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Weekly Geek:Better – Faster - Stronger





Two conversations inspired this Weekly Geeks. First, during Book Bloggers Appreciation Week, Amy asked us to write about our blogging goals. I noticed many people's goal was to acquire a larger readership*. Then during a Twitter conversation Natasha from Maw Books said she was told by a non-book blogger that book blogs were confusing.

Which brings me to our topic.
Take a look at your blog as if you were someone who has never seen a blog before. Imagine they are looking for something specific. Could they find it? Could they find YOU again? Be able to contact you? Would they understand your jargon?
With these questions in mind, start making your blog more reader friendly. You can do as much as upload a new template to adding a subscription button.

Here are some ideas:
*Add meta tags to help people find your blog.
*Add a RSS feed button.
*Add a contact page.
*Make sure as many people as possible can comment on your posts.
*Make your blog searchable.
*Check your links.
*Explain your rating system, if you have one.
*Create a glossary if you use a lot of blogger acronyms ie- BBAW, BTT, ARC.
These are just suggestions. There are probably a million more. Check out Blogging Tips on the Book Blogger's Ning for more ideas and advice.
After you've accomplished all you can, write a post telling us what you did or even what you plan to do down the road on your blog to help your readers.
Now if you haven't thought about your goals, it's a good time to do so. Maybe you haven't thought about readership, maybe you could care less! Then where do you see your blog in a year. How do you plan to accomplish that? Write a post about it.
*Adding Google Analytics to your blog will help you figure out who your current readers are and how they found your blog.
Good luck and have fun



This weeks weekly Geek is all about blog maintenance and how much we are loving up on our blog. When I started blogging it was for fun and as most book readers, to share the love of the written word. To date that has not changed – I however have to admit that I am as fickle as snow when it comes to some things about blogging.

I change my header quite often as it’s a mood thing for me and this is about the third template that I am sporting. 90 percent of my blog is dedicated to book review and my reviews have also gone through a process over the past year as well.

A few questions or prompt was tossed out to us Weekly Geekers and I have decided to take my blog in hand and sort out some of the crap that’s on here and tidy up some of my feeds and links as well. I like the template – don’t think I will change this one, however I might tinker with the colour a little bit, as the grey can be quite depressing.

*Add meta tags to help people find your blog.

When I chose the name of my blog, I didn’t know what meta Tag was and so I went with a unique collection of words and that seem to be working for me just fine. I have since found out what Meta tagging is and it hasn’t really made a difference to my traffic. The wording of my blog will by the nature of the words themselves attract traffic to my blog – some good some you don’t want  to know about.

Over time I have met some fantastic people, people who were just curious and stopped by and stayed… some even venture to email me and I am so not regretting my name…. meta tag or not..

*Add a RSS feed button.

Yup mine has been up since I started my blog and it’s filter into most of the social network sites that I join.

*Add a contact page.

I have to admit I am guilty of not doing this – For one I have never taken on the challenge of actually soliciting books as a way of finding my reading material, but I do get quite a few review request and I am always incline to review these books –because you have to actually search my blog to find out how to contact me, so my thinking is that somewhere in your search an author or publisher will have picked up what the blog is about and know if their book is something they want promoted on my blog.

*Make sure as many people as possible can comment on your posts.

Yup – My comment box is at the top – to be honest I would prefer it to be a little bigger or at the bottom as standard, but I haven’t figured out that html code yet… Comment work fine and I don't censor or delay comments.

*Make your blog searchable.

I think my labelling are quite distinct and very to the point, so if you are a book lover or just generally know how to be nosey – you can figure out my system in two shakes.

If all else fail, I am using the Google blog search widget.

*Check your links.

I am still going through – but I think this will be an ongoing process, but having had a go for the past few hours, they all seem to be working perfectly.

*Explain your rating system, if you have one.

I personally don’t rate on this blog – I however have taken the opportunity to review some work for WRDF (Writers and Reader of Distinctive Fiction) and they have a nice review guide that I like so that's the only sort of review legend you will find on my blog.

*Create a glossary if you use a lot of blogger acronyms ie- BBAW, BTT, ARC.

Nope – Not worth the agro… so I don’t use them..


As said before I have not spend alot of time recently on the blog, I have been writing on the weekends and doing schedule post, so I can get on with my day to day life as blogging does eat away at a lot of my day if I am not very careful.

The NING group has some excellent ideas and links and I have been on the site a few times now.

As the week progresses  I will come back in and edit this post to say what I have actually done on the blog over the week.


My Goal..

Read, Read Alot of Different things and share my love of  books with as much people as I can…


Have you looked at your blog lately to see what you can get rid of or spruce up – I know alot of people have been doing housekeeping on their blog and I can see all the shiny new spaces around..  It’s nice to know I'm not the only one scratching my head about some winter blog clean up…



Edits After Post…

During this week I have spend a whole lot of hours working on the background of my blog – and hopefully I will be able to load it on the weekend… Nothing will change except the colour, I love the template..

I have also join the “Sunday Salon” discuss/book journal and will be doing my first post on Sunday, because if there is one thing I have at home it’s books…


Hope everyone had a good journey with their blog this week…


7 Speak To Me:

Suzanne Yester on 4 October 2009 at 21:50 said...

What a great post! It's nice to take a moment and re-evaluate your blog once in a while. And thanks for the link to the meta tags help- it's something that I've been meaning to do, but have been totally intimidated by! I'm going to make that my first goal- to get that done!

Have a great day!

Care on 4 October 2009 at 23:07 said...

I love the yellow flowers in the header! I like your confidence to manager your blog as you see fit and keep it fun, right? You make an excellent point abt being found - at least for receiving review requests. If they take the time to find you and how to reach you, then hopefully they know you are a good/appropriate blog to review their books, yes? Happy Weekly Geeks!

Chrisbookarama on 5 October 2009 at 02:01 said...

I love the flowers in your header too. A good Fall cleaning will have all our blogs sparkling!

Erotic Horizon on 5 October 2009 at 04:55 said...


I thought this weeks topic at WG was so appropriate I couldn't resist taking part...

Val from Obsidian Bookshelf - did a fantastic piece on Meta Tagging, so I was all up to date on it a while ago...

Blogging takes so much more than I thought it would...


Erotic Horizon on 5 October 2009 at 04:57 said...


This is the longest banner I have kept up on my blog - I am loving those flowers alot.

I am glad I made the decision about the contact detail, so I get blog appropriate books and I never have any issues with authors or publishers..

Happy Weekly Geek to you my dear..


Erotic Horizon on 5 October 2009 at 04:58 said...

@Chris ..

You couldn't have said it any better.. A good fall cleaning is most definately on the cards...

Happy WG to you ...


gautami tripathy on 9 October 2009 at 15:28 said...

I like your new look. Very inviting!

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