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Review – Rodeo Heat © Desiree Holt

Title: Rodeo Heat

Author: Desiree Holt

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Main Character: Ben Lovell & Grace Delany

It could have been the animalistic heat of the rodeo, or the pin with special powers that the old woman had all but forced her to buy. But whatever it was, within seconds of meeting rodeo rider Ben Lovell, Grace Delany safe world crumbled in a voluptuous explosion of lust. Every night was something new. From the handcuffs to the intriguing sex toys to the taking of her virgin ass, Grace gave in to it all, relishing her body’s. As Ben Lowell led her from one earth-shattering climax to another, as her body softened and opened to him, her juices lubricating the way, all she could do was hang on for dear life and follow his lead. But when it was over, could she really walk away from the man who had taken her on an outrageous journey of sexual self-discovery where there were no limits or boundaries?

She hadn’t done this since Joe’s death. The few men she’d had sex with hadn’t appealed to her this way at all. Sometimes she wondered if they really appealed to her in any way. Worried that maybe she just wasn’t a sexual person.

No. Wait. Then she wouldn’t be where she was doing what she was. Right?

Inquisitively, she bent her head and licked the surface of the purple head with the tip of her tongue, swiping it back and forth two or three times, loving the slightly salty taste of the fluid and the sensation of the soft skin against her tongue. Her fingers barely wrapped around the thick length of him but she felt the steel beneath the supple covering. She unclasped him and ran one finger the length of the heavy vein, feeling the blood pulsing through it.

“Am I doing this right?” she asked, her voice tremulous, unable to look at him as she waited for his answer.

“Are you kidding?” Ben asked in a strangled voice, one large hand coming up to squeeze her buttocks. “I think you’re trying to torture me.”

Grace’s laugh held just a hint of uncertainty. “Just finding out what you feel like. How you feel.”

His hand moved in slow strokes on the cheek of her ass. “Surely this isn’t the first one you’ve ever seen or felt,” he joked.

“Believe it or not, the first in bright light. At least for longer than I want to remember.”

Because the others didn’t bear looking at. Except for Joe, who was so very young.

Rodeo Heat © Desiree Holt



Grace Delaney has worked a good many years to get where she is in her career – as a single parent and two kids to make a life for she makes the ultimate sacrifice and got on with her life.

Life and a persistent friend has just about had it with the closeted lifestyle that Grace has perfected to an art form – and taking Grace in hand her best friend takes her to a Rodeo and she is in for a surprise and it appears sooner than she is prepared for and it's in the shape of sexy, hunky Ben Lovell

Ben is the best of what the rodeo is about, built, knows how to seat a bull and more than anything done his share of the buckle bunnies that follow the riders from town to town – and there in lays the problem. Ben is tired of the regular and is not necessarily looking, but he is in the market for something more in a woman and as soon as he sees Grace he knew – she’s the one.

Convincing Grace to take a chance on heaven rolled up in a package of all hot male for a few days was easy enough and Grace and Ben wasted no time in burning up the sheets. Grace however is a product of her own making and a few days cannot compete with long held practices – Ben is no fool and is prepared to make major chances in his life for Grace -  but can he fight against the consistency that grace has hang on to for so long.

Desiree Holt is a brand new voice to me and I am pleased I was introduced to her voice in RODEO HEAT.  From the opening line I was caught up in the excitement of the rodeo and the characters and this was a feel that held all the way through the book.

Grace and Ben were so perfect for each other, it  was frightening. Grace is at a phase in her life where she was in a rut – doing the same thing, with the same people, and the prospect of the same thing the next day is not what it was when she needed that stability. She is now at a comfortable place in her career and as much as she has been denying it to  herself she is lonely and it is only with the determination of her friend who wasn't taking no for an answer that she finds herself right in the hallowed nest of a rodeo ground – and looking into the eyes of one delicious man.

Ben is tired of the usual women who travel the rodeo circuit and wants someone different – when he spots Grace he perks up like no bodies business and sets himself up for a few nights of pleasure. And pleasure is exactly what he gets –unlike anything he has ever experience before.

Ms. Holt gives enough angst to make this not just a boy meet girl book with loads of hot sex. With little side stories and support cast that gives as good as they got and provided enough sarcasm that I just has to laugh at how spot on some of these people knew Grace.

A sweet read that opened my eyes to a new author that I will be looking out for in the future.



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RODEO HEAT was a good read...


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