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Review - Cascadia Wolves: Fated © Lauren Dane


Title: Cascadia Wolves - Fated

Author: Lauren Dane

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Just because Fate brings you your perfect mate doesn’t mean it’ll be easy.

Could there be any worse fate than a road trip from Seattle to L.A.—with one’s mother—to attend a wedding? Why yes, when one isn’t married yet, like Megan Warden. Toss in a grandmother and a carload of already married sisters and it’s a recipe for sneaking sips of “special” coffee while someone else drives.

Shane Rosario has better things to do than attend a wedding where his father’s relatives will be at him nonstop about getting married and having children. If it weren’t for seeing his anchor bond, Layla, he’d have taken a pass on the entire weekend. It would be easy, since he’s become adept at hiding who and what he is.

When the two weren’t even looking, Fate steps in and before they know it, their bond is sealed. Bonded pair, married in the eyes of their people. Two people tied together in every way. Trouble is, Shane’s not sure he wants all that comes with Megan. And Megan’s certain she’s not willing to live outside her pack, pretending to be human.

The distance between them is more than geographical. It’s a widening gulf rapidly filling with resentment…an emotional divide only acceptance could bridge. Can Shane can accept himself to cross it? Only if they let love take control.


Their noisy group took over pretty much the entire small town Oregon restaurant. Megan wanted to laugh at the picture they all made. Boisterous, happy, all of them emanating that vibrant otherness Weres seemed to.

“Why are you bogarting the catsup?” Tegan demanded.

“Just to annoy you apparently.” Megan shoved the bottle at her sister with a smirk. She looked back over to her mother, pasting sincere-looking concern on her face. “You know, you might be more comfortable in the other car with Dave. You can feel the road more in our car I think. You and Grandma both.”

Dave kicked her but it was every werewolf for herself.

Nina laughed from down at the other end of the table but didn’t offer her opinion on the matter. Better for her anyway as Megan was her bodyguard as well as the pack Enforcer. One suggestion from Megan to Lex about Nina’s safety and suddenly her sister-in-law would have to go everywhere with three bodyguards.

“Well, aren’t you sweet? But we’re fine. We’ll be stopping for the night soon enough and I don’t get enough chance to visit with Grace and Tegan now that they’re on the other side of the country.” Her mother smiled, patting Megan’s hand.

She’d go in the other car herself but with Grace and Nina along, that was two Alphas, including the Supreme Alpha, so as the Enforcer, Megan needed to be there. Gah.

“Here, Beth, have I shown you the pictures of little miss I’ve-got-my-daddy-wrapped-around-my-finger? Last month we took her for her first haircut and I think Cade might have cried.” Grace, her sister-in-law and current savior, grinned at her before turning her attention back to Beth. “I know he baked two dozen cookies when we got home.”

The pictures began to circulate from several directions and Beth eased back, happily engrossed in her grandbabies. For the moment, Megan let herself relax and enjoy the people who vexed and charmed her most in the universe.

Fated © Lauren Dane


On the way to a family wedding Meghan Warden is loving and hating the car journey. Loving of course her family as she does she tries to remember that they are her family and each and every looney one of them play a big part in her life, then the hate kicks in, due mainly to the fact that she is one of the last unmated Warden left and with no offspring to keep the watchful eyes of her parent off her – she unhappily grins and bears it.

With the obvious plan as enforcer of the Casadia Wolves upmost in her mind -  protect Nina, because she has to keep even the eyes in the back of her head on that one, she also needs some down time and the first chance she gets she was going to just enjoy the pool.

Some things are best left as wishful thinking because soon she is drafted into the wedding plans and she has her set of chores to be done – one of which is to collect the best man from the airport.

From the moment Shane Rosario and Meghan sets on each other they knew they were mate and there was little they could do to stop themselves from finding the first flat surface with a locked door behind them to seal the deal.

This mating is not as easy as Meghan would have like because Shane has never embraced his wolf and to make matters worse he lives and work in Las Vegas, a town she knew she was not going to leave home for.

Both seem to be fighting a losing battle and with as much love as they have between them and family support not helping – they know they will either have to put up or shut up because maybe something's are just not worth fighting for.

FATED is the sixth book in the Casadia Wolves series of book and this was the easiest read of the lot so far.  Meghan is at the top of her game and right where she wants to be – Pack Enforcer, meeting Shane has not only put a spanner in the works but it has given her that inner strength that she knew she had but didn’t think she would be needing to draw on it under these kind of circumstances. Shane is not having an easier time – reared to deny all that he is and should be, he has lived with the cloud of parental disapproval about his most basic nature all his life.

With some smoking hot smut scenes burning up the pages, it wasn't a stretch liking both Meghan and Shane for their weaknesses and their strengths. While I personally found this the least angtsy of all the books so far – I liked it. All the important players made an appearance and the story line followed well.

I am now looking forward to the next book in this series.


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Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) on 18 September 2009 at 18:55 said...

I've been wanting to read a good werewolf story - this sounds like it!! Nice review.

Blanche on 18 September 2009 at 19:06 said...

This is an amazing series!!! I loved all the Cascadia Wolves books!! :)

Lea on 18 September 2009 at 22:29 said...


I love, love this series!! "Fated", was the first I read and the thing I liked was that it didn't matter. I'm usually a stickler for reading series books in order but with this one it didn't seem to matter.

Glad you liked it too!!

Have a good weekend..

The_Book_Queen on 18 September 2009 at 22:32 said...

Great review, EH! :D I've heard so many good things aobut this series, but I haven't had time to pick it up yet-- I'll have to soon though!

Enjoy your Friday,

Erotic Horizon on 19 September 2009 at 18:33 said...


I have been following this series for a while and I love it...

Everyone has it own special magic..


Erotic Horizon on 19 September 2009 at 18:33 said...


Me,you and a couple of thousand other as well my dear...

Can't wait on Jack's story..


Erotic Horizon on 19 September 2009 at 18:35 said...


Now that you mentioned it - that is true you can read anyone out of order...

But obviously to catch up on Ms Nina's Antic - it's best to go back...

Enjoy the weekend hon..


Erotic Horizon on 19 September 2009 at 18:36 said...


Hope you get a chance to read them - another one is on it's way in a couple of weeks..


Erotic Music on 21 September 2009 at 02:22 said...

good review and information, thanks