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Review – Over His Head – Carolyn McSparren








Back Of The Book

This was supposed to be paradise.

That's why Tim Wainwright moved his three children to Williamston, Tennessee, population 123. It was to be a refuge from the tragedy that had fractured their lives, a place where Tim could forget his mistakes.

That's what the place meant to Nancy Mayfield. The veterinary technician thought she had finally achieved balance and peace in her life, and had put her past behind her.

Except no one and no place is perfect — not even Williamston. But maybe two imperfect people make one whole lot of sense.




Tim Wainwright is making thing right or as right as he can for his family. A recent widower with three children on the edge and a bag full of regrets and missed chances he packs up what’s left of his family and takes them home.

Home is Williamston, Tennessee, population 123 and it looks as peaceful and as sedate as Tim remembers it – unfortunately for him his three kids hates it and ever since they cross the highway into Tennessee – he was also knowing that they hated it.

Williamston is also home to Nancy Mayfield, The veterinary technician and the woman who just wanted to get home and get to bed. Finding the new neighbours moving truck blocking her drive did not endear them any further to her as she is not pleased to have a new neighbour – she wants her old neighbour back, and to make the highlight of her day – there seem to be three of the weirdest creatures called children moving in as well.

Greeting the neighbour started sooner than Tim or Nancy expected it and immediately the furs starts flying – literally and figuratively. However, that's not the only thing that they have to content with – as good old Williamston is no longer the peaceful sedate small town that Tim remembers it to be.

After searching through the dreaded bedside table a few nights ago I found this book. If you did not know that I love Harlequin books  – no matter how long or short – now you know. There are however no expectation on my part when it comes to them and I normally just let my mind sway and read along.

Carolyn McSparren’s OVER HIS HEAD was such a surprise read that I had to do a review of this book. Firstly from the moment I began reading this books I was intrigued by Tim’s decision to go home and the detail description of the three children in Tim’s family was brilliantly done by Ms McSparren.

The plot was a slow build up – it seems and feels very familiar and then somewhere about the middle of the book – there was an edge to this book that I can only describe as unmissable. Small town Williamston began to look very eerie and an unpleasant stench was in the air.

The main protags were all well developed – I knew their entire story – why, how and because and the author gave each person a chance to shine, which made me not only had a chance to like them – but also to understand the mistakes that they made.

Any book with kids is a winner for me – there are three kids in this book and they grew on me – by the end I was rooting for them and wishing them all the best in the world. They were moody, they were arrogant and they did all the things kids get up and a few unexpected as well – but mostly they had that sense of right and wrong about them and in the end they made good. Not only was there kids involved but a pet pig, some very independent cats, a pup that just stole your heart and a  cast that made Williamston the place to be.

There was the usual understated romance between the neighbours and that was well timed and dealt with in a manner that suited small town living.

A few side story ran through this book as well and a mystery that made this book stand out of the pack of the usual Harlequin and I loved it . This is my first book by this author but I will be hunting down more by her. OVER HIS HEAD is apart of the Single Father’s range of books by Harlequin and at 378 pages this is a solid read – but Ms. McSparren certainly made use of every available page.


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Nice :)
Now you made me wanna read some good old Harlequin again.

Danni on 10 August 2009 at 08:06 said...

Stop by my blog I have a surprise for you!

Erotic Horizon on 10 August 2009 at 16:10 said...


This book was so surprising - I really recommend it..


Erotic Horizon on 10 August 2009 at 16:11 said...

Thank you - I'll be by to collect in a bit...