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Review – Men Of Alaska Bk2 - Animal Instinct – Paige Tyler

Title: Men Of Alaska Bk2: Animal Instinct

Author: Paige Tyler

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press (Torrid)

Main Characters: Heidi Gibson & Luke McCall

Every Girl Wants a Guy Who's an Animal in Bed!Artist Heidi Gibson is spending the summer up in Anchorage doing some painting when she gets
attacked by a crazed wolf. She is rescued by golden-eyed wildlife biologist Luke McCall, who calmly informs she has been bitten by a werewolf and will turn into one during the next full moon. Thinking he’s obviously out of his mind, she can’t get away from him fast enough. When strange things start happening to her, however, she begins to think the ruggedly
handsome biologist could be right. Not knowing  what else to do, she goes to Luke and is stunned to discover that he knows so much about werewolves because he’s one himself.

As Luke teaches her what she needs to know about being a werewolf, Heidi finds herself falling hard for the Alaskan hunk. But while they’re intent on each other, the werewolf that attacked her comes back into the picture, and he’s not exactly happy that another of his kind is trying to take the woman he believes is his rightful mate.  Can Luke and Heidi's attraction overpower the jealousy of the rogue werewolf?


She lifted her head to find her rescuer regarding her with the most unusual gold eyes. How
had she not noticed the color before? Because she’d been too busy thinking about other
things, like bleeding to death. She shook her head. “I…I don’t understand. I’m confused. I
must be in shock,” she said. “I was just bitten by a wolf. How can I already have a scar?”
“Because you weren’t bitten by an ordinary wolf.”
She frowned at him. “What the heck does that mean?”
He was silent for a moment, as if he were trying to think of what he wanted to say. Finally,
he ran his hand through his dark hair and let out a sigh. “Look, I know this is going to
sound bizarre,” he said. “But you were bitten by a werewolf.”
Heidi stared at him incredulously. A werewolf? She must be hallucinating or something
from all the blood she’d lost because there was no way she could have heard him right. “A
“A werewolf,” he said again.
Heidi blinked. Okay, so she wasn’t hallucinating. He was just a raving lunatic. Which was
really hard to believe, considering he looked so normal. Not to mention disappointing,
since he was so dang gorgeous. She took a step back, then another, her hands out in front
of her. “Listen, I don’t know what you’re on, but –”
He scowled. “I’m not on anything,” he said, taking a step toward her. “If you’d just give me
a chance to explain –”
“I think you’ve explained yourself quite enough,” Heidi told him. She quickly glanced over
her shoulder, then at him before she began backing toward her car. “Look, I’m really
grateful for what you did back there, but I need to get to the hospital.”
Her rescuer followed. “Okay, if you insist on going to the hospital, I’ll take you,” he said.
“But at least listen to what I have to say first.”
Right. Like she was going to go anywhere with him. She dug into the pocket of her khaki
shorts for her car keys and pressed the unlock button on the keyless entry, wondering if
she should hit the panic button, too. But who would hear it all the way out there?
“That’s okay,” she said as she opened the door. “I can drive myself.”
Heidi was half afraid that he would insist, and she was relieved when he nodded. “Okay,”
he said. “But take my card.”
She stood there watching him as he reached into his back pocket for his wallet, wondering
why she didn’t just get in her car and leave. He took a business card from his wallet and
held it out to her.
“Take it,” he said.
She did, but only because she thought he might get upset, or even worse, follow her to the
hospital if she didn’t.
“You’ve been bitten by a werewolf,” he continued, “Which means you’re going to become
one, too, and when your body starts changing, you’re going to need my help.”
Did he even know how crazy he sounded? Probably not, or he wouldn’t be saying such
bizarre things. “I have to go,” she said, turning back to her car.
He caught her arm, his expression earnest. “There’s a full moon in a few days,” he told her.
“You’ll need to call me before that.”
Right. Like she was ever going to call him

Animal Instinct © Paige Tyler


After a conversation with his brother about his social life, the last things Luke McCall expect to be doing a few hours later is fending off a werewolf attack on a woman. The best he could do in the circumstance is to assist the woman and give her his business card – because she was just not open to the idea that she was attacked by a werewolf and he was pressed for time to get a lead on the attacking wolf.

Heidi Gibson is in the mountainous region of Alaska for some rest/juice rejuvenation - as being an artist she needs all the inspiration she can get and she was certainly getting inspiration in the beautiful Alaskan mountain. Being attacked by a wolf was so left field from anything she has ever known, but to have a man tell her she was attacked by a werewolf was simply the last straw. If he was not going to help her – she had to get medical help herself and not hear anymore lunacy.

Heidi finds herself using that business card sooner than she thought she would after a series of things are out of sync in her life – then she meets beautiful, brawny Luke and it feels like coming home. This was not a fairy tale in the mountains, as someone has clearly targeted Heidi and Luke has to put a stop to this before he loses Heidi, he might just yet lose Heidi however because irrespective of their feelings for each other she only has a few days left before she has to pack it all up and make her way home.

ANIMAL INSTINCT the second book in Paige Tyler’s Men Of Alaska series and without a doubt a better book than the first one. Firstly the plot doesn’t feel as stilted as the first book and there is a definite flow to the language of this book. The two main protags while enough character development was not done on them in my opinion, they certainly made up for that with emotional angst and a most convincing developing romance.

There were a bit more support cast to this book and they carved out their own space in this book, they provided the angst and they also provided the little light relieve that broke up the pacey anticipation of the book – I had a few chuckles a time or two and some character just the mention of their names brought on a smile.

This book had a clear structure to it and it is without a doubt a show case to Ms.Tyler's talent – I certainly hope there is a book three to this series… as the Men Of Alaska are just about heating up.








Men Of Alaska Bk l – Animal Attraction 


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I heard about this one! Great review, I am going to get it now ;-))

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Great post!

Paige Tyler is good :) Glad you enjoyed it.


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I like the thought of a book set in Alaska. May have to check it out.

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@Book Junkies..

I know you will love these book -admittedly the second book I much better than the first..



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@Sassy brit..

Thank girl - finally read her... I will defininetly be reading more..


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Thant was the lure for me.. Big, hunky men in the Alaskan wild - Oh lord if all men where that built...