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Review – Love Means… No Shame © Andrew Grey

Title: Love Means… No Shame

Author: Andrew Grey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Main Character: Geoff & Eli

Geoff is in the city, living the gay life to the hilt, when his father's death convinces him to return to the family farm.  Discovering a young Amish man asleep in his barn, Geoff learns that Eli is spending a year away from the community before accepting baptism into the church. Despite their mutual attraction, Geoff is determined not to become involved with him, but Eli has discovered that Geoff shares his feelings and begins to court him, neatly capturing first Geoff's attention and then his heart.

Their budding relationship is threatened by closed-minded, gossipy relatives and the society at large, a whole new world to Eli, and he must decide whether to return to the community, his family, and the world and future he knows or to stay with Geoff and have faith in the power of love.



Geoff is living the life of a young man with few responsibility and full of hormones  - and with all the tail he can get in the city, he’s living the life of riley.

The bubble burst on Geoff life of burning the candle at both ends when his dad dies. Coming home to the ranch is alot of things now for Geoff – but most importantly it’s the fact that his dad is no longer there – that is, one of his dad’s. He has two and  with a few carefully placed words and some home truth he soon agrees to stay and take control of the ranch.

It’s hard work but Geoff is strong and his heart is in it – so it becomes a labour of love to work the farm with his dad and the men who works for them. When all seem to be going well except for minor family incident –  Eli, a young Amish boy turns up in the barn. On closer inspection Geoff realises this is not a boy but a young man and quickly also learn that he is on a year out from home – what could Geoff do but offer him a job of course.

Thus begins a point in both their life's where something magical happened to them and they are lapping it up and enjoying it as much as they can. Things are not as wonderful however no matter how  much they would like to think so, because family and community intolerance and ultimately that inner voice of responsibility call to them both to do the right.

Despite the decision that they have to make it is a bitter pill to swallow – but it is one they have to live with as more than just Geoff and Eli will be affect by the word of the few.  

This is my first book by Andrew Grey and it is not going to be my last.  I was attracted to the book by the cover – there is a wholesomeness about the cover that is such a difference from the usual crop of overdone sex up men that immediately I wanted to find out if this transferred to the pages between this book.

YES – it did, everything about LOVE MEANS… NO SHAME is geared at the heartstring and in such a way that I felt like I could reach out and touch these characters.

Geoff is the main protag, as the whole book is centred around him. He has been blessed to have grown up in an environment that allowed him to grow up into the man that he wanted to be, he loved, he laugh and he was happy on his terms. The one thing that Geoff has never had to deal with is a death in his immediate family and with his dad’s death it brought alot of home truth home to him - it was time to be a man.

Manning up comes for Geoff in different forms, it starts off with tackling the family bitches, then it was dealing with the farm and his dad. All of this he takes in his stride but the biggie comes in the shape of Eli, the scared Amish young man that he finds in his barn.

His sense of responsibility kicks in and as much as he tries to deny what he was feeling, Eli is like the little train that could and before long he was everywhere and everything to Geoff. At this point I fell in love with these two, Grey gave them life and wrapped them in so much layer of wanting and needing each other but also gave them solidity to have their feet firmly planted in reality so they knew right from the start that honesty is the best policy and also when to “fish or cut bait”.  



This is one of those books that once you click the last page – you think WOW – yup, that the feeling I had.

The main protags were dynamic in their personality – no two could have been more different and yet so alike in how they were brought up and their whole approach to tackling life's challenges and ultimately the responsibility that they must take on.

The support cast had their own little ball a rolling – and I admit, I was hard press to keep up with the love life of Geoff and Eli because the side stories were angsty, topical and down right nasty in some scenes.

There was a simplicity to this book that made it a good read for me – it had none of the over the top lifestyle or personality. These characters were real, they got, up , worked, came home and went to bed – got up the next day and did it all again. When the chance to grab a little happiness came their way - I was most definitely on the sideline waving my pom pom’s for Geoff and Eli.

I like the fact that Grey – wrapped the mystery of the angst and nastiness of the book nicely into the plot and I has another “DAMN” moment when all was reveal – that was a real surprise.



Very little to be honest…

There were scenes that I probably would have liked Grey to expand on, but that is just me not wanting to let the characters go.

The mystery was so well time and well played that when the DAMN moment was reveal – I was let down that I was not going to know more about this big mystery – but I soon realise that another book LOVE MEANS… COURAGE  was out and I am on my way off to get it…


Bottom line.

Every now and then you read an authors work that leaves you thinking that you should have known about the author months ago or even years ago – but for me I read this book at the right time as I have a decent amount of back history to get through with this author.

LOVE MEANS… NO SHAME is a keeper and for more than just the cover. Each character in this book made a name for themselves, each scene was written with attention to detail and to get me involved in the life of the ranch and the people on the ranch.

I have read Amish books before and even met a few – and I thought that aspect of the book was done with such class and style and this more than anything else added that touch of realism to the book.

Mr Grey is an author that has pushed his way onto my auto buy list and it was a pleasure to have read LOVE MEANS… NO SHAME





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Anonymous said...

wow! This sounds amazing! I am going to get it today! Great review!

Erotic Horizon on 20 October 2009 at 15:58 said...

@Book Junkie

You are going to love it... I am very pleased I found this author...


Sassy Brit @ Alternative-Read.com on 20 October 2009 at 23:33 said...

Sounds fantastic. Looks like an author to watch. (And read, of course!)

I really enjoyed reading your review -- as always!


Sassy Brit @ Alternative-Read.com on 20 October 2009 at 23:41 said...

Forgot to say, that I finally added a link back to your blog and my guest post -- on my blog! Thank you so much for having me. Sorry I took so long to do this!


Erotic Horizon on 21 October 2009 at 12:00 said...


This was a brilliant book - MUST READ..

Thanks for the link - Pleasure to have had you here..


Lily on 21 October 2009 at 14:57 said...

Wonderful review, EH!
I'm looking forward to reading this story.

Erotic Horizon on 21 October 2009 at 21:29 said...


I can say enough about how good this book was..