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Review - Tooth and Claw © Annmarie McKenna


Title: Tooth and Claw

Author: Annmarie McKenna

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Main Characters: Seth Gramble & Paxton Tenor

Seth Gramble is a prince among his people. Half vampire, half jaguar, he is one of a rare few who can shift into an animal form. Both his halves have found their mate in a female detective determined to lump all vampires in with the rogue who killed her former lover. He’s given her six months to see him differently. He’s done waiting.
Paxton Tenor wants nothing to do with a blood-sucking fiend, no matter how much he makes her body sing. Nothing good can come of a vampire. A case she’s working on partners her with Seth, and she’s forced to reconsider her hatred. He doesn’t seem at all like the rogue who sucked the life from her boyfriend in cold blood.
When Seth’s kitty comes out to play, Paxton realizes she’s been stupid to deny herself this man. And when he puts his life on the line to protect hers? All bets are off.


“What do we need him for?” Paxton whispered to Luke.
No need for her to whisper, Seth could hear every word, and she damn well knew it. Ah, the joy of being the bane of her existence. No problem. He’d take pleasure in teaching her that not all vampires were cut of the same cloth as the one who’d killed her lover.
The gun at Paxton’s right hip caught on Luke’s at his left as they walked, they were so close. Seth silently thanked God for making Luke a lefty. The small amount of space created by their weapons was the only thing keeping them from being glued together from shoulder to ankle.
Luke shrugged. “Maybe he can sniff out the bandit.”
“By smelling underwear? This I’ve got to see.”
Luke chuckled. “I don’t know exactly why Cap wanted him, but the mayor’s having a conniption, and I wasn’t about to question him.”
“I still don’t understand why you had to come get him. I thought the captain could…you know, talk to him. In his head or something. Don’t all vampires do that? And doesn’t the man own a phone?” she grumbled, still talking under her breath.
“He can, normally,” Seth answered, even though he knew she’d been speaking to Luke.
“Don’t do that.” Paxton stopped so fast Seth had to put his hands up to keep from running over her.
Her shoulders under his fingers—thank God his claws had disappeared—felt fantastic. It was all he could do not to run his hands down her body to her waist where he could yank her close and smother her lips with his.
He raised an eyebrow. “Do what?” he asked innocently.
“Read my mind.”
“But I didn’t. You said that out loud.”
“You did, Pax,” Luke confirmed. “Sorry.”
Paxton swallowed and lifted her eyes to Seth in an almost-shy way. “I didn’t say it loud enough for anyone else to hear.”
“For another human, sure. But to a vamp? I can hear your pulse, sweetheart.”
Her hand shot to the base of her throat, covering it.
Oh, Princess, give me an inch…



Seth Gramble has finally made up his mind to make a move on the gorgeous yet stubborn Paxton. Paxton who has  avoided him ever since the day he was introduced. Payton is also a cop and partnered with his best friend so he runs into her more often than not and it has been a battle just to not snatch her up and run – he’s at the end of the line with her giving him the cold shoulder and he intends to do something about it first chance he gets…

Seth is a vampire and just a little more on top, and there is not anything he can do about that to make Paxton get over her fear of him. Due to no fault of his own but of his kind she is not only uncomfortable around him but full of tension as well and he has just about had it. He has waited long enough and not prepared to wait any longer.

Seth’s chance to rock Paxton off her feet comes sooner than he expected with a new case for him to sink his teeth into. Paxton does not play hard to get but there is more to Seth than meets the eyes and both Seth and Paxton are not players – so some surprises are in store for them both. 

Ms. McKenna is one of those authors that no matter how long her books hang around on my TBR pile – I am going to get to it and I am going to love it. She is also one of those authors that is able to cross the genres and very well in my opinion. So I have read shifter, paranormal, m/m , contemporary and ménage as well as just about all the spice you can imagine between the pages of a decent book by her.

TOOTH AND CLAW is a short read – it picks up at the point where both Seth and Paxton are ready to explore a simmering attraction between them that has been building for some time. There is no hanging about on the horizontal activities and it was enjoyable for all myself included.

A little mystery is involved but nothing to sing and shout about as this book was all about breaking down Paxton’s defences and Seth finding that one person that makes him more of a man than he already was.

There are definite pluses to this book including the support cast, they are fun, funny and hard arse as well. There was also an openness between Paxton and her partner Luke that I found refreshing and the dialogue between the two was the highlight of the book. 

I can’t recommend Ms. McKenna enough – if you are looking for a series to start with, try her Mates Series

M/M – Court Appointed.

Ménage – Blackmailed.

Check out her SITE to see her full list – each and every one is a winner.


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