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Weekly Geeks 2009-31 (Second Chances)




Second Chances
There have been times in my life where I reread a book (or author) I hated--or thought I hated--but the second time around ended up loving. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever changed your mind about a book or author the second time around? Have you ever given a book or author a second chance?

If you have, I'd love to hear your stories. Blog about your experience(s) in giving second chances.
If you haven't, I'd like you to consider giving a book or an author a second chance. You can blog about your intentions to do so--or if you're a quick reader, maybe you can even squeeze something in!
Can't think of a single book or author? Don't worry, you can stretch this one to include movies or music if you prefer.



This weeks Weekly Geek deals with authors that at first glance was an absolute disaster or just as close to with a first book that you have read – but after a second read or sometime a third read – you get lucky with a decent read. They may surprise your or surpass your wildest expectation….

I have read a few authors that their first books did not do it for me – and sometimes it takes two or three read to get it right…  Two of the most recent ones that falls in to this category for me are

Sherri Derr-Wille

I read RX LOVE my first book by this author and it was an easy read but just something about it didn’t feel right. I immediately read MISTAKEN IDENTITY and I was pleasantly surprise by how much I liked the second book.

The pace of the book moves like a camera shutter, little bits and pieces of scenes but nothing to connect them that doesn’t require you to think about what if’s and why?

If you like a punchy read, this is for you -  there was a back story, character development, hilarity and more importantly a strong and feisty support cast that does magic for this book.

I could feel that this was just a fluke in this author repertoire – just something felt like there is more to this author than I am getting from this book. So I am moving onto another novel by her to see if my judgement is off – so keep tune.

RX Love – Sherry Derr Wille


With a lively and vibrant support cast – there is not a dull moment to be had in this book. Page time is given to enough of the cast to get a full picture of what was happening at all times. The POV jumps between Katelyn and Seth and as much as this annoys me sometimes – I must admit it worked in this context….

Bottom Line

MISTKEN IDENTITY is an easy enough book to like, with characters who are decently fleshed out, a plot that works with the multitude of side story going on, but most importantly it’s a book that sees Ms.Derr-Wille stepping up to the plate with a story that will live on in my imagination for a while yet.

Mistaken Identity - Sherry Derr- Wille


Toni Blake..

After a recommendation by a friend – I read Toni Blake’s TEMPT ME TONIGHT and this is what  I said about it

Bottom Line.

As my first introduction to Ms. Blake’s style TEMPT ME TONIGHT was an easy read. While the main protags had their up and down moment with me, the support cast did carry the book in my opinion. The array of story- lines lends a realness to the book , as well as  giving depth to the relationship that Joe and Trish was trying to salvage.

While I didn’t particularly care for this book,  I am eager to read more from this author – as there were some moment of brilliance in TEMPT ME TONIGHT and I am hoping to see what she does with the characters she presents in her other books.

Tempt Me Tonight – Toni Blake

This week my internet was down and I dragged out another book by Ms. Blake ONE RECKLESS SUMMER and what a surprise – I haven’t  done the review yet – but let’s just say the book feels like it was written by a different person – I loved it.


While my reading taste is all over the place – most books has a glimmer of the magic an author can bring to a book when all the pieces fall in to place, and sometime I am lucky to find that magic book straight off, even if I am not that lucky and end up with a not so well written production – I love the hunt to find that one book that just click.

What's your second chance book or who are your second chance author…


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Brandy W on 16 August 2009 at 02:02 said...

How interesting..I loved Tempt Me Tonight. I do believe it was the first one of Toni Blake that I read. I went on to buy up some of her backlist. I'm sure you know that Toni Blake and Lacey Alexander are the same person. (If I recall correctly) My first books of Lacey's was Voyeur and LOVED it. I've read a few of her other and have some in my TBR.

Glad you gave her a 2nd chance.

gautami tripathy on 16 August 2009 at 16:32 said...

Reading your post, I think I ought to give Nora Roberts a second chance.

Weekly Geeks: Second Chance

Erotic Horizon on 17 August 2009 at 14:10 said...


I think that heroine - was too lame after a while and I lost my interest for the book...
Joe could do better than her...
But Reckless Summer is really good...

Thanks for the info about Lacey Alexander - I am going to check her out..


Erotic Horizon on 17 August 2009 at 14:12 said...


Thanks for coming by - I am not a Nora Roberts fan - so overrated...

But by all means try again... I hear good things about her latest release.