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Review: Konigsburg Bk 2 - Wedding Bell Blues © Meg Benjamin


Title: Wedding Bell Blues

Author: Meg Benjamin

Publisher:Samhain Publishing

Main Character: Janie Dupree & Pete Toleffson

Who knew you could find the love of your life at the wedding from hell…

Konigsburg, Book 2

Janie Dupree will do anything to make sure her best friend has the wedding of her dreams, even if it means relinquishing what every bridesmaid covets and never gets—the perfect maid-of-honor dress. Problem is, family drama as tangled as a clump of Texas prickly pear cactus threatens to send the skittish bride hopping aboard the elopement express.

Janie could use a hand, but the best man’s “help” is only making things worse.

Pete Toleffson just wants to get through his brother’s wedding and get back to his county attorney job in Des Moines. He never expected to be the engineer on a wedding train that’s derailing straight toward hell. Janie’s the kind of girl he’d like to get close to—but her self-induced role as “Miss Fix-It” is as infuriating as it is adorable.

If they can just fend off meddling parents, vindictive in-laws, spiteful ex-boyfriends, and a greyhound named Olive long enough to achieve matrimonial lift-off, maybe they can admit they’re head-over-heels in love.


Blissful people made Pete Toleffson want to puke. Normally, he spent his days getting bad guys convicted and saving good people from being victimized. He considered that world to be the real world and “bliss world” to be something like a parallel universe for the clueless. Blissful people lived in la-la land. Blissful people needed to be rapped upside the head.

Which was unfortunate because his brother Cal was currently the most blissful person in Konigsburg, Texas. Well, maybe the second most, after his fiancée, Docia Kent.

Pete studied his brother as he sat smiling beside him in the booth at the Dew Drop Inn. Cal was so blissful he made Pete’s teeth hurt. At least Docia hadn’t come in yet. The two of them together could induce sugar shock.

Pete felt like telling them to get a room, but they already had one, or rather they had a house together on the edge of town. Pete was staying in Docia’s old apartment above her bookstore in downtown Konigsburg. Of course, his residence in Docia’s apartment was strictly temporary. He was only here for the wedding. After that he’d head back home to Des Moines and the real world again.

Konigsburg was closer to something out of Disney. He kept expecting to see cartoon bluebirds twittering around over Docia’s head, and maybe a couple of bunnies hopping along at her feet. A far cry from the Polk County Attorney’s office.

Pete took a swig of beer and ignored the urge to check his cell phone messages that he felt every time he thought about being an assistant Polk County Attorney.

Guts up, Toleffson. They’ll get along without you somehow.

A buzz arose from the corner of the room behind him, accompanied by the dull thonk of a dart hitting the wall. Pete turned and squinted through the gloom. If he really looked hard he could just make out the target. God only knew how somebody could actually see enough to hit anything in the dim light of the Dew Drop.

For the life of him, Pete couldn’t figure out why Cal was so fond of the place. The Dew Drop was a joint, a dive, a honky tonk. Hell, he’d helped to close down better places than this when he got court orders for the Des Moines vice cops.

Wedding Bell Blues © Meg Benjamin



A few month ago I reviewed Meg Benjamin first book VENUS IN BLUE JEANS from the Konigsburg series and I absolutely loved it. To see what I thought of that book click on the name.

WEDDING BELL BLUES can be read on it’s own, but I would not recommend it – as the personalities that I know and love takes a back seat to the drama of the wedding in this second book, but they creep in every now and again and without reading the first book, you will definately be missing out.

The book starts off with small town Konigsburg preparing for the wedding of the year, now that Docia has agreed to marry Cal. As with all not normal wedding with a hyperactive mother of the bride – everything went bigger and larger than life and it is only with the buffer of Docia best gal pal Janie Dupree is she able to survive the day to day angst of her mother.

Janie is sweet, really sweet and most everyone that meets her know immediately that she is a push over. There is a however a strand of steel that runs through Janie, but she never shows it but at the rate at which the wedding plans are going downhill it might just make an appearance. While Janie is working her butt off to make every little thing as perfect as possible for the big day – her support which is suppose to be the bestman – could not have a care in the world.

Pete Toleffson is the bestman and his motto is “if  Cal wants something done Cal will ask and if he is not asked it wasn’t worth doing”. Pete is Cal’s older brother and not that he is not happy for his brother, but he wants no part of the horse and pony show that was happening – this level of happiness was just something that was un-natural for Pete. Pete is a lawyer in his hometown and surprises of surprises the office is getting on fine without him, then there is Cal, he has not stopped smiling since Pete has been in Konigsburg – it’s just not natural, then to top the whole mess off, the cute little pixie of a bridesmaid wants to tell him what is role is in this carnival of chaos.

Things were bound to come to a head and Pete and Janie was more or less pushed together to stop the wedding train derailing. While they battle the forces of in-laws, family dramas, personality issues and even issues closer to home they find the budding seeds of attraction and appreciation growing between them.

They are not fools and they make the best of what is there for them – because Pete must eventually go home and Janie is under no illusion that she has what it takes to hold a man like Pete in Konigsburg.


Janie Dupree had a nice smile, Pete reflected. He hadn’t noticed before. Of course, he hadn’t really paid much attention to her at all before. Which was probably a mistake since he was the best man and she was the maid of honor. He was probably supposed to be working with her on something. Planning stuff. Whatever the hell a best man was supposed to do.

He clenched his hands on the table again. No cell. The office could get along without him. He probably should be directing all his attention to The Wedding anyway.

Behind him he heard another muted thonk followed by a chorus of groans.

“So you got the topper.” Janie turned to Allie. “What about the matchbooks?”

“Those too.” Allie sipped the glass of wine Wonder had ordered for her. “They even managed to spell ‘Docia’ correctly.”

Docia grinned. “‘Cal’ too?”

“I think so.” Allie’s eyes danced. “‘C-a-l-e’ right?”

“That’s my boy.” Docia patted his hand, smiling.

Pete felt slightly nauseated.

Janie Dupree blew out a quick breath. “Great! That’s two more things off the list.”

“You have a list?” Pete stared at her.

“Of course!” Janie’s brow furrowed. “I can’t keep it all in my head. Don’t you have a list?”

“Not for this!” Pete grimaced. He had a list for the office. Which he’d left back in Des Moines.

“But…” The furrows in Janie’s brow grew deeper. “What about the stuff you’re responsible for? How do you keep track?” Her bright brown eyes studied him, her expression grave.

Pete was suddenly—uncomfortably—aware that everyone in the booth had turned his way. He shrugged. “What’s there to keep track of? If Cal wants me to do anything, he can yell. I’m here to serve.”

Janie’s lower jaw dropped a fraction.

There was a moment of silence at the table, then Allie guffawed. “Fantastic. Have any of you males thought to check out what exactly happens at a wedding? Or were you going to wait until the day before?”

Wedding Bell Blues © Meg Benjamin


How many ways can I say I love this book. I was determined to  read this before the end of the year and I was so pleased I did that this weekend. WEDDING BELL BLUES is a convoluted mess of comical what if’s, that did eventually happen and it was a fun read.

I must mention Meg Benjamin’s skill first at keeping at the going ons in Konigsburg together and in a straight line, because the chaos was coming from all angles and  everyone had drama or trauma as the case might be. She still managed to maintain that small town feel to her writing style and along with some creative language. The uptight and upright new cast she introduce in this book was a perfect fit to the laid back and irreverent lot of Konigsburg.

WEDDING BELLS BLUES is Pete’s and Janie’s story – even if it was wrapped up the carnival of Docia’s wedding. Janie knew right from the moment Docia agreed to a wedding date that she was not going to do it without Janie and Janie got into the spirit of things and at time she almost feels like a dogsbody.  She kiss ass, she sucked up and she made nice and denies alot of what she wanted to get off her chest just for the sake of seeing things through to the end.

Even when the bestman started looking like he had two heads for his incompetence as a bestman, she still was sweetness itself. In all that sweetness however Janie had issues closer to home - a nosey demanding mother, a almost boyfriend who will be anything but and a town that she is just coming to see the beauty of, even if it was not her first love.

Meeting Pete sets off an emotional chain reaction that she was not stepping away from and she was willing to roll with the punches wherever they take her, even if it’s only for a short while, no matter how she wish it was more.

Pete is a heart attack waiting to happen – he gives the appearance of laid bad with not a care in the world – a whole new meaning, but underneath he was a bundle of nerves worried about job, home, family and just life in general. Janie crawled under his skin an inch at a time and he was not opposed to what it was doing to him but he was not in the business of hurt – and he had no intention of staying in Konigsburg and this he knew without a doubt will hurt Janie.

The highlight of this book for book was it’s natural flow from  VENUE IN BLUE JEANS, it build on the special relationships that were being formed in that first book. With an array of characters and side stories popping up, some so everyday it was comical in it’s realness.

I loved them

I hated them

and mostly, I wanted to drop a few of them in a vat of oil.

But one thing I did was laugh with this book and I laughed alot.

Because of this flow from book to book, I would not recommend reading this book without reading VENUE IN BLUE JEANS first because you would miss out on what made these characters who they are.

All the issues that befalls a wedding and more is presented in this book and this was one of the more meatier side story, which will ultimately be the cornerstone and why we will are destined to get two more Toleffson men story. I am so looking forward to those as these Toleffson men are rouges and lovers alike.


Bottom Line

If you are looking for a read that just hits the spot – with small town issues aplenty, nosey community with no remorse about being nosey and at anytime you just never know what will come out of their mouth – this is the book for you. Scandal, spite and a good fisticuff are just apart of the everyday order of Konigsburg. With loveable characters and everyone having a opinion on everything – Janie And Pete are a blessed calm in the storm – that is until they start creating their own waves.







Publication Date: December 8

Konigsburg, Texas, Book 3

There’s no room in her life for love. Love has other ideas…

If Jessamyn Carroll had only herself to consider, staying in Pennsylvania after her husband’s death would have been a no-brainer. Her vindictive in-laws’ efforts to get their hooks into her infant son, however, force her to flee to a new home. Konigsburg, Texas.

Peace…at least for now. She’s even found a way to make some extra money, looking after sexy accountant Lars Toleffson’s precocious two-year-old daughter. She finds it easy—too easy—to let his protective presence lull her into thinking she and her son are safe at last.

Lars, still wounded from enduring a nasty divorce from his cheating ex-wife, tries to fight his attraction to the mysterious, beautiful widow. But when an intruder breaks into her place, and Jess comes clean about her past, all bets are off. Someone wants her baby—and wants Jess out of the picture. Permanently.

Now Jess has a live-in bodyguard, whether she wants him or not. Except she does want him—and he wants her. Yet negotiating a future together will have to overcome a lot of roadblocks: babies, puppies, the entire, meddling Toleffson family—and a kidnapper.


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