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Review – Saving Noah © Carol Lynne

Title – Saving Noah

Publisher – Resplendence Publisher

Main Character - Dexter Krispin & Noah Stoffel

Dexter Krispin arrived in the small Kansas town of Schicksal with one thing on his mind: finishing his doctorial thesis. He hoped getting away from his hectic life in Pittsburgh would allow him to concentrate on the long overdue paper and to forget about his last lover.
Life-long Schicksal resident, Noah Stoffel, has managed to keep his sexuality a secret. Yet, after one look at the dark-haired newcomer, he knows his life in the sleepy town will never be the same.
But more than Noah's desire for privacy stands between him and Dexter. For years, the residents of Schicksal have been hiding a horrific secret, one that takes Dexter mere days to uncover and expose...a secret that could destroy-or heal-them all.


“Apology accepted.” He knew, however, that more was coming.

“I’m just concerned, you understand?” Her voice held a pleading tone.

“I know, and you’ve a right to be concerned, but at the same time…”

“I know!” She held up her hands, sloshing her drink.

Dex thought a moment, took a last swig of beer, and slid from the raft into the pool. He dove under and then resurfaced. “Aunt Cora, I love you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to help someone. No—you aren’t some evil bitch for interfering, and no, you weren’t wrong to invite me—I needed the break, needed to get out of the city, needed to be somewhere I couldn’t be found. I’m glad I’m here.”

She seemed satisfied, but she tightened her lips momentarily. “I just wish there was more I could do to help.”

Dex shrugged. “Cora, these things take time. People get well when they’re ready.”

“Not if they don’t even know they’ve got a problem.”

“Sure,” he agreed. “But we’re not doctors and we’re not mirrors. The little creep who has been stalking me will eventually get tired and move on to someone else. Will you trust me on this?” He knew she was impatient.

“Don’t have much of a choice, do I?” She walked closer to the pool and knelt. “You say you went to City Hall? Was David there?”

Dex thought back to Cora’s nemesis. “He was.”

“What did he want?” she demanded.

“He wondered where you were and what you were doing. I told him you had a hair appointment in Liberal.”

“Good. Nosy bastard. And who did you meet at the diner?”

“I met Ruby, Cookie, some farmer named Joe, and a young man named Noah Stoffel. Satisfied?”

Cora nodded slowly. “Okay. Not bad for your first day on the job. Look, I don’t care what you do to David, but if you have romantic designs on Noah, I’m here to tell you—leave that kid alone.” Deep lines creased her face when she frowned. “Shit, I forgot how young he is, only a few years your junior.”

“He’s hardly a boy, Aunt Cora.” Dex chuckled.

“No, but he’s a lot like you, and I like him. You’re only going to be here a couple of weeks, and Noah is a fixture in this community, like family to everyone here. He’s a vital part of this town, and I don’t want you to go breaking his heart. Hurt him and I’ll cut off your nuts and mail them back to your father COD. If you want to get laid—and I suspect you will—go into Dodge or Liberal.”

“Cora!” Dex didn’t know whether to take her words as funny or hurtful. He swam toward the side of the pool and propped himself on his arms.

She rose and snapped her fingers. “I just thought of something you can do for me while you’re here. Check out Old Man Weathers. He’s the asshole who owns all that land up north and won’t let anyone else’s cattle graze on it. Several have offered to pay the old fart, but he keeps turning them away. I want to know why.” She stared down the length of her bony nose at him. “I’ll pay you.”

“I don’t think so.”

“It’s my money.”

“You sure you’re not trying to keep me here longer?” he teased.

Cora cracked a smile. “Maybe. Shame when an old lady feels she has to offer incentives to her family to get visits from them, isn’t it?”

Dex was about to argue with her, reminding her that the highway into western Kansas went both ways, but she waved and left.

A chill breeze swept over the pool, hardening his nipples. He slipped back into the water, rubbing his chest and allowing his hands to travel further south to comfort his balls and cock with an image of Noah in mind. Cora had been right, Noah was exactly his type, and from the covert looks the guy had been giving him, Dex suspected he was Noah’s type as well.

Saving Noah © Carol Lynne & Cash Cole



Dexter Krispin is in small town Schicksal to finish is doctorate not to catch the eye of the local farm boy Noah, no matter how rugged or how just his type he was. Despite the warnings from his aunt to look elsewhere for his fun, add in his last lovers determination to be with him and he should know better than to pursue Noah, but  – Dexter‘s eyes has already seen what they want and they want Noah.

Noah is the good boy, still good,  living on a farm going nowhere with his mother and his dog as sole company, he makes ends meet by doing odd chores daily for the local community. His sexuality has never been a problem for him but knowing he lives in a small town and his mothers less than forgiving ways – he has never come out and only a handful of people knows his leaning. When Dexter makes a rather forceful come on how could Noah resist, after all small town Schicksal is not known for it’s abundance of young svelte men to choose from.

One night is all Dexter asks for and one night is all Noah agreed to , but that one night not only open Noah’s eyes to a reality that he has closed himself off from for many years – but it sets Dexter on a path of self discovery that he would never imagine himself capable of.

This is my first book by Ms. Lynne where she collaborate with a co-author and it was a little less sexual tense as I am used to from her – but the emotional high was just right if not more with the very creative and surprising plot line.

Ms. Cole is a new to me author, but after this I will be looking out for more of her work.

That said the storyline started off slow and easy, probably too easy if I was honest and I remember thinking is this it and then came the twist and I was caught but good. The characters were not overly developed and in some respect I think it worked better that way – I didn’t need to know more about them than was given – the plot was such that it was all about the future and what would happen after Dex and Noah meet .

I am a huge fan of Carol Lynne work – so there is little that she can do wrong in terms of content, however this is a softer Lynne voice – it was nice to see and I enjoyed it as it was a marked differences from her usual harried paced love match between her men. There is an edge to this book than borders on creepy – but I probably justify it by small town involvement and the fact that the unexpected always happens in these sort of environment – the community either close ranks or the guilty party becomes table fodder for weeks if not generation, luckily for Noah, Schicksal is a community that closed ranks and will protect their own at all cost.

The biggest niggle in SAVING NOAH for me was probably the cover art – not liking it at all and some issues were dealt with a little too quickly to be realistic, that however took nothing away from my enjoyment of this book.

Fans of Ms. Lynne's work – must read, Cash Cole – if her partnership gives us this side of Lynne, I am very eager to try more of her work…

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