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Review - Poker Night Bk3: Pocket Pair - Carol Lynne


Title: Poker Night Bk3: Pocket Pair 

Author: Carol Lynne

Publisher: Total-E-bound

Main Characters: Trey Huggins & Cole Harding

Book three in the Poker Night Series

For three years, Trey Huggins has watched and wanted Principal Cole Harding. As a teacher in the high school where they both work, Trey knows it'll never happen. Even if Cole was gay, he'd never go for a guy like Trey.

Seeking love in other places, Trey meets a man online and finally agrees to a drink. What he gets instead is a trip to the emergency room in the back of an ambulance. With the school year swiftly approaching, Trey fights to overcome his physical limitations as well as his constant fear.

For twenty-five years, Cole has managed to keep his private life separate from his job. Extending a helping hand to a colleague shouldn't be a big deal, but the feelings Trey invokes in Cole are anything but professional.

Can the teacher tutor the principal in love, or will class be out for these two before the school year even begins?


“Would you be mad if I had the game over here? Then you could drop in when you felt like it, and still lie down if you need to.”

When Bobby took that tone, Trey knew he wasn’t going to be able to get out of it. “It’s your house. I just don’t want you changing your routine because of me.”

Bobby ran his hands through his hair. “You’ve refused to see any of the guys since the hospital. It’s getting harder and harder to put ’em off. They just love you, man, and they want to see for themselves that you’re healing.”

Trey knew his friends loved him. Heck, what would he do without them? But the shame he felt over what he’d allowed to happen was too much. “I just can’t stand the thought of anyone pulling the ‘What were you thinking?’ thing on me. I’ve had enough of that from the police.”

“And you honestly think any of us would pull that shit on you?”

Trey didn’t say anything, because truth was, yeah, he definitely believed a few of them thought it. Whether they actually came out and said it was a fifty-fifty proposition.

With his lower lip stuck out just enough for Trey to know he’d hurt his feelings, Bobby started to get up.

“Wait.” Trey reached out, but fell short of actually touching his friend. “Have the guys over. I’ll try.”

Bobby stared at him for several moments before nodding and retreating to the house.

Trey covered his eyes with his arm. The thing he couldn’t seem to explain to Bobby was that it wasn’t the rape that held him back. It was the shame that he’d been so desperate for someone to love him that he’d been willing to do almost anything.

The things he’d done via a web cam for JB101 made him blush just thinking about it. What would happen if his friends found out? He felt guilty enough that he hadn’t told the police about them. At the time they only asked him if he’d had online correspondence with the rapist.

Trey heard the sliding glass door open. “The guys will be here at seven.”

“Will Jules be home?” he asked. He liked Jules a lot. He never asked him questions about how he was feeling emotionally. Jules was concerned with his physical well-being, but he was smart enough to know not to pry into the emotional side of his recovery.

“Yeah. He should be home any minute. Why? Do you need something?” Bobby asked.

“No. Just wondered.”

Pocket Pair © Carol Lynne



Its a few weeks since Trey Huggins has been involved in what is now known as “the incident” and he is still hiding away not only from his friends but his job and the man that he has been lusting after for about three year now.

With friends like the ones he have, someone was bound to tell him some truths and try to get him out of his depression and what better way than forcing him to acknowledge a call from the one person that he thought would never look at him in a million years.

When the call that Cole Harding had not really been expecting came he certainly did not think he would end up with Trey sitting across from him late at night.

Things moves on quickly for the two ill suited men and they both make every attempt at finding that common ground between them, but there is more to lose for each man and they may not really have what it takes to see this thing that's building between them through.

When Ms. Lynne introduced the Poker Nights series I was one of her fans that rubbed my hands in glee and had a little smirk on my face, because yes this woman has some imagination.

POCKET PAIR is the third in the Poker night series and it is a powerful book on one hand but for some reason it so did not live up to the expectation that I had probably built up for Trey's partnership on the other hand..

The book dives straight into heartbreaking areas and it never really stopped - friendship, honour, protectiveness and taking a chance despite everything that the relationship had going for it to survive,  are some of the issue that rose above the surface of this book. Despite all that there was this feeling of everything fitting two neatly into the boxes – other than Trey traumatic experience the angst was really non existent between them.. and that was were my total disappoint came about – I suppose  I was expecting bells and whistles after all Trey’s character has been building up over the past two book and I was just expecting more for him.

Regardless of the convenience of some aspect of the story it kept pace with the other two books in the series – with minimal character development and the entire story revolving around the friends and their search in finding happiness. A whole lot of emotional tension filled this story along with some in your face angst from the support cast. This book tossed in one or two new players and the next book looks to be a firecracker of a storm….


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