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Review – His Perfect Submissive © Alyssa Aaron

Title: His Perfect Submissive

Author: Alyssa Aaron

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

Main Character: Kara Hastings & Slade Westin

Kara was the victim of a brutal rape that occurred when she was seven. The event destroyed her family and left her fearful and distrustful of men. When Kara's brother embezzles $30,000 from Slade's company, Kara goes to Slade's office determined to talk him out of going to the police. Slade wants a peaceful, obedient, submissive with whom to share his life and in Kara he glimpses what he wants. He seizes the opportunity and makes Kara an offer she can't afford to refuse. The only way she can save her brother from certain prison is to accept Slade's marriage proposal and become his submissive. Kara faces her wedding with anxiety. She can't tell Slade she can't submit sexually without risking her brother's freedom, yet she doubts she'll be able to keep her promise to be a submissive, obedient wife. This romance explores the role of trust in even the most mismatched of partnerships and explores the complex connections between dominance and submission while it demonstrates the power of real love to heal even the deepest wounds.


Slade exited his private elevator and strode into the reception area of his office. His receptionist, Leanne, had died her hair a shocking red today. He smothered a grin. Changing her hair color was her latest form of rebellion against the corporate dress code, and he secretly enjoyed her mutinous protest.

Leanne looked up and reached for a stack of messages. “Ms Hastings is here to see you, Mr. Westin,” she said, handing him the messages.

God, deliver me, Slade thought with a sigh. He knew what she wanted. He didn’t want to play. He’d already made it abundantly clear that he intended to turn the matter over to the police and let them sort out the details.

He thumbed through the stack of messages, knowing he didn’t have much choice about seeing her. She was sitting in the reception area and had probably overheard Leanne tell him she was waiting. Still, he wanted to put off the inevitable as long as possible.

He turned and headed toward his office, hoping for a smooth getaway. “Mr. Westin?” a soft female voice asked.

“That’s me,” Slade answered turning toward the voice with a resigned sigh.

“I’m Kara Hastings. We talked on the phone yesterday. I can’t tell you how sorry I am about this.”

He lifted his gaze from the stack of messages he’d been sorting. His annoyance at her intrusion dissolved as he allowed his gaze to glide over her.

Innocent. The single word echoed in his brain, reverberating like a sharp kick to some buried part of his soul. The descriptive encompassed her and described her perfectly, yet left plenty of room for expansion into the many layers he sensed buried beneath her surface.

He let his eyes linger on the soft waves of dark hair that hung loose around a pretty face with a pert nose. Her peaches and cream skin glowed softly making his fingers itch to touch the soft line of her cheek and the full swell of her lip.

Her soft musky perfume teased his nostrils as her wide brown eyes skittered away from his. They echoed a hint of shyness and sadness that didn’t quite detract from her attractiveness.

She was dressed simply in black slacks and a white sweater that hung off her shoulders. The soft folds of the sweater brushed the full softness of her breasts before drifting downward to skim full rounded hips. The thick folds ended precisely at her knees.

Some would consider her overweight but he found her softness perfect. She was rounded and soft in a way that had him reining in thoughts of plunging hard maleness into female softness.

His Perfect Submissive © Alyssa Aaron 



Kara is in a pickle and through no fault of her own. Her brother has gotten himself into a fine mess and she is at his bosses office to beg on her knees if needs be to keep him out of jail.

The man Kara needs to persuade his Slade Westin – as much as she  has spoken to him on the phone and he had told her in no uncertain terms that the matter is out of his hands, it’s her brother and she has to make another attempt at trying to resolve this matter.

One look at Kara and Slade was lost, despite his resolve to have nothing to do with this matter, once he saw Kara the only thing that comes to mind his ‘innocent and protect”. Slade is not your typical nice guy, he has a side to him that he doesn’t let out to play very often and when he does he makes sure his partners knows the score.

Slade is a Dom and not just any Dom – but a Dom looking for that one woman who he will cherish and love forever, but who will also give his woman what she wants even if she doesn’t realise it is what she needs.

Kara just happens to be that woman even  if she doesn’t realise it and Slade know when not to look a gift horse in the mouth – so he offers a deal she really can’t refuse. Things have a way of backfiring when you least expect it and Kara comes with her set of baggage and none of it any good. For Slade this might just be the deal breaking whether his happily ever after is assured or not.

I was in need of a good bondage, sub, Dom book and this one was recommended by a friend.  Firstly this books start off like the traditional Mills & Boons love story and to be honest quite a bit of it carries on along that line. As a lover of those books myself this book was an immediate hit with me.

I meet Kara and Slade as individuals before I met them as a couple and so I understood where their heads were at in terms of life, love and responsibilities. When the two got together despite the fact that it was not under the best of circumstances I was on tender hooks to see how Slade deal with Kara’s issues and more over to see if Kara trusted Slade enough to let him inside.

A lot of this book deals with patience and trust and it’s not a fast read and for the obvious reason. It was like a butterfly emerging and it was beautiful to see.

I likes Slade and Kara and also the fact that the book was written in a bubble effect, so it was just Kara and Slade working their way through years of issues and misconception and doing a grand job of it as well.

The story line was easy to follow, there were some topical issues that were deal with and some rather grim moments – but  I thought Ms Aaron was quite tactful, direct and to the point about the matter so I was able to compartmentalise it and carry on enjoying the book .

The end game for these two was not rushed and I was pleased to see the unit they presented to me after the tear were done and the sun shined again…. 


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