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Review – Heart Doctor, The Painted house -Drew Zachary



Title: Heart Doctor

Author: Drew Zachary

Publisher: Torquere Books

Main Characters: Drey Banerjee & Brady MacDonald

Drey Banerjee, head nurse on the cardiac floor at City Hospital, loves his job. He loves it even more when heart doctor Brady MacDonald joins the team. Brady is cute, good at his job, and also gay. Soon the two are flirting like crazy and Drey's showing Brady the ropes, the local diner, his bedroom…

Brady's got rules, though, about not dating his co-workers. Not to mention the hospital frowns on fraternization between employees who work the same floor. Where does that leave Drey and Brady when innocent flirting begins leading to much, much more? With a cast of secondary characters egging Drey and Brady on, Heart Doctor is a heart-warming and delightful tale of falling in love.



When new Doctor Brady MacDonald turns up at City hospital little did he know that he had just walked into the domain of one Drey Banerjee. Drey is no shy wallflower and makes his intention known from the moment he meets Brady. With little more than office politic to get in their way they have quite a sweet time getting to know each other.

The people that they both work with however are more than friends and they are also gossips and they may end up causing more problem for the two than they actually realise.

With good intentions and the best sex that they  both have had on their side – they know that they have to take the bull by the horn and sort out their work issues before they can move on to more personal pleasures.

Sweet sweet read… Boy meets boys and the games literally began, With a litany of sexual innuendos, nosey friends and some almost close moments this was a easy feel good read with little or no angst's to create any waves.

I like this author and it’s not a big stretch to pick up a Drew Zachary book any time of the day or night.







Title: The Painted House

Author: Drew Zachary

Publisher: Torquere Books

Main Characters: Gabriel Nash & Marc

Location scout Gabriel Nash finds himself looking for a beach house in Nova Scotia, hoping to find something perfect for the new movie he's working on. When he sees Marc's house, he knows it's just right, but painter and loner Marc doesn't want to deal with all the people a movie shoot would bring into his home.

Marc wouldn't mind having Gabriel around, though. In fact, he finds Gabriel inspiring, making him the subject of his paintings while Gabriel works to find another house. The two of them get to know each other well, much to Marc's agent's dismay. She thinks Gabriel is just using mark, but changes her tune when Gabriel offers to take Marc to LA with him.

The problem is that Marc hates LA and everything it stands for. He hates the crowds of people and the spotlight of gallery showings. He can't be a part of Gabriel's world, and he needs to go back to his house, where he can see the sea and find peace.

Can Gabriel give up on his dream to move Marc to California and find a way for them to be together in Marc's perfect house on the beach?



Gabriel Nash is a location scout and his job is relatively a on the go job as well as face to face job. Over time he’s learn some tactics to get what he wants and he more or less sum up the personality in front of him and use the best approach that he think will get him what he wants. He now wants Marc house for an upcoming movie but guess what – Marc is not interested.

Marc does not fit into any of the mould that Gabriel has made up over the years and he knows when to step back and let nature takes it course because he likes what he see’s when he meets Marc and with an attraction he jolly well can’t deny he knows he has to make alternative arrangement – because he was not letting go of March now that he has found him.

Marc is a gentle soul and likes the direct approach – he has no pretence about him and takes simply pleasure in the simply things of life. He takes meeting Gabriel with a pinch of salt and expects Gabriel to move on as everyone else in his life has done, but Marc so want Gabriel to stay and Gabriel seems to be working round to that frame of mind as well. Marc however comes with a guard dog and she takes her job very seriously.

Drew Zachary is one of those authors that knows how to tug at the heart strings, whether her cast are stereotypical or fresh of the farm I can’t help but get caught up in the live and loves of her protags and with THE PAINTED HOUSE this is no different. I absolutely adore Marc – sweet, simply and in a lot of respects very naive he knows nothing about angst and animosity – he is just a joy to be with and be around.

Meeting Gabriel is one of those simply pleasure that has Marc reaching out with both hands to grab and enjoy the moment – with alot of first time experience with Gabriel he is under no illusion about where the relationship is going, but that does not stop him wishing and enjoying himself at the same time.

While Gabriel is also on tender hooks to make the most of his time with Marc  -he also has an uphill battle and not only from the guardian angel that fiercely protects marc – but also from Marc himself…

I really liked this book – there is no reinventing the wheel with the plot or even the cast, but I like a book where just the appreciation of the simply pleasure is the focus, there is no angst that will have your heart racing but you’ll find some wonderful smut and some in your face sexual innuendos…

I simply book – that is definitely going on my reread list.


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Lily on 9 September 2009 at 16:04 said...

Great reviews, EH :)
I really liked both of these stories. Have you read other books by these authors? If you haven't read On Fire books 1&2 I recommend them. I loved those books.