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Review - Refuge Shifters Bk2: Retribution – Carol Lynne

Title: Refuge Shifter Bk2: Retribution

Author: Carol Lynne

Publisher: Respendence Publishing

Main Characters: Hakan & Ryker Allen & Daniel

Three lonely souls find each other in the midst of an all out war between the shifters and the Hunters.

Mother Earth gave Ryker Allen rebirth over a century ago, his main purpose to protect Mother's shifter children. Ryker has never begrudged his duties, but the loneliness is something he'll never get used to.

Daniel was the King of the Coyotes until a mistake led to the decimation of his species. Alone and half-dead, he was taken in by a pack of wolf shifters as a pet for the Alpha's mate. When he's given a chance to live as an Alpha once again, he's reluctant to accept, afraid he's no longer worthy to lead.

Hakan is the son of Father Sky. He was awarded rebirth over a thousand years ago to protect the Native American Bird Shifters. When animosity towards Native Americans escalated, Hakan's charges took to the sky permanently, leaving him without a purpose. He's lived his long life alone, waiting for the day he can once again serve his Father.

Three men, three very different backgrounds, one thing in common. Loneliness. Can these three souls come together to form a family?


He glanced at his passenger. “I wish you would’ve eaten more of your lunch.”

Daniel squirmed in his seat. “It’s not that I’m not hungry. My stomach just isn’t used to eating much.”

“Maybe we should stop more often and get smaller meals into you, five or six times a day.”

Daniel shrugged. “I take it you don’t like skinny guys.”

Ryker reached across the seat and cupped the side of Daniel’s face. “You’re gorgeous, and you know it. Things might not be easy for awhile. I just want you as strong as possible.”

Daniel leaned into Ryker’s touch. “Jarek knows who his mate is.”

“Yeah? How do you know that?”

“Because he was happy about going to Refuge. Cougars are solitary animals, except when they’re planning to mate.”

The reasoning made sense to Ryker. “You could be right. Do you begrudge him?”


“Then why is it bothering you?”

When Daniel didn’t say anything, Ryker’s hand slid back to the steering wheel. “I thought we’d talked about sticking together until you find your mate.”

“We did,” Daniel whispered. “And it’s fine. I like you a lot.”


Ryker saw Daniel wipe at his cheeks. He checked his rearview mirror and pulled over to the side of the road. He felt incredibly stupid for weaving dreams of spending time with Daniel. Ryker would never admit it to a soul, but part of him hoped Daniel’s true mate had been killed by The Hunters.

“But…?” Riker repeated.

Daniel turned and looked up at him with tears in his eyes. Ryker couldn’t help but want to gather the small coyote shifter into his arms, and protect him from whatever was hurting him.

“I’m starting to feel funny. Like something’s coming.” Daniel shook his head. “Sounds stupid, but it’s like I’m being pulled from the inside.”

“To where?”

“I don’t know.” Daniel looked down at his hands. “But I’ve been hard since we left Jarek’s.”

Retribution © Carol lynne


After sending the first wave of shifters on their way to Refuge, Ryker and Daniel are on their way to find Hakan the sky guardian. Ryker is concern about Daniel’s food intake and his depressing mood. He barely gets a chance to voice is concern before a more pressing matter seem to be affecting them both.

Both men are drawn to the area that Hakan lives and as soon as they lay eyes on him, it seems to be affecting Hakan as well. These three men are top of their race and now it seems as if Mother earth and father sky have set them on a path that will see some big changes for the world and apparently Daniel is the key that hold this all together.

While these three are trying to sort out their lives as impossible as it seem – the hunters are at it again and this time Hakan, Ryker and Daniel are literally in a race against time to set matters in motion’ when betrayal and doubt rear's it’s head all may yet just be lost.

I am so pleased this book came out so quickly after the first book. I liked the first book but this second book brings out what Lynne's best - joining men together with an eye on the smut and a big chunk of emotional upheaval tossed in. A lot more than the back history of Ryker and Daniel is delved into in this second book, 

This is a fast pace book and as usual with Lynne’s writing there is just something that hold you and you really don’t want it to end. I saw old favourites setting up families, introduced to a whole new specie and I shared in what looks to be the main protags from the next book joy and pain.

For the second book in a new series by Lynne RETRIBUTION is a weightier book than EXTINCTION and I totally enjoyed.




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Blodeuedd on 26 August 2009 at 09:49 said...

Hi EH,
Sounds nice.
but oh, I usually don't like when they but off heads on covers but I would have wanted it here. That guy scares me

A Buckeye Girl Reads on 26 August 2009 at 11:58 said...

hmm..this looks like an interesting series. I'm always on the lookout for something a little different.

Lily on 27 August 2009 at 04:41 said...

Great review EH!
This sounds like another great series from Carol Lynne. I love her writing.

Erotic Horizon on 27 August 2009 at 05:52 said...

I know you don't like the head cut off -but you have to have some mystery...

I like the guy on the front - good representation..


Erotic Horizon on 27 August 2009 at 05:53 said...

@ A Buckeye Girl Reads

I do hope you get the chance to read it - Lynne has a style all her own..


Erotic Horizon on 27 August 2009 at 05:54 said...


Thanks Lily.. I am loving the speed as which her books come out. makes it all worthwhile...