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Review: Were Chronicles Bk 2 – Pack Enforcer © Crissy Smith

Title: Were Chronicles Bk 2 - Pack Enforcer

Author: Crissy Smith

Publisher: Total E-bound

Main Character: Cain & Emily

Enforcing his control never felt better.

As Enforcer for his Pack, Cain is used to people listening to him and following his orders without question. The only one to ever challenge him is Emily. Emily is good at pushing his buttons and making him want things he has no business wanting.

Emily has loved Cain all her life, but he denied her years ago. The two are thrown together when Emily returns home because of terrible attacks on Pack females. The sexual tension between the pair is explosive. No one is safe when this alpha male and strong female get together.


Cain immediately recognised the young Were’s voice on the other end of the line. She spoke softly to the Alpha of the Pack, although her tone showed frustration. Hearing her voice sent a shiver down Cain’s spine and a jolt to his cock.

They all worried about the young Were women who were out of the Pack’s territory. In all of the attacks that had recently taken place, the females were away from home, out of Pack territory. Showing why he was Alpha, Lamont was calling them home before Cain had thought of it.

“Have some bags packed when your ride gets there,” Lamont said sternly into the phone.

Cain barely held back a smile when he heard the order.

“No, someone will be there to pick you up.” He looked over at Cain. “It will be someone you recognise from the Pack. Do not leave with anyone else.”

Lamont listened for a few more minutes before cutting her off. “No. You will stay in one of the cabins. It will be fully furnished for your arrival.” He waited again. “You’ll stay until we know what is going on and I tell you it’s okay to go back.” That was all Alpha speaking to one of his Pack. Cain knew how Lamont felt about Emily. How everyone felt.

Emily had been changed as a child, which was against every rule and law they had. Most children could not handle the stress of change. That was why it was forbidden. Too many children had died back in the settling days before his family had a Pack leader. It was Lamont’s father who had forbidden the change of children or anyone who did not choose it. There were too many risks.

Someone could carry the Were DNA two ways—through birth or by being bitten. However, being bitten did not mean they would automatically change. They must carry the strain somewhere down their line.

Cain’s brother, Tony, could explain it better. Tony was a natural born talker. He could smooth over anything or anybody. He was the face of the Pack. When the Packs had decided to come out in the open, to stop hiding from the world, there needed to be a recognised face. A face that people could see and not think of a monster. Cain was just glad it wasn’t him. He would rather stay home in his Pack’s territory, keeping watch and protecting his Alpha.

He turned his attention to the man who sat behind the desk. A man he respected more than anyone else.

“Emily Black,” Lamont told him once he hung up the phone.

“She’s coming home?” Cain asked even though he knew the answer.

Lamont nodded at him. “I want every female home and safe. Especially her.”

Cain understood what Lamont was saying.

They had rescued her from the cage she had been put into after she had been changed—when the ones who had changed her couldn’t handle her. She had been filthy and bruised from head to toe. Neglected and scared with no idea what was going on. She’d been twelve. Now, ten years later, she would be coming home to be kept safe once again.

“I want you to go get her and get her here safely,” Lamont told him.

Pack Enforcer © Crissy Smith



Someone was hurting the female of the local packs and pack alpha Lamont was calling all his pack females home. All female means all female even if they didn’t want to come home.

Emily is one of those female who just didn’t take the news well but knows she can’t deny a direct order from her alpha. With her bags packed and all set to go she awaits her escort as per her alpha she is not allowed to travel back to pack land on her own – but at no time did the alpha say he was sending Cain to collect her – yes Cain.

Cain is the alpha’s son and pack enforcer as well, he is also the man who has always kept a strict hold  on his emotions when it comes to Emily. Cain has seen Emily grown from a gangly teenager into a full fledge woman who rings all his bell and more. Cain is more than aware of the insane attraction he has for Emily but he is determined to continue to resist her as he’s always done, irrespective of how hard it was for him.

Being home together is another thing totally, as they are toss together at every turn and it seems as if the whole world is conspiring to push them together. They do get together because, if it’s one thing that wolf’s are - it’s sexual – so there is little they can do to avoid it.

Their joining is not the stuff of fairytale because a force unlike anything the pack has seen in a long time is at work and it is affecting Cain the most – and as the pack knows Cain is one dangerous man when you mess with what is his.

PACK ENFORCER is the second book in the Were Chronicles by Crissy Smith and I am loving it. The language was clean, to the point and the protags are in your face dynamic.

I meet Cain first and I got a little bit of why he treats Emily has he does, as well as his interaction with his father as both a son and an enforcer. When Emily enter the scene she immediately brought a world of angst with her - with her questioning attitude and her less than respectful attitude for Cain.

The two together are fun and the smut was immediate and right off the cuff which made it all the hotter to read. The support staff were integrally placed to make sure they push this book along and I got to love some of them in the meantime.

So far this has shaped up to be an exciting series and I am loving the novella approach to each book. I am already looking forward to the third book in this series – because there is a mystery to be solved and I was none the wiser about that storyline after this book.


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Sophia (FV) on 22 October 2009 at 17:02 said...

I read the first book in this series and loved it. Based on your review I'm sure I'll love this one too. Must remember to go get it! Thx for the review.

Erotic Horizon on 22 October 2009 at 21:58 said...


This is definately a spicy and erotic read.

The fact that the author took some time and actually gave some more of the detail of the mystery makes this a better read than the first book for me...

Same wolfy arrogance and a whole lot of possessiveness..


Sophia (FV) on 22 October 2009 at 22:05 said...

Same wolfy arrogance and a whole lot of possessiveness..

Oh I love that! *waggles eyebrows*

Erotic Horizon on 22 October 2009 at 22:12 said...


I knew that phrase would do the business for you... LOL