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Review – The Protector © NL Gassert

Title: the Protector

Author: NL Gassert

Publisher Seventh Window

Main Character: Soren Buchanan & Mason Ward

Soren Buchanan no longer wishes to work for his father, crime boss James Buchanan, nor does he want to continue his relationship with the dangerous and sexy Jolina Miciano. But Jolina has connections that would make James Buchanan more powerful than he already is. Unwilling to be a pawn in his father's game, Soren decides to stop seeing Jolina even if it means having to suffer through one of his father's vicious beatings. Bruised for his defiance, Soren flees to the FBI for help.

Mason Ward, former US Army Ranger and security specialist, lives a quiet life on a house boat docked off the island of Guam. Despite his lack of companionship, Mason believes he is living the life he's always wanted. Then a job comes Mason's way, one that will turn his life upside down: hide Soren Buchanan.

Hiding Soren Buchanan should be easy money, but not for Mason. Soren is young, seductive and lacking the type of discipline that doesn't leave bruises. It doesn't help that Soren's physical presence brings up desires Mason would rather not feel about a mobster


“Let me show you something.” Mason maneuvered his guest into the pilothouse. He pointed to
a navigational chart unrolled on the table. “We’ll be here.” He tapped the vastness of the Pacific
Ocean with a manicured finger. “This is us right now.” He swept his finger to the eastern edge of the
chart where Guam’s coastline was visible, making his point. He let that sink in.
“Now,” he fixed the redhead with a measuring look, “let’s get some things straight. There is no
alcohol on board. None. And I’m a very thorough guy.”
Soren shoved his hands back into the pockets of his jeans and tore his attention off the chart.
“What does that mean?”
“That means,” Mason explained, “I even threw out the mouthwash and the rubbing alcohol
under the sink. You get into any scrapes, we’ve got peroxide.”
“Screw you.”
Mason grunted. On an island populated with tawnyskinned, dark-haired beauties, Soren was an
exotic exception that drew the eyes of men and women alike. Mason’s weakness for redheads
aside, he wondered just how Soren would react to a come-on. Did Soren follow through or was he
just a tease?
Mason grabbed him by the sleeve of his T-shirt, determined not to fall into the kid’s trap. He
led the redhead down two sets of stairs and a narrow passageway, into a large stateroom where
Soren shook off his hand and turned to face him with narrowed green eyes that radiated disdain.
Mason straightened and crossed muscular arms in front of his chest. “Take your clothes off.”
Mason enjoyed the moment. Ruffling the kid’s feathers wasn’t easy, but it was certainly
satisfying. “Your clothes,” he repeated. “Take them off. I want to look at”—he gestured, not sure
what to call the result of abuse—“you.”
Soren ignored him, turning his back. He chose to inspect the spacious stateroom instead. His
curious glance swept over gleaming teak and the dark sheets and blankets on the large, neatly made
bed that dominated the room. He looked at books organized on shelves. Touched fingers to framed
photographs grouped together between two open ports that let in the humid night air. Eyed the
alphabetized CD collection. “This is nice.”
“Yes, it is. Thank you. Don’t get used to it. It’s my bedroom. Yours is down there. Less nice.”

The Protector © NL Gassert



When Mason Ward is asked to look after Soren Buchanan – a baby sitting job was all it was meant to be. Knowing from the outset what was Soren main grip – alcohol and junk food and coffee – was good to know, as Mason was a bit of a health nut.

Being in the middle of nowhere and your days doesn't change much from hour to hour is not a big stretch for Mason, he has worked hard to maintain this low maintenance sort of lifestyle, however add Soren and his less than covert attempt to expose every inch of his body and as often as he can to the mix and Mason is definately not in the right frame of mind for what was yet to come.

Things doesn’t stay honky dory for long – as a bag of trouble lays in Soren’s wake and despite him keeping a low profile, life goes on and there are people concerned about his where about and who he might be talking to. Mason seems to be the only person in the dark and this leads to a lot of headache and despite his reluctance a bit of heartache as well.

I love the cover on this book and it was my immediate lure for reading it. Add in the fact that two of my favourite bloggers raved about it and the fact that I had a dickens of a time getting my hands on it only added to the draw to make me want to read this book.

Set in Guam, which in itself is a first for me. Straight off you can feel the confidence in the voice of this author. The plot is nothing magic, but it feels like a book that was just itching to be writing, the language is easy, the suspense – while didn’t work for me, has that gang land feel to it where everyone was distrusted until proven innocent.

I remember thinking what is it about his book that was just average for me and it was more the characters I think. The bad guys and the good guys were thugs plain and simply – they acting with this veneer of polite respectability and made no apology for the fact that they can live in both world without really expecting some sort of consequence for their actions – they were laws unto themselves.

THE PROTECTOR was all mostly plot, and this was one of the more positive aspect of the book – the plot move through a  whole shopping list of events and very fast as well. The attraction between Soren and Ward was instant and had some moment where I just had to grin at Soren’s antics.

While this book didn’t work for me and more for personal reason. Please see Val Kovalin review from

What's fun about The Protector is that Soren and Mason are immediately aware of their strong mutual attraction – and they play off this shared knowledge as each tries to get the upper hand on the other. They are each too smart, too realistic, and too good-natured to waste time pretending to dislike each other. Their sexual chemistry is intense.

Val Kovalin © Obsidian

Another blogger that loved this book as well is Lily from I Love Books

This story is more an action-suspense with romantic overtones than the usual M/M romance/erotica book I'm used to reading and I really liked it.

Lily © I Love Books 


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Val on 29 September 2009 at 01:11 said...

Hi, E.H.! Very interesting review! I'm always fascinated when we reviewers have different reactions to the same book.

I mean, we each see it accurately in our own way, and there is no telling what about a book will touch one reader and not move another reader. I just finished reading a review of a book on Wave's blog that I'd reviewed negatively and that she liked and I found myself almost wondering if we'd even read the same book though clearly we had! She had good detailed reasons for liking it, and I on the other hand didn't connect with anything about it except its setting. Very interesting!

Thanks for the quote! Does this mean that Lily and I are two of your favorite bloggers? :)

Blodeuedd on 29 September 2009 at 07:44 said...

Hi EH,
Great review, I do like the cover but I did think they were like androids or something cos they are all silver ;)