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Review – Consequences © Rebecca Savage

Title: Consequences

Publisher: Champagne Books

Main Character: Jeni & Nick

Jeni is as happy as she thinks she can be, having lost her parents to tragedy during her teen years. She’s finished her Masters Degree and is working on her PhD. Things couldn’t be better, until she’s kidnapped and shoved into a manhole under the street with six other women.

Nick is well on his way to depression, or maybe he’s just pulling out of it. His fiancé was murdered one year ago, and he’s sitting on the street where the murder happened. It’s the middle of the night. He hears a noise, and is surprised to discover seven bound and gagged women, one of which has perished. He’s a homicide detective. It’s his job to find the killer, before it’s too late and the perpetrator of the crime finishes what was begun.


Dio. She took his breath away as she came through her bedroom door with a towel wrapped around her long hair and rolled up on top her head. Wearing a short, silky bath robe, and nothing on her feet, she made him hotter and harder than anyone ever had, just by being herself, soft, beautiful…bellisima…Jeni. What the hell was she trying to do to him?

Nick choked down the clog in his throat, closed his eyes, and got up to take his shower, a cold one, very cold.

After his roiling body chilled, and he dressed in a pair of shorts to sleep in, he headed for the living room, hoping Jeni had gone to bed already, so he could avoid her. No such luck. Jeni sat on the sofa, her bare feet curled up under her, reading a magazine. He sucked in a shallow breath as she looked up at him from under thick eyelashes and bit her lip. So much for a cold shower. He never should’ve worn shorts. Bad news.

She stood and made a slow trek towards him, stopping within mere inches of his reach. Gazing into his eyes, she licked her lips. Nick’s stare dropped from her beautiful eyes to her enticing mouth. He should either bolt out the door, or tell her to give him some space. If not, he’d lose his sanity, and his barely restrained control. His whole body ached with tension, and his blood boiled with anticipation. He’d turned hard from the intense desire pulsing through his enflamed body with her this close to him, tempting him, traumatizing him beyond comprehension.

He jolted when she touched him, raking her finger tips on each side of his rib cage. Hissing in a stunned gasp, he held his breath and froze to the spot for fear of making the wrong move. Unable to release air through his clogged passage, he waited. She lifted hers eyes to his and touched his bottom lip with her finger. He huffed his breath out, and the sound whistled between his clenched teeth. He might explode right here in front of her if she didn’t back off.

Consequences © Rebecca Savage



When a night out which should have been a night of letting down her hair and having fun turns down right creepy, Jeni takes the easy way out and sneaks out of the club that her gal pals were living up a storm in. Leaving the night club feels like the best decision she could have ever make considering some of the company inside, In reality however it turned out to be the costliest decision that Jeni could have ever make – some one is collecting girls and she is just at the wrong place at the wrong time and she is about to be collected.

Nick is grieving and not moving past the death of his fiancée a year ago. When his brothers decide on an intervention and takes him back to the one place where he has to acknowledge that life goes on and people live beyond a tragedy – he ends up walking into a nightmare. He finds himself stumbling across what will turn out to the beginning of a roller coaster ride for not only himself but for the women he accidentally stumble across buried under the street.

Once Nick realize what he has literally uncovered his training as a cop kicks in and he soon find himself knee deep in not only the investigation but he take a shine to one of the victims in particular and with long forgotten feelings making a come back all because of one woman – he refuse to let her out of his sight.

With no game plan in mind except the obvious - get to the bottom of what had happen to the women – Nick soon finds himself right in the sights of a stalker determined to get his hand on Jeni even if he has to go through Nick to do so.

I was very excited to read this book, not because I have heard good things about it but the fact that from the blurb – it seem to have all the elements that I liked in a book.

This is my first Rebecca Savage book and only after being a few pages in I realised that there may be other books related to this one, and there are, COINCIDENCE and COMBUSTION are the first two in this series. My first positive about this books is that I thought the author keep the plot tight enough around Nick and Jeni so I can honestly say I did not miss not knowing the other players previous story before meeting them now. There was an effort made with the main protags – I knew their life, love, fears, angst and I could empathise with all of what they were going through.

The plot starts of  really strong and up to about the first third of the book it was edge of my seat sort of action- laughing happy mouthy women, man in self denial, evil horrific incident and then it just fell down from there for me.

Jeni started off as this person that I liked, mouthy, attitude and with a  life plan  – once she meets Nick I was totally surprise at how easy she caved in on some of her steadfast believe and her less than believable emotional outlook after being trapped under ground was so not doing it for me…

I ended up liking Nick a lot and not because of anything special , I just liked him -  I found him to be unprofessional, possessive and know when to cave into a woman needs or face the satisfying consequences.

I quite like how Ms. Savage got the family involved in the plot, with the mystery a little bit on the iffy side -  I was liking the brothers and their wife’s alot. They gave the book that edge that made the difference with their laughter, their irreverence and mostly their need to support Nick in all that he does.

I will be reading the other two books in the series as the author drops enough juicy bits of back history for me to get intrigued about Nick brother’s life and their loves…

All in all  I enjoyed this book, I had some issues with a few areas of the plot but nothing to not make me not want to try this author again, she has a voice I am liking alot.



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Love Stories on 16 September 2009 at 04:03 said...

i've never tried rebecca savage before but i'm always trying to find new authors to read. :) thanks.

Blodeuedd on 16 September 2009 at 06:44 said...

Hm, well that could work for me, I have been known to read books where things might have bothered me but I liked the authors voice.
I'll keep her in mind

Mandi on 16 September 2009 at 12:27 said...

I liked this one too.I really got into Nick..it was a fun story. Nice review!!

Erotic Horizon on 17 September 2009 at 10:44 said...

@Love stories...

Yup my first one by her as well, but I am liking her voice - it has a fun element to it..


Erotic Horizon on 17 September 2009 at 10:46 said...


I have been having a few of these recently - where I don't particularly care for some aspect of the book, but just something makes it me carry on..

I am looking forward to Coincidence and Combustion..


Erotic Horizon on 17 September 2009 at 10:47 said...


Yes - Nick was fun - I love how he fits into his family and he was so open - very refreshing to see a guy so close to his brothers that kinda way...