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Review – Dalakis Passion – Endless Chase – N.J. Walters




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Book 5 of Dalakis Passion

Vengeance is at hand for Katya Markova and nothing will make her stray from her chosen path—nothing, that is, but Chase Deveraux. She’s spent the past year of her life searching for the person responsible for the bloody murders of her parents. Her quest has taken her around the world and into the dark realm of blood cults and killers, finally bringing her to Transylvania and the Dalakis family.

From the moment Katya first sets eyes on Chase, the emotional and sexual connection between them explodes. She wants him to the point of madness, risking everything she’s worked for to spend stolen moments locked in his heated embrace.

But Katya is enmeshed in a world of lies and deceptions, which now includes Chase and his family. Love, vengeance and honor are tested, and sides must be taken as the entire Dalakis family is now in jeopardy.



“I’m just hiking.” There was an edge to her words. She turned slightly, easing back toward the shadows, and he saw the crossbow on her back.

“Hunting isn’t allowed.”

“That is for protection only. I don’t hunt,” she paused, “animals.”

Before he could understand the deeper meaning he was certain was underlying her words, she headed back toward the woods. “Wait!” Chase stalked after her, unwilling to let her go. Some dormant instinct within him was screaming at him not to let her leave him, to grab her and drag her back to the castle with him.

Images of the two of them naked in his large bed filled his mind. He shook his head to clear it. He must be going out of his mind. He’d just met this woman trespassing on family land. “What’s your name?” he demanded as he caught her by the shoulder.

She whirled away, crouching, her body in a defensive fighting stance.

Chase held up his hands. “I’m not going to hurt you.” The mere thought appalled him. “I would never hurt you. I just want to know who you are.”

“You should be more worried about me hurting you.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

Chase wished she wasn’t wearing a jacket. He wanted to see more of her body. He’d bet that her breasts were small, but firm. His artist’s mind could picture it perfectly. The soft mounds would be tipped with hard nipples the color of pale pink roses. His cock stirred, pressing against the zipper of his jeans, making him uncomfortably aware of his growing arousal.

He swallowed hard. No woman had ever gotten to him this quickly. “Who are you?”

She glanced at the meadow behind him and then back at him. “Katya.” She blinked again, moving more into the shadows. “I must go.”

“I’m Chase.” He held out his hand, willing her to take it. “Chase Deveraux.”

Endless Chase © N.J. Walters



Katya Markova is on a mission and she will not be steered off her path, that is until she comes across Chase Deveraux. Katya is on a mission of vengeance after the death of her parent – she is searching for their killers and that has taken her to the steps of the Dalakis castle. Her only problem now is getting inside.

Chase is a son of the earth, brother to Delia and an integral part of the Dalakis family he has honed his skilled and is now a gifted a artist with his use of light. His one concern is the fact that he will be outlived by his sister and his family, as much as he protects them at every turn, he is also keeping a secret from them and not one that gives him much time.

In light of that he takes the chance of a lifetime and follows through on an unexplainable attraction to a mysterious woman he meets in the forest. The attraction is so strong he does something he has never done before – he Invites her home.

ENDLESS CHASE is the last book in the Dalakis Passion series and what a way to go. I must admit it was not as nail biting as the other four books, but I am loving the fact that Chase has found is mate and in a way he can no longer be viewed as the weaker relative.

The pace of the book was hit and miss, but where it counts it went fast and was over before I got a chance to savour the victory. The entire Dalakis clan makes an appearances and you can clearly see that Chase is the treasured son to them all – his best interest in always at the forefront of their minds. 

Chase and Katya have a whole lot of chemistry between them and as much as they could not resist each other, they had time to created enough angst and tension to carry this book. This book was not all about Chase and Katya, there is an evil that has earmarked the Dalakis clan and they all must work together to  protect their own or this is one time where they could lose it all.

This was about as good a point as any to end the series – and I have enjoyed all five books. ENDLESS CHASE is a must read for anyone following this series, it ties up a lot of loose ends and give a glimpse of a brighter future for the Dalakis clan. I really enjoyed this series and I will miss Ms. Walters  Dalakis men, however I am already looking forward to what she does next in terms of paranormal read – as she certainly has some style in this genre.


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