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Back Of The Book

The sequel to Amber Allure’s Best Seller At Long Last...

Seven months into their relationship, Preston has yet to tell his parents he is gay and living with Scott. When they are invited to the wedding of Preston’s ex-wife, a wedding Preston’s parents will also attend, Scott hopes Preston will finally admit to their relationship. But Preston fears having the same strained relationship Scott has with his father, or worse, being disowned.

While Scott is beginning to believe Preston will always be ashamed of their love and will never come around to admitting the truth, Preston wonders if Scott will bolt if he doesn’t stick to Scott’s timetable.

Preston has a tough choice. Trust his parents with the truth or risk losing Scott forever...



He noticed Scott had already filled his own suitcase with shorts, shirts, and underwear. He didn’t see any pajamas so he figured maybe it was the right thing to bring lube after all.

He packed quickly, his gaze constantly going to Scott as he worked. He couldn’t keep his eyes off his lover. Never could, really. Scott’s gym shorts were baggy, but Preston knew the perfection of Scott’s round little ass. And damn it, it was distracting.

“What?” Scott asked, catching him looking.

Preston smiled. “Well, you’re really hot.”

Scott laughed. “Finish packing and you can do something about it.”

“Almost done now.” He tossed in a couple extra pairs of socks and underwear.

His lover zipped up his own suitcase and set it on the floor. “I’m going to take this out and put it by the front door. You got your suit in the garment bag?”


Scott also scooped that up and wheeled his bag out of the room.

Preston re-checked that he had everything and closed his suitcase. He set it on the side of the room, then pulled down the blanket and sheet on the bed.

Scott came back, already pulling his muscle T-shirt over his head. He dropped it at the foot of the bed.

Preston’s mouth twisted. “Babe, the hamper is right there.”

Scott’s grin was decidedly unrepentant and wicked. He shrugged and turned his back on Preston. He slowly lowered his shorts, like a striptease, exposing only the very top of his crease.

Preston swallowed. He tore off his own shirt, his gaze never leaving that tight ass as Scott scooted the shorts down over the curve of his cheeks. “Shit, babe, you’re making me crazy.”

Until The End Of Time © Shawn Lane



Preston and Scott are  living together now for more than half a year. While some things are going fabulously between them, some things are beginning to get in the way of their relationship – the fact that Preston is still keeping the reality that he is gay from his parents a secret is not sitting well with Scott.

When Preston is invited to his ex-wife’s wedding and his parent will no doubt be there, he is petrified, because unlike Scott who took the bull by the horn and told his parents about his sexuality at a young age and he his still dealing with that aftermath; Preston has a rock solid relationship with his parent and he is very reluctant to rock the boat, he will have to make a decision however as Scott wont wait forever for him to do it in his own good time.

UNTIL THE END OF TIME is the follow up to Shawn Lane’s wonderful read AT LONG LAST. Ms. Lanes takes us back to visit this couple during the getting to know you phase where Preston and Scott are still learning about each other and trying to be comfortable in their own skin.

Scott is being a trooper and is taking things in his stride even if he is not happy, I love him and his entire mannerism and attitude – the fact that he loves Preston so much that he is willing  to accept any part of of him that he is willing to give only makes him more – just more.

Preston is no chopped liver either – he is more of a thinker and does things at his own pace. Something's however demand a faster pace, but worrying about what he “might” lose as compared to the standard quo has him all a fluster.

This is an expected follow up from an author that I really didn’t expect anything less from. Firstly the same two protags are reintroduced to us – but in a different light – a point of acceptance or conforming, a time when a relationship is faced with it’s first fracture and a time when the men or weeded out from the boys.

A short read with really only one hiccuppy moment along the  way, but what a ride – the emotion, the solidarity, the uncertainly all lend itself to making this read a worthy follow up to Preston and Scotty’s original story.

Ms. Lane’s knack for bringing out the best and the worst of human emotion is clear and present in this book. I am liking the dynamics of the characters and the little bits of levity and errs makes the story that more real to me. The fact that Ms. Lane refreshes us about  and actually give us a bit more insight into Scott’s relationship with his parent was a nice touch. I would have liked to know what happen to Scott’s brother but if that was missing – I got a hell of a lot more and I was more than happy with all that I got.

Another wonderful read from an  A+ author.  




Car Wash - Click for large version





 Back Of The Book

Kevin Flaherty’s life really sucks. He’s already been laid off from his job, compelled to sell his motorcycle, and now faces eviction from his apartment. Things can hardly get worse. Now, forced to work a low-paying job at a car wash and barely surviving, Kevin is too embarrassed to even tell his friends.

Hotshot lawyer, Michael Bennett, comes into the car wash to have his Maserati cleaned. Kevin knows Michael well. When Kevin was fifteen, an openly gay twenty-one-year-old Michael was Kevin’s dream. But when the teenaged Kevin made his move, Michael rejected the young man.

Nine years have passed and Michael is surprised how attracted he is to Kevin. He soon takes him out, then takes him home. This time the beautiful man is not too young. When he learns of Kevin’s situation, a smitten Michael makes it his job to clean up the disaster that Kevin’s life has become. But his take-charge, bossy way irritates a sensitive Kevin, who starts a fight, ending in the breakup of their budding relationship. A breakup neither of them really wanted.

Can they repair their fractured relationship or will their differences and hurt feelings keep them apart for good?


...Michael watched Kevin spin around the front hallway of his two-story house. The younger man had a natural energy Michael had always admired and envied. And there was a sexy elegance to the way he moved, too.

It hadn’t been a lie when Michael had said he had rejected Kevin because of his young age. Kevin’s energy and enthusiasm alone drew Michael to him. Now, all these years later, Kevin had finally fulfilled what the cuteness of his youth had always promised, and he was absolutely gorgeous.

“This is a great place,” Kevin said after a while. He stopped in front of the stairs. “Must’ve cost a pretty penny.”

“Mmm.” The only pretty thing on his mind was Kevin. There was nothing stopping him. Kevin was definitely old enough now. He held up the doggy bags from the restaurant. “Want to see the kitchen? I’ve got to put these away anyway.”

“Sure.” Kevin practically bounced toward the archway leading to the kitchen.

Michael’s mouth watered as he kept watch on the man’s tight ass. He figured he’d better get it together or he’d be taking him in the kitchen.

Kevin was smiling when Michael caught up to him. It was an almost innocent smile and it tugged at something inside Michael he didn’t want to analyze.

“What are you smiling at?” he asked, walking to his refrigerator to stash the leftovers.

“I always wanted a big kitchen with one of these islands,” Kevin said. “Sometimes I go to model homes and check out the amenities and usually go straight for the kitchens.”

Michael laughed. “Do you cook?”

“Well, I did when I had my old job. Not so much since I got laid off.”

Kevin ran his hand along the black marble island almost lovingly. To Michael’s surprise Kevin jumped up to sit on the edge. Michael swallowed heavily, his gaze taking in the height of the island. About waist high.

Michael stood between Kevin’s slightly spread legs and closed his hands on his hips. “Kiss me, Kevin.”

Car Wash © Shawn Lane



Kevin Flaherty is at a phase of his life that he would never wish on his worst enemy. Forced to work in a Car Wash in order for the bills to be paid and as of this afternoon – put in a position where the boss his starting to look at him funny, he is also not ready to face the nemesis of his past - Michael Bennett.

Michael is the proverbial crush next door that more or less turned Kevin down in his track when he made a play for him years ago. Let just say Kevin didn’t take it too well and now years later he was going to do all he could to not to draw attention to himself at the car wash where he work.

Things doesn’t go as planned and Michael is stunned to find a face from the past that he had never expected to see again at a by chance stop at a car wash. Kevin was not only now grown up – but definitely “MORE” than he was as a teenager and he was ringing all of Michael’s bell. Kevin however was not willing to play ball and Michael finds he has his work cut out for him – but this time years later Kevin might just be calling the shots.

Every time I read a book by Ms. Lane I am more than impressed with the production, the guys she introduces us to and more over she has a way of bringing a reality to each and every book and CAR WASH is no different. I am liking her voice alot in this book – Kevin is the boy down on his luck – and barely surviving, he has not however lost his principles or his moral judgment no matter what comes his way.

When Michael literally takes over his life in a sugar daddy sort of way – I was hooked, because Kevin was no push over and he demanded to be seen and heard and clearly Michael was going to have a challenge on his hand.

“What’s up? You don’t look so good. Had a bad day? I
mean other than Lewis.”
He sighed. “Yeah. I didn’t hear from you all day even
though you said you’d call.”
“I got busy.”
“Apparently. This may come as a surprise to you, Michael,
but I’m sort of high maintenance.”
Michael smiled. “I know.”
“I also like to be the center of the universe or at least for
whomever I’m dating. That doesn’t seem to be the case with
you.” Kevin tapped his fingers. “I hate to be an afterthought.”
“You are no afterthought.” Michael’s hand cupped his
knee, sending a jolt of lust spiraling through him.
Kevin grimaced. “Whatever. And then Mr. Lewis
announced today he was selling the car wash.”
“Oh?” His fingers caressed Kevin’s thigh.

Car Wash © Shawn Lane

Michael on the other hand was just simply a go getter, he saw something needing fixing and with the resources to do so – he just fixed it, the fact that it was Kevin made it all the more urgent without realising that Kevin of nearly a decade ago is definitely not Kevin of today and there the fireworks begin.

I love this book – not for the fact that it has a great plot or even a wonderful setting, but simply for the fact that Ms. Lane really does know how to add that little bit of magic to her books and her protags are not people who you can simply hate or even love for that matter. I really identified with them, I felt for them and more over I was pissed off right along with them for any wrong done.

The other thing about this book was just the name had the Rose Royce song Car Wash – going through my head for days on end. This was a feel good book through and through and I am feeling so good.


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Thanks for the kind words, EH. As usual your reviews make my day.

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Great reviews EH

I've got these in my TBR and am looking forward to reading them.

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Lol, I got that song in my head even before you mentioned it at the end. It comes naturally.

Sounds like two good books.

Erotic Horizon on 4 August 2009 at 23:28 said...

@Shawn ..

You are very welcome - I really enjoy these two - Can't wait to see what you come up with for the rest of the year.


Erotic Horizon on 4 August 2009 at 23:28 said...


Can't wait for you to try these - they are so good..


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That song is now stuck in my head- I hope it goes soon..
These are really good,