Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Monthly Reading List - October


Another month has come and gone yet another round up looking back at the best of what I got up this month. I had a decently paced month this October and I can’t complain because not only did I find some exciting new authors but I really read some stunning books this month.

First in my quest to read heavier material, I read three of Sharon Sala books this month during the Dewey 24hrs –Read-A-  Thon and they were fantastic.

I read a whole lot of shifter books as well as I was loving those wolfy stories. A few fantasy courtesy of Mandi from Smexy Book Blog and they hit the spot- ON THE EDGE was so good.

The books that stood out for me this month are firstly Lauren Danes (De La Vegas Bk 1) TRINITY – A new series from her and it also round up the Casadia set of books…. I did ask about the new shift in the book and this is from Ms. Dane..

…At this point, the Cascadia Wolves series is done – Trinity is the first in a new series (though I’m still working on the title) which will center on Galen’s jamboree and the witches more than just the wolves. The next book, Hunted, will tie up the Susan storyline and the stuff within Renee’s memories. Kendra is the heroine in that one.

Email © Lauren Dane

LOVE… MEANS NO SHAME and FAITH & FIDELITY also totally rock. They are both m/m books and I would urge lovers of craftily written book and books with a difference to give them a try. FAITH & FIDELITY stood out more for me for the mere fact that it was about falling in love with a person and not about societies norm. It’s who you love and not what package that person comes presented in… Stunning read..

November is my Ménage month and I am so looking forward to reading a whole lot of naughty naughty books…  Any suggestion, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line…


381 – REVIEW - The Perfect Gift -

380 – Gay Until Graduation – Kim Dare

379 – REVIEW -  Kiss of Moonlight © Stephanie Julian

378 - Bottled Up –Andrew Grey

377 – REVIEW – The Favour © Crissy Smith

376 – REVIEW  – Casadia Wolves Bk 7 : Trinity © Lauren Dane

375 – REVIEW   - Tooth and Claw © Annmarie McKenna

374 – REVIEW  – Bodyguards in Love Bk 1: Brier’s Bargain © Carol Lynne

373 – REVIEW - Were Chronicles Bk 2 – Pack Enforcer © Crissy Smith

372 – Review  – His Perfect Submissive © Alyssa Aaron

371 – REVIEW - Granite Lake Wolves Bk 1 – Wolf Signs © Vivian Arend

370 – REVIEW  – Love Means… No Shame © Andrew Grey

369 – REVIEW -  Shadowlight – A Novel of the Kyndred © Lynn Viehl

368 – REVIEW -  Were Chronicles Bk1 – Pack Alpha © Crissy Smith

367 – REVIEW -  Two Steps Up ©  Sean Kennedy

366 – REVIEW  – Rodeo Heat © Desiree Holt

365 - REVIEW - Six Pack Ranch – Rocky Mountain Heat © Vivian Arend

364 – REVIEW  - Best Made Plans © Nia Foxx

363 – REVIEW  – Convincing Arthur © Ava March

362 - Dream Mate – Stormy Glenn

361 - Faith & Fidelity – Tere Michaels

360 – REVIEW  – Deaing With Isabella © Jenna Byrnes

359 - As You Are – Ethan Day

358 - Good To Know –D.W. Marchwell

357 – REVIEW  - Retrieving Morning © JoAn Watson Martin

356 - Three Of A Kind – Sean Michaels

355 - Mr Charming - Nancy J. Parra

354 -  Horizons - Mickie B. Ashling

353 - The Clergy Affair - Jennifer Johnson

352 - The Edge – Ilona Andrews

351 - Royals Child – Sharon Sala

350 - Romans Heart – Sharon Sala

349 - Ryders Wife – Sharon Sala

348 - Enough For Two – Maggie Casper

347 - Capturing Carly’s Heart – Maggie Casper



6 Speak To Me:

Donna on 4 November 2009 at 02:23 said...

You've had another very good reading month. I read 5 books last month. So I'm having a bit of book envy here. :)

Unknown on 4 November 2009 at 15:21 said...

I only read 2 books last month. When will I get out of my reading slump. Have a good one :)

Lily on 5 November 2009 at 04:47 said...

Very impressive!

Erotic Horizon on 5 November 2009 at 08:18 said...


As much As I have read some pretty good books, I just want to finish my challenges now and go at a slower pace....

But this month - I read loads of good book.

Good luck to you for November month as some stunning books are being releases within the next few weeks...


Erotic Horizon on 5 November 2009 at 08:19 said...


I know the feeling -I have been in a review slump for a few weeks now... I am reading but not really reviewing anything...

It will pass - hopefully...


Erotic Horizon on 5 November 2009 at 08:19 said...


Thank hon...