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Review – Celestial Lovers Bk1: Starstruck Hunter – Michelle Lauren








Back Of The Book

When twenty-four year old celestial star Miranda Snow crash lands on Earth, a place where humans hunt and kill her kind for their life-prolonging energy, she doesn’t know who to trust. Danger is everywhere. Her only hope for survival lies in the unlikely arms of ex-star hunter Noah Benson. Tall, dark and jaded, his touch sparks her passion and melts her defenses.

Ten years ago, Noah lost everything in one night: his freedom, his friends and all hopes of a future in his chosen career. Now he is driven by revenge against the man responsible, a ruthless killer determined to claim Miranda – something Noah refuses to let happen. But when faced with an impossible choice, will he be able to protect Miranda or will he lose her for good?


He lowered his mouth to continue CPR. The soft lips came alive beneath his as the woman sputtered. Her body jerked, and she rolled onto her side, expelling water from her lungs. Noah reached out to steady her. He blinked in surprise when she shrank away from his touch.

“I won’t hurt you. Don’t move. I’ll go call an ambulance.”

Thick lashes fluttered and hazel eyes pinned him before he could move. She had the largest pupils he had ever seen, like those sported by characters in anime cartoons. When she tried to sit up, he overrode the effort by placing a hand on her stomach.

With the immediate danger over, Noah suddenly became aware of the intimacy of their position. His eyes drifted down her body, lingering on the swells of her breasts and the dark areolas of her nipples, visible through the cottony curls plastered to her chest.

“Is this heaven?”

Her voice, husky and rich, rolled over his senses. It took a moment before the question registered. It surprised a laugh from him. Noah shook his head. “Far from it, sugar. This is Neptune.”

“Oh. What constellation is that in?”

His blood froze. “What did you say?”

She touched her temple, drawing his attention to the ring glittering on her left hand. “Something hit me when I was leaning out the window. I must have fallen.” Her expression morphed from confusion to terror as she stared at him.

“Where do you live?”

She pointed a trembling finger at the sky, cementing his suspicion: she was the star. His eyes closed. Of all the places she could have landed, why here? Should he contact the police? At least they would place her in protective custody. Then again, that was worth about as much as Confederate money these days. Noah knew from experience that Joel didn’t mind spilling a little blood to get what he wanted.

“Where am I?”

“Earth. I guess you’ve heard of it?” he said drolly when she gasped. He got the feeling that she would have run if she’d had the strength. He purposely gentled his voice. “Don’t worry; you’re safe with me. What’s your name?”


Leaning forward, he captured a tear as it slid down her cheek. It shimmered on the tip of his finger and crystallized. Amazing. “My name is Noah. Whoa!” He caught her as she fainted. He scanned the area, realizing for the first time how exposed they were. “Come on, sugar. Let’s get you inside.”

He carried her up the fire escape to his room and settled her on the bed. Moonlight streamed over her body, highlighting her delicate features. Unbidden, a memory leapt forward, that of pale eyes begging him for help. With grim resolve, he focused.

Ten years ago, he failed to protect a star. He would not fail again. He would protect this one no matter what. His lips ghosted over hers.

“You’re safe with me. I promise.”

Starstruck Hunter © Michelle Lauren



Noah Benson is living in a futuristic Earth and he is out for revenge – having lost a full decade of his life all due to one man’s greed, ten years later he now has the opportunity to get his own back – and he is looking forward to it.

Noah has learned a few things on the faithful night that he almost died and during his time locked away. Firstly hunting stars is not as exciting nor as profitable as he was lead to believe, secondly - stars are not only these bright shining things in the sky – they are actually celestial beings that have a heart and soul and he has failed one star so far.

Miranda Snow is on earth the land of the giant people and she only knows she was blasted from the sky – with a saviour in Noah, the man who found her – she is experiencing her first attraction.

Miranda comes with her own story but she is excited about beginning life on Earth and to start her new life – with Noah. There are things about Noah that she does not know and Noah friends are not people that she thinks she wants to have anything to do with. Something's are best said right from the outset as they have a way of creeping in at the most inconvenient time – Noah is in a race against time to convince Miranda of who he really his and Miranda is just about to make the biggest mistake of her life. 

STARSTRUCK HUNTER is my first book by Ms. Lauren and it was a short read. This is actually more sci-fi with little mix of urban living in the plot and the premise is very catchy. Futuristic earth – where hardly much has changed, the prize is still the brightest star and the “get away with it at all cost” is also the order of the day, the similarities ends there and we get humans living an uneasy lifestyle alongside shifters, we now have star hunters instead of cattle rustling and a intergalactic connection that is about to make it’s presence know.

The pace of this book his very fast and as much as this was more about the revenge aspect of Noah’s life – I couldn’t overlook the attraction between Miranda and Noah – she being a celestial being and Noah with his hot temper this was a well match couple.

This was an easy enough read with little moments of concern about the flow of the action and the interaction between the species. As this is a first book in this series – I am looking forward to where Ms. Lauren takes this plot as it really is fascinating and her voice make a change from the influx of unban fantasy out there at the moment.

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Blodeuedd on 10 August 2009 at 17:14 said...

Hm same concept as Stardust, fallen star and people hunting it cos it will make you live longer, hm

Alaine on 10 August 2009 at 22:44 said...

I love the cover and would probably buy it based on that, I also loved Stardust!

Erotic Horizon on 12 August 2009 at 13:43 said...


Never read or watch Stardust - so i'll take your word for it - but this books premise is very good - I am looking forward to Ms. Laurens next book..


Erotic Horizon on 12 August 2009 at 13:44 said...


The cover is difinitely eye catching - I am liking the striking amount of blue the cover artist uses...