mr. Charming © Nancy J.Parra

Title: Mr Charming

Author: Nancy J. Parra

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Main Characters; Jennifer Sumner & Kane

Jennifer Sumner is a single mom with a secret past. At the request of her brother, lead investigator on the case, she takes in a wealthy playboy who is pretending to be dead.  Jennifer walks a fine line as she struggles with the press, who can expose both the playboy and her troubled past, the playboy who threatens her lonely heart, and the killer who now wants them both dead. Can her brother catch the killer before her hard earned life come crashing down around her?


“Why do you keep touching me?” The words were soft and breathless. Jennifer wanted to take them back the moment they were out.

“I’m a tactile guy,” Kane said simply. “I like to caress what I find beautiful.”

Surprise filled her, scattered across her face. She was thirty five with a kid. Definitely not the type of person he usually dated.

“Yeah,” he said, breaking her stunned silence. “I find you beautiful.” He stepped as close as he could without touching her. He took the mug away from her trembling hand and planted it beside them on the counter. Then he held her face in his hands and smiled down at her. “I’m the kind of man who appreciates beauty in its purest from.”

“I told you, I know what kind of man you are,” she whispered. “Don’t you see? For my own good, I have to reject you.”

“Then I’m afraid we’re at odds, sweetheart, because I have to have you.”

She had promised herself just moments before to do her best to stick to the truth. “I’m not playing games with you.” Her whole body shivered in traitorous anticipation. He drew her to him, surrounding her with male heat and strength.

“Me neither,” he replied.

She put her hand out to keep him away. Her palm hit silky warm skin spattered with just the right amount of hair to make it intriguing. She swallowed a gasp and kept her hand firmly planted on his bare chest. The last thing she wanted was for him to know how electrified she was by the feel of him. “Just keep your distance. I know you’re bored and I’m simply a distraction. It isn’t fair.”

He took her palm and raised it to his lips. His dark gaze captured hers and sent shock waves through her body. “Haven’t you heard, sweetheart? All’s fair in love and war.”

Mr Charming © Nancy J. Parra




When Jennifer Sumner’s brother asked her for a favour she is not oppose to doing anything for him but she makes sure she lays down some ground rules. So when her brother turns up with none other than Kane she is totally pissed and not for the fact that he was a man in her house and she a single mom – but for the fact that she was just getting her life back together and she did not want anything to rock the boat no matter who it is or who it was for.

Kane is a charming guy and as much as he is in a pickle because everyone thought he was dead – he knows how to live with the devil if he has to. Not to say that Jennifer was any where near devilish but she was not falling for neither his charms  nor his good looks.

Life in the Summer’s household takes on a surreal feel because as much as Jennifer tries to deny it she is very much attracted to Kane and Kane has made it known from early on that Jennifer rings all his bells. Kane nor Jennifer is in a position to go any further with making any sort of plans for themselves – because Jennifer comes with her own set of baggage including a precocious little boy while Kane is embroiled in a murder mystery that seem to have finally caught up with him.

MR CHARMING is just as sweet as the name sound. Ms Parra is a new voice to me so I was not sure what to expect. I will admit the blurb reads like a Mills & Boon drama and it started off in that vein with girl meeting boy and the feathers flying.

Where I really started appreciating this book was by the little details that Ms Parra introduces to give a very realistic view of suburbia America, nosy neighbours, over bearing siblings and a kid that knows when a good thing has come calling.

The mystery along with the relationship between Kane and Jennifer was well played and well time, I was caught up in both and it was a truly who done it moment when the culprit was revealed. Ms Parra gave both Kane and Jennifer enough angst and challenge to make sure the story moved at a fast enough pace but she gave them heart to know that it takes time to find exactly what they were both looking for.



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Blodeuedd on 4 November 2009 at 11:26 said...

Hi EH,
Sounds pretty good. I do not read my suspense really and I sure could do with some

Nancy J. Parra on 5 November 2009 at 04:32 said...


Thank you so much for the nice review. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

I hope you also check out my next romantic suspense, Dream Man, out Jan 2010.

Cheers! Nancy J. Parra

Erotic Horizon on 5 November 2009 at 08:14 said...


I know what you mean - Suspense is my favourite genre, but I just don't read enough of it...

This was pretty good...


Erotic Horizon on 5 November 2009 at 08:16 said...

Hi Nancy..

Welcome - I did check out your next book and already earmarked it...

I love the blurb.. alot..

Mr Charming was so good, I particularly love the nosy neighbour - nothing misses that woman...

Thanks for a great book..