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Review- Six Foot Hero © Shea McMaster

Title: Six Foot Hero
Author: Shea McMaster (Morgan Q O’Reilly writing as)
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Main Characters: Nicole Dahl & Logan Schafer
Sometimes a woman needs a hero.
Nicole Dahl has some hard decisions to make. Trapped by a job and the troubling attentions of a mentor, she breaks free temporarily on an Alaskan vacation. Once there, instead of the soul-searching and relaxation she'd planned, she meets Logan Schafer, a man who erases her loneliness with his strong, skilled hands.
Logan is mesmerized by Nicole's emerald eyes and beguiling sense of innocence, but he knows their pasts spell trouble for any hope of a future together. He has a prior claim to deal with once and for all, and Nicole's so-called mentor is a much bigger threat than she realizes.
Will Nicole let him be her hero?

Robert came forward to slap Logan on the back with a wink for her. “If you can’t keep better track of your woman, I may try and steal her from you.”
With a small sigh, she closed her eyes. He wasn’t much better than his son about letting her stay in a bad mood for long.
An older version of Logan, Robert had thick silver hair and still-dark brows. Had she been attracted to older men, he would have been devastating. Father and son, side by side, were nearly overwhelming. Then again, they were both guilty of the same crime. Somehow Robert’s fatherly attitude reduced the magnitude of his part. He may have omitted a few facts, but he hadn’t out and out lied.
Nicole opened her eyes with renewed determination. Logan would not sweep away her feelings in a tide of physical desire. Not this time. His actions had been out of line and he would answer for them.
Smiling for the benefit of her father-in-law-to-be and his friends, she put her small hand in Logan’s strong one, and slowly rose to her feet.
“Don’t worry, darling,” she purred. “I won’t disappear on you until just before the ceremony. It’s no fun to leave the groom standing at the altar during the rehearsal.” Fluttering eyelashes underscored her biting sarcasm and saccharine smile.
As usual, Logan ignored her sass and wrapped both arms around her, tucking her head under his chin. “Guess I’d better keep you close until after the preacher pronounces us man and wife tomorrow.”
The rush of yearning she felt from his body heat and the fresh scent of his citrus shower gel nearly shook her knees out from under her. Cradling her head to his shoulder, he held her gently, making her feel priceless and treasured.
“And then I’ll keep you closer still.”
Six Foot Hero © Shea McMasters
When Nicole Dahl wheeled her way off the plane in Alaska to start a much needed vacation she dropped everything from her mind including her all of a sudden possessive boss and mentor. A vacation was made to be enjoyed and that was what she aimed to do despite the fact that she knew that her best friend is bound to have a man waiting in the wings to set her up with.
Not one to shy away from the unknown she follows along with good grace and meets Logan Schafer, one look and they were both lost. In a part of the world where it is rumoured the men out number the women two to one and they come as equipped as you would expect – Nicole was not about to let the chance to have a little fun on her vacation pass her by.
Logan Schafer does not want to be at another met the new girl party but here he was and he was so not regretting being there. As soon as he see’s Nicole he knows he has to make every effort to get to know her better. Not know for his ability to linger Logan sets out on a path to woo Nicole and woo he does. With vacation time coming to an end they both have to make some decision, and not all of it pleasant.
Nicole has to do the most compromising in order to fit Logan into her life – but Nicole herself has a less than ethical character in her life that is dead set on making things as difficult as he can for her. Logan on the hand comes as a package deal and not all of it to Nicole’s likely, but one thing that the men in the Schafer family are – they are heroes and they intend to sort out Nicole's issues because Nicole has come to mean the word to them all.
WOW what a book – I’ll say right up front I liked it and I liked it alot.
The fact that the blurb of SIX FOOT HERO mentioned straight off “Alaska” and “Men” , I was hooked. I love anything set in the mountains of Alaska and Ms. McMaster does a wonderful job of drawing out the scenery for me and highlighting the positives of the area.
While the plot was nothing to jump and scream about the dynamics of the cast of how the author developed them to fit into the plot and various side stories that filtered through the book was simply marvellous. There was a wide cross section of people – from the sweet naive Pollyanna that Nicola was to some wolfs in sheep's clothing that literally made the book the dramatic  event that it was.
While some bits of this book read like a mill&Boon the one thing that stands out in this read for me was this was a story of just simply romance – There was a girl and she needed a hero and the hero delivered in everyway that mattered. At one point I thought this guy is just two good to be true – but after all was said and done I was glad of the experience to be reintroduced to what a man will do get his woman and ensure that he do so and still retain the upper hand with a subtle class as well.
I read this in one go because I really could not put it down once I started. I was very pleased with the pace – it had a sing song element to it, where anticipation pushed some of the scenes and common sense slowed it down to ensure I got the ultimate effect from the storyline I was getting into.
Bottom Line
SIX FOOT HERO appeal to me in a way that I never thought it would, with characters that wrapped themselves around me and made me sit up and really take a lot at a wonderful tale of romance, genuine eyes across the room falling in love moment as well as appreciating a man for just being a man.
Simply wonderful.

Shea McMaster is the alter ego of Morgan O’Reilly and there is so much back history to this book that I found intriguing and wonderful at the same time. SIX FOOT HERO was published for six weeks by the now defunct Triskelion Publishing in 2007… With a whole lot of luck and GOODWILL the rights to the book was return to the author and as she said in her blog two years ago.
“And those who think Shea is gone, well, they just don't know me.”
And two years later and a new publisher Lyrical Press - Shea McMaster is back and I am loving her voice.

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