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Review – The Wolfe Proxy - T. D. McKinney & Terry Wylis


Title: The Wolfe Proxy

Author: T. D. McKinney & Terry Wylis

Publisher: Amber Quill

Main Characters: Quinton Wolfe & Max Bowman

Ruthless CEO Quinton Wolfe sets off every alarm on sculptor Max Bowman’s warning system. No way is that playboy getting near Max’s sister, the newest shareholder in Wolfe's multinational corporation. No matter Quint’s charming smile and sexy form, Max won't let his kid sister get taken in by that Lothario. Even if it means Max cuts a deal with Big Bad Wolfe himself.

And what a deal! Max becomes Quint’s play toy. Good thing Max enjoys it. He’ll just play the game until he can turn the tables on the CEO. Or that’s the plan. But somehow, even knowing the CEO is a ruthless snake at the core, Max still lets Quint worm his way right into Max’s heart.

Cutting Quint out of his life is the best thing Max can do. So why does it feel like Max might never be able to breathe again? It doesn’t help that Quint’s every bit as heartbroken and miserable. So maybe Max’s view of Quint was skewed by the media. But can he separate the ruthless CEO from the gentle, caring man who loves him? And can he trust either one?


“Jennifer’s not a piece of arm candy. I can do better than her without breaking the seal on my Rolodex. What she is, Maxwell, is an unknown entity in my very stable financial house of cards. I need to know if she’s glue or a wind machine, and if trotting her around to the local hot-spots will get me that information, I’ll use it.”

Ah, pretty Max was even prettier with that splash of color across his cheeks. “I figured that’s what you were doing. I won’t let you hurt her just so you can make another twenty-five cents on your dividend check.” Anger really suited Max, Quint had to admit. It made his eyes glitter and a muscle in that solid jaw twitch. Quint wanted to lick that spot. “And if I have to, I’ll see she uses her shares in ways you won’t like. She’ll still give me half if I ask. And you can imagine what I’d do with them.”

Quint could imagine far too well. Max would use any proxy he had to see Quint never sat on the board of directors even though it would be best for WolfeCorp. And when that bit of petty revenge had been accomplished, the bastard would sell the shares, pocket the money, and go his no doubt substance-enhanced way not caring that he’d destroyed a business to which Quinton’s father and grandfather had devoted their lives. He wouldn’t care if Quint’s employees suffered or not.

Quint took a step closer to his newest nemesis. “Oh, I can imagine. And you imagine what I’ll do with your sister.”

Those blue eyes flashed fire. “You so much as look at my sister again, Wolfe, and I swear you’ll be on the wrong end of a welder’s rig.” That muscle in Max’s jaw jumped again. “You want her out of your office, fine. I’ll make sure she stays out. Just get the hell away from us.”

Neanderthal. Did he think physical threats would frighten Quint? Well, pretty Max was very wrong. They didn’t. Not the least bit. It only sent a new jolt of rage through Quint. So Max Bowman thought he could possibly come up to Quint’s speed? Hardly! Quint would show the insufferable caveman exactly how to play the game of fear, intimidation, and extortion. “Oh, I’ll stay away. For a price.”

“What price?” Max’s eyes narrowed and that solid body tensed. “I told you I’d keep her out of your way. That’s plenty.” The industrial door rattled open again. “So we have a deal and you can get your over-toned ass the hell off my property.”

“I don’t think so.” Hardball just went granite, boy. In a blink Quint had Max Bowman up against the wall next to the door, a hand to each side of the sculptor’s head. It took all Quint had not to kiss that acerbic mouth, but this was business. “You see, Mr. Bowman, I have no choice in the matter of guiding dear Jennifer through the finer points of corporate navigation. I have yet to learn what stipulations dear Great-aunt Elaine made if your sister fails to take an active part in WolfeCorp.” By God he’d know by Monday, though. A call to his lawyer on his way home would take care of that. “So you see, I can’t accept your offer. But I do have a counterproposal. It’s not negotiable. Either you agree to it or I will use every ploy at my disposal to protect my company, even if it means luring dear, sweet Jennifer into my bed and under my thumb.”

Quint let out his own smirk, recalling the two artists at the picnic and the very loud vibe he’d gotten. His counteroffer left his knees weak at the prospect. Too bad Bowman wouldn’t go for it in a million years...

The Wolfe Proxy © T. D. McKinney & Terry Wylis



Quinton Wolfe has set his sights on being the majority shareholder in the company that has been in his family for a few generations – this was not to be when Max Bowman’s sister turns up with her own large slice of the company and Max is  like a watchdog, on the look out for any and all move that Quinton will make against his sister.

And Quinton does make his move, but it is unexpected for them both – firstly Quinton makes a move against Max himself and Max accepts which Quinton did not anticipates. Going with the flow – it turns out to be a soul shattering experience for them both.

All does not bode well for them – because these two men are not what they seem, beneath the exterior they show the public they have their secrets and their turmoil's to deal with and it is that secret and turmoil that is the crust of their problems – something has to give and someone has to do something because these two aren’t about to do it on their own.

I love this book – Quinton was so not what I was expecting, he comes across as really this big bad wolf but he was really a pussy cat once you found which buttons to press and Max found these button straight away. Max himself is no wallflower himself -  preferring to be out of the limelight he knows when to  turn the table and take charge and he does so in style..

Totally hot smut follows and I was loving it.

This is a feel great book, not that the characters weren’t well develop or not that the plot held me for the whole length of the book – but the authors toss in enough twist and turns and some wonderful support cast to make this not only have the happily ever after feel but also a little hurt along the way is not all bad feel as well.

I like the voices of these two authors, it didn’t get caught up in the complexities of the business arena that the book was set it, they both had a fresh approve to an age old plot – and I liked it alot.

If you are looking for that book with the right bit of depth wrapped around a plot with enough innuendo ands armchair psychiatrist this is the book for you..

A simply smashing read.


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Interesting review today, hon! I really enjoyed it.

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Hope all's well

Lea on 30 August 2009 at 16:34 said...

Hey EH:

I hope all is well with you. Wonderful review of this book I love the Totally hot smut follows and I was loving it.

You are too funny...

As Hawk indicated I've not seen you around in a while and I hope all is well.

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Erotic Horizon on 31 August 2009 at 10:38 said...

Hey Hawk..

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Erotic Horizon on 31 August 2009 at 10:40 said...


You know me - all for the smut...

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Ebs on 4 September 2009 at 04:56 said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review "The Wolfe Proxy." I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

T. D. McKinney