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Review – Dog Nanny © Ann Whitaker

Title: Dog Nanny

Author: Ann Whittaker

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Main Characters: Julie Shields & Nick Worthington

Doggy do-gooder Julie Shields has one month to save two delinquent poodles from becoming doggies of divorce. A self-proclaimed born-again virgin with a biological clock running out of juice, she also needs to find a husband.

When hunky pilot Nick Worthington arrives at the Abilene airport to fly her to Waco, he sends Julie into a tailspin. But he also may be a drug trafficker and smuggler of illegal aliens. Not only that, he’s involved with another woman.

Julie's quest for a suitable husband leads to several misfires. Only Nick leaves her panting for more. Will she have to put a choke chain on him before the month is out?


“Nope. Just don’t like small planes.” When I did have to fly, I preferred jets, big ones. The propeller outside my window looked fragile, spinning like a tiny windmill in a West Texas sandstorm.

He scanned the gauges. “Safer than driving. In a pinch you can land this Seneca V easier than a 747. Look, two engines.” In case I’d missed them, he pointed at each. “We’ll be there in less than an hour.” He reached over and patted my arm.

Since this was my year for making resolutions, a few months ago, I’d declared myself a born-again virgin until the right man came along. I’d read somewhere you could do that. Despite my inner warnings, an involuntary wave of desire surged through my newly virgined parts.

I shrugged off his hand, trying to hide my reaction. “Shouldn’t you keep your hands on the wheel or stick or whatever you call it?” I tucked a lock of hair behind one ear in an effort to appear casual, but my hand trembled.

He chuckled. “You know, you aren’t at all what I expected.”

Bristling at his arrogance, I glared at him. His eyes held mine for a moment, then wandered lower. My back stiffened. I was glad I’d worn my best jeans and had my top tucked in. My stomach was still flat and my waist small, but when it came to breasts, he might have to use his imagination.

“And what did you expect? For me to be covered in dog hair, with slobber running down the front of my shirt?”

He laughed, revealing straight white teeth. I looked for fillings. He couldn’t be perfect.

Dog Nanny © Ann Whitaker



When your boss tells you he is closing up shop and he is going to climb a mountain – you would imagine you had just about heard it all, and that was just about how Julie Shields felt when she is told she had a month off from work. However unlike us who would be jumping with glee at the thought of a month off from the old ball and chain, not so for Julie – because she needs every penny she can scrap together to get her dream up and running, an animal shelter for pets who are unable to be adopted or not have a home for whatever reason.

Julie’s boss is good and gets her set up with a couple who are at breaking point in their marriage because of two dogs – yes two dogs. Julie is hired to work her magic with these two over grown poodles and with nothing to hold her back at home except a new outlook at men, she jumps at the chance.

From the first moment Julie meets  Nick Worthington her new employers pilot she knew she was in trouble, not only was Nick every girls idea of the boy you took home to meet mommy, but he had the whole bad boy smirky thing going on for him as well.

Not there to have a mini fling Julie tosses herself into helping these dogs and that’s when the fun really begins. With a less than helpful Carmen, her employer, on hand, plus Nick railroading her with his own plans every chance he gets, Julie’s time in Waco was becoming one hot tamale.

I had so much fun with this book it’s unbelievable. Firstly I am not a dog person but I totally fell in love with the three dogs in this book and this was down to the author’s vivid descriptions and I think first hand knowledge and love of dogs. The main thrust of the book was really about getting these dogs or at least two of them under control and if you have never seen a slightly ditzy vet tech trying to teach doggie magic before then this is the book for you.

The entire story is told from Julies POV and it is through her eyes that we meet an eclectic bunch of people and run the gauntlet through a wide range of scenes. Julie is a self confessed born again virgin – what ever that means and I must admit it took me a while to come around to liking her as funny as she was – she was the classic “lady doth protest too much” sort of person and Nick fell for her hook line and sinker.

When I looked into his blue denim eyes, my
heart pounded and all the warning signs went up.
Guys like Nick were like temporary spare tires,
good enough to make it to the next station, but
unreliable for the long haul…….-

Nick and I were like those Scottie-dog
magnets that repel, attract, or chase each other
depending on which way they’re turned. Tonight
we’d gone in opposite directions. But I could feel
his magnetic field drawing me in. And each time,
the pull grew stronger.

Dog Nanny ©  Ann Whitaker

I love Nick’s character, he knew when to hold back and be the fun loving person I thought he genuinely was and he also knew when to step up his game and act all alpha male because that was what the situation needed. The best thing about him was his ability to get right to the heart of the matter and of course lays his fears and concerns on the table – I loved him.

I didn’t set out to like this book as much as I did, for one I am not liking the cover – not because it’s not cute and all, but perky covers never does it for me. However this is one book that the pace moves fast and before I knew it was caught up in the trap of Julie’s and Nick’s rollercoaster relationship and I could not look away. Every character made an impression and with a little bit of everything between the covers, romance, mystery, comedy and plain good old fashion jealousy this is definitely a must read – I had load of fun with this book.


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Anida Adler on 5 October 2009 at 14:11 said...

Wild Rose Press can be frustrating. I've read some of the best books and some of the worst books ever in e-format from them.

When they're good, they're really good, and when they're bad, they're terrible.

Roni Loren on 5 October 2009 at 19:30 said...

Sounds like a fun read, but the cover has got to go. It's looks like the romance is between the dogs instead of the people.

Erotic Horizon on 5 October 2009 at 19:48 said...

Hey Anida..

I love you for saying that - Some of my absolutely best read are from WRP.. but they have some stinker as well..

I am lucky to have found a winner with this one...


Erotic Horizon on 5 October 2009 at 19:49 said...

@ FictionGroupie

Hey girl - you have got to read this book, you have just hit one of the more delicate point of the book right on the head...

This was a fun book, but like you I am not liking the cover at all..