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Review - Best Made Plans © Nia Foxx

Title: Best Made Plans

Author: Nia Foxx

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Main Character: Samantha & Ian

Women were looking for sex in the city because love and happiness seemed extinct. Or so it seemed from my view. Being alone and facing the big 3-0 only seemed to reinforce the observation, especially when the best relationship I ever had turned out to be major a hoax.
The pressure was on, and an evening of downtime in a crowded club sounded perfect. It was the last place I would ever dream of finding Mr. Right. How was I to know I would meet six feet-three inches of pure male sex appeal with eyes that made my panties melt? Only more surprising was the man behind the hot gaze was white, and, boy, was he intent on having lil-old me.

I dressed in a camel-colored, spaghetti-strapped pantsuit, which hugged my firm curves nicely. Since Ian was tall, I felt very comfortable wearing a favored pair of black, two-inch sling-back sandals. We were in the middle of a moderate LA summer, so I selected a black shawl to throw over my shoulders. I decided to wear my hair up for the evening, letting a couple curly tendrils cascade over my shoulders. I wasn’t big on makeup, but I did make an effort to apply light foundation, eyeliner, and lip gloss. I couldn’t believe that I was getting dressed for an impromptu date with a man I barely knew. Did that seem desperate? Maybe I should have made him wait a few days.
Ian’s arrival interrupted my self-berating. He was punctual and just as attractive as I remembered. Dressed in black slacks and a violet-colored button up shirt, he looked casually handsome. Mmm, and he smelled of tangy musk, like a man should, which was also important.
“You look fantastic.” He draped the shawl over my shoulders. I was old-fashioned about those kinds of things, so he definitely got points for that. His hand rested on the small of my back and he escorted me to his silver-colored Lexus. Nice choice, classy without all the hype and flashiness of a Mercedes or BMW.
More points were added for opening the car door. The plush interior was clean and smelled of him, and he looked confident sliding behind the wheel. John Coltrane drifted from the speakers like a warm embrace, putting me instantly at ease. We chatted lightly about music, transitioning to sports when I commented on a billboard that featured a smiling Kobe Bryant and his new line of overpriced shoes. I learned that Ian was a die-hard Lakers fan, which I didn’t fault him for, although my heart would always be with the Chicago Bulls, even if Michael Jordan had become a turncoat.
We arrived at a quaint, café-style restaurant on Rodeo Drive that was famous for its Italian cuisine. My firm had entertained clients there several times, and I knew a reservation was definitely required. I wasn’t sure if I should be impressed or not. I guess I would have to see how this all would played out. I wondered if a date backed out at the last minute. One thing was for certain, he’d better not try and stick me with the check.
“Thank you,” I said when Ian held out my chair.
He leaned over to whisper in my ear, his warm breath brushing my ear like a gentle caress. “My pleasure.”
Looking at him across the table I was struck by his self-assuredness. Here was a man definitely used to getting what he wanted. It was all natural, not a by-product of his position and thankfully not the kind inherent in a man with a criminal record longer than my arm.
“What are you thinking about?”
“Just how wrong my first impression of you was.”
“Hmm, and what was that?” He took a sip of water .
“Well, I’m glad you’re not a parolee, which is what I previously thought.”
He choked on the water. The look on his face was priceless.

Best Made Plans © Nia Foxx



Samantha has problems. Not only is she over extending herself at work to be in with a shot at partnership, but she is also reaching the big 3-0, and she has yet to find any prospects for the child she is determined to have. When her last love interest turns out to be less than she expected, she wonders if there is a man out there for her. The only good thing she had going for her at the moment, is her best friend Tas – that is until she met Ian.

While filling in for his friend on the sax at a local club, Ian runs into a gorgeous woman that he is so impressed with that he makes a move on her immediately. Ian is in the market for a relationship, and Samantha fits the bill: she gorgeous, fun to be with, and the attraction he feels for her is more than he’s felt for anyone in a long time.

When communication issues, jealousy and mistrust filter their way into their relationship, can they put aside their differences in order to find the spark that brought them together in the first place?

my second book of the week by Ms. Foxx and this one was so right up my alley – the required hot guy on the look out for the perfect Ms. right, then there is the foxy chick with all the attitude in the world which covers a world of mistrust does not take alot before it rises to the surface.

When Ian and Samantha gets together, they are a force to be reckoned with. The sexual tension from their first meeting to when they eventually get together is a pleasure to watch. I like the fact that this was a balance event, Samantha gave as good as she got and Ian was confident in himself as a man to hold his own up against all of the preconceptions he had to face.

Samantha is a worthy match for Ian with her feisty attitude and stubborn determination. And Ian is every girl’s dream and fantasy all rolled into one. The combination of the two makes for some fantastic love scenes.

Ms. Foxx uses her support cast quite creatively and as much they didn’t take over the story – I knew them and I got involved in their life’s. There are some very emotive moments in this book as well, with you cracking up with laughter at the antics of Tas and Samantha or reaching for the hanky while trying to keep your chin up, hoping for the best for Samantha and Ian.

Ms. Foxx’s voice is once again strong in BEST MADE PLANS and I like her style alot – it’s works for me and she has now become an auto buy for me now.


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