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Review: Halle Pumas Bk5 - Only In My Dreams © Dana Marie Bell

Title: Only In My Dreams

Author: Dana Marie Bell

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Delayed gratification has its place. This wouldn’t be it.

Halle Pumas, Book 5

Gabriel Anderson has accepted a unique position in the shifter world. He’s about to become a Hunter, one of the few trained and sanctioned to hunt down the rare rogue shifter dangerous to humans and shifters alike. There’s one catch: until his training is complete, he must hold off on marking his mate. No problem…after all, she probably couldn’t handle the sexual demands he dreams of making on her.

Her mate’s apparent desertion devastates Sarah. And his friendship with another woman threatens the bond they should be sharing and building. Maybe flirting with another man will make him sit up and take notice—and finally win Gabe’s heart. It works. Almost too well.

One touch of another man’s hand on Sarah’s tempting body brings every ounce of Gabe’s possessiveness roaring to the surface. He wastes no time making his erotic dreams of dominating her a reality—whether she’s ready for it or not.

If she’s not, the only place he’ll ever have her is in his dreams…



“I’m at the airport.”
What? “Is everything all right?”
That didn’t sound good. His voice sounded weary and strained, not surprising considering what had happened a few days ago. “Different how?”
“I’m going away for a little while.” She could hear the noises of an airport in the background and assumed it was Philadelphia International.
“Sarah. You know you’re mine, right?”
Yes! “I know.” She’d known the moment she’d seen him. Everything in her had yearned towards him, but she’d understood why he’d held off on claiming her. He’d needed all of his focus to be on Sheri, not Sarah. She’d been proud of him for it.
“I can’t claim you yet. It’s complicated. I won’t be able to claim you for a while.”
Her heart sank. She’d been looking forward to having someone of her own, someone who might understand some of the strange things that had been happening to her lately. “Why not?”
“I’ve been tapped to replace a Hunter for our region.”
Pride swelled within her, along with fear. Being a Hunter was no easy job. “Oh wow. Gabe! That’s…scary. Incredible, but really scary.”
He laughed. “Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Seems a rogue took one down in our area and the Senate’s decided I’m the one to replace him.”
“Is the Pride in danger?”
“No, baby. Halle is safe. He’s operating out of New York state.” The warmth in his voice went far in melting the chill that had enveloped her.
“You’ll do fine, Gabe.” She blinked. That hadn’t been what she’d wanted to say at all.
But it was the right thing to say from the relief in his tone. “I’m glad you understand, baby. This means a great deal to me, more than I thought it would when I got approached. It means when something like Parker happens again I can act without any fear of reprisals from Packs, Prides or Dens.”
She settled back down on the bed. No point in getting up early on a Saturday if there was no one she had to see and nowhere to go. “How did Adrian and Max react to this? Are they all right with it?”
“Once they got away from their mates for a few seconds they were okay with it. Max actually drove me to the airport.”
She stifled the hurt that he hadn’t asked her to drive him. “I could have taken you.”
Silence. Not good. “I couldn’t let you do that, Sarah.”
“Why not?”
“If I had been in a car with you for two hours I would never have gotten on that plane.”
The rough rasp of his voice played over her senses. It was nice to know that he wanted her just as much as…she… “Where are you?”
“Right now? Somewhere near Chicago.”

Only In My Dreams ©  Dana Marie Bell



Gabriel Anderson  is caught between a rock and a hard place, he has just been earmarked to take up one of the Puma’s pack ultra position called Hunter. As a Hunter he will be trained and sanctioned to hunt down rogue shifter in the area and he is very reluctant to take up the post, all because he has not claimed his mate as yet.

Gabriel is one of the lucky ones who happen to know who his mate is, but due to all the goings on in the pack recently he has not had the time or the privacy to make that final step to mark one little kitten as his.

Sarah is jumping out of her skin with the wait to be claimed, she knew right from the moment she met Gabriel that they were destined to be together and she patiently keeps waiting on that moment when he comes to get her. A phone call telling her he was going out of the state was not what she expected, but exactly what she got and she has to make the best of it – luckily she has her own secret and a good friend who is not opposed to spending some time with her.

Gabriel also has his own little friend who is just about getting on Sarah’s last nerve – but as far as Sarah is concern two can play that game - but is Gabriel actually playing the game at all.

This is my fifth visit to Halle with Ms. Bell and her cats, and this time its a mating that is already known. You would think that in itself would cut out alot of the drama, but no, the drama was only just beginning. Gabriel is not only the man the pack counsel has chosen has it’s next Hunter, but he is also the man who just want more than anything else to claim his mate. That however is not about to happen ad he does the next best thing – he inadvertently sets about a chain reaction that see a lot of headaches and heartaches happening to a whole lot of people including himself.

Sarah on the other hand wants the best for her mate and his excited about the position that he has been chosen for, but she doesn’t have to like it because she misses him and she wants her man home. Her man however has other ideas about keeping the home fires burning and Sarah is not pleased by any of it.

Gabe is trying to get over is enforced time away from his love – but things are spinning out of control and he is not prepared to lose his mate even if he has to follow her around when he gets back home.

Both Sarah and Gabe are fun characters, not as developed as other members of past book – but they are no less exciting to meet. The book moves at a quick pace and actually covers a considerable amount of time that gave them all time to grow up, but also time to get up to a whole lot of mischief as well.

One of the fun part of this book for me is the fact that I got to see the pack as a unit now that all the player were in place – they were good together and despite the fact that it was clearly a structure of power, they were friends and I laugh and enjoyed my time with them.

One of the fun thing I love about this Halle puma series is that Ms. Bell is not shy about call out the wolves to play and the wolves did come out to sing in this book – total fun.

Bottom line

ONLY IN MY DREAMS is a great addition to the Halle Pumas series. The main protags are likable, they laugh, they cry and they got pissed and are not opposed to a good haul down drag out match. This book goes wider afield in how the structure of the country wide pack is form and we get a sneak peek at who make up the Hunters. I am hoping we get a chance to see them up close and personal in future books.


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Nice review - I have not heard of this series. Going to have to check out book one :)

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Great review, I was tempted to get this, I had read all the others but I wasn't sure about this one. I am getting it today!!

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