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Review – Tempt me Tonight – Toni Blake






Back Of The Book

Trish Henderson has returned home to Eden to take care of some family business…and some personal business, as well. Though she’s achieved remarkable success as a high-powered Indianapolis attorney, Trish has never forgotten her small-town high school sweetheart, Joe Ramsey, or the devastation of heartbreak.
Now she’s come face-to-face with the gorgeous sex god Joe has grown into, and she’s determined to get him out of her system once and for all – and maybe take a little revenge, too. And this time, she has all the power. After all, where is it written that only men can explore and enjoy a physical relationship without commitment? Her plan: seduce him for just one night, then walk away…
But there’s just one problem. Trish is about to find out that one night with Joe may never be enough



His gaze paralyzed her further. “Hey, cupcake.”

Damn, his voice had gotten deep. And the old pet name was almost enough to bury her.

“Hey,” she managed. Why couldn’t you be fat and bald and ugly? And why on earth hadn’t Debbie told her? Debbie had told her a lot of things about Joe over the years, but she’d neglected to mention that he’d turned out sizzling hot.

He looked to Debbie. “Deb.”

“Hey, Joe.” Debbie lifted a hand, but looked uncomfortable, even though Trish knew Debbie saw him all the time.

The most gorgeous blue eyes God had ever made turned back to Trish, reminding her once more – this really was God’s country. “Been a while.”

A lifetime. Are you thinking of it, too? That last night? Hell, that whole last summer. All that kissing and touching. “Yeah.”

“I’m gonna go talk to Kenny,” Debbie said in a rush, then flitted across the room before Trish could stop her. She firmly planned to murder Deb for leaving her, but she had bigger things to deal with at the moment.

“What brings you to town?” He spoke in so unhurried a manner that Trish thought she must have imagined his surprise at seeing her – he was utterly cool and collected, his every word somehow seductive.

She swallowed, trying to clear the nervous sludge from her throat. “Just here to help my parents with some legal issues.”

He tipped his head back lightly. “Heard they’re selling the diner.”

She nodded. “Retiring. They’ll just be running the farm now.” Her dad had always kept a herd of beef cattle in addition to running the restaurant on Main Street.

“So … Deb says you live in Indy.”

Another numb nod on her part.

“And you’re a lawyer, right? She said you worked at a big firm downtown. Sounds like things turned out good for you.”

“Yeah.” Although you wouldn’t know from my sparkling conversation that I have half a brain in my head. Time to rectify that, act more like a normal person just running into an old … friend. “She tells me you bought Shermer’s Garage.” He’d always loved cars and had worked there repairing them in high school. It’s where he’d gotten the money for the used Trans Am.

He nodded. “I specialize in foreign makes now, though.”

Yeah, she knew that, too. Given that he was still Kenny’s best friend, it was impossible not to know things about him. Not that she’d asked. Okay, maybe she had. Occasionally. Just casually, whenever his name came up.

But she didn’t see any reason to act like she and Debbie sat around talking about him all the time, so she didn’t admit she knew. And she even considered telling him she was happy he’d done well for himself – but instead she simply forced a small smile and said, “That’s great. So … how’s your family?”

He shoved his hands in his front pockets and she cringed inside, remembering. His mom had died. Less than a year after Trish had left Eden. A bad car accident. She’d cried for him when she’d heard.

“I’m sorry,” she said quickly. “I mean, Debbie told me about your mom back when it happened.” For some reason, she couldn’t quite meet his eyes any longer – the topic was too awful, and she’d just tossed it carelessly out between them without meaning to.

“It’s okay, Trish – it was a long time ago.”

She raised her eyes automatically – it was the first time he’d said her name. She sighed, bit her lip, and tried to move on. “Your dad? Your sister? She must be all grown up now. How are they?”

“Dad lives in Florida – he remarried. And Jana just moved to Ohio – she got a job there, and met a guy. She’s twenty-five now.” He didn’t look particularly happy about any of it, but Joe’s family life never had been particularly happy and she regretted bringing it up.

Time to go. “Well … it was, uh, nice to see you.” She pointed absently toward the pool tables. “I’m gonna go catch up with Debbie and Kenny.”

She started to walk away – when a warm vice closed around her wrist, stopping her. She glanced down to see Joe’s large, tan hand – and dear God, moisture surged between her thighs, just from that.

She jerked her gaze up to his, still deep blue and penetrating.

“It was nice to see you, too, cupcake.”

Their gazes held for another scintillating moment.

And then he let her go, and she was treading across the floor, but she didn’t feel it beneath her, didn’t feel the greetings from old friends suddenly being passed her way or the hug from Kenny – all she felt was Joe’s stare on her backside and the tingling sensation still pulsing in her panties. And there suddenly wasn’t a bleck to be found in her mind. Nope, it was all about wow now. And mmm. And maybe ah.

Tempt Me Tonight © Toni Blake



Trish  Henderson is home for a whole straight of time for the first time in almost fifteen years. Spurred on by her best friend to have a night out – she ends up at the local dive looking at the last person she expects to see after all these years – Joe Ramsey.

Joe is the boy now a hunk a man that broke her heart. moving away and getting on with her life as allowed her to brush the hurt of her teenage years under the carpet. Now seeing Joe again brings it all back and it slams into her with a vengeance. Luck was on her side however as Joe is a gentleman and knows he did wrong and has been waiting on his chance to apologies.

Joe is the local boy made good and all at the cost of losing the girl and gossip dodging his tail at every turn. He only has one regret and after more than a decade he finally gets his chance to say sorry  to Trish – all is not as easy as it sounds, as emotions long buried immediately rises to to the surface and burn them both before they have a chance to get a handle on the business of apologies.

Trish is not about to lay down and give it all up to Joe however, she is out for her pound of flesh and she is not opposed to using everything in her arsenal to show Joe that she is not the same little girl who ran away from it all – years ago.

With small town – things have a way of moving faster than you can imagine and news travels at the speed of light – worried family, nosey friends and even Trish inner biker chick makes Trish stay in small town Eden definately news worthy. Something has to give however and Joe and Trish are not playing from the same hymn sheet.

I had this book earmarked to read a few days ago as a way of getting a touch of Ms. Blake’s writing style. When I spotting it as a Hussy Approve Reading Material on my friend Vampfangirl blog , I know I had to start reading it right away.

Firstly the thing that attracted me to this book was the blurb – it highlighted a few of my favourite things in a book, small town plot and old love revisited. I was eager to delve in.  Ms. Blake's voice is strong in this book – it’s a mixture of walking the path of least resistance and that funny side that just want to cut loose at the drop of a hat.

I warmed to the cast easily enough, but as much as I liked them, I had equal amount of issue with them. Trish was a small town girl that made it in the big city , yet she still retains that yearning to go back to a quieter way of life. I liked bits of her character, and was totally annoyed by other bits of her – While I accept some things as small town way of life, gossiping with your friend and babbling about personal detail was a bit much for me – and I only tolerated her after a while.

As I mentioned before, Joe was a gentleman through and through. Not without his fault and his moments of brashness, but I respected the fact that he manned up to a whole lot of changes and tried to make good on past wrong as soon as he got the chance. He was a straight arrow and I like how he tackled everything tossed at him in a timely and respectful manner.

The support cast was a mixed bag as well  - loyal friend, overprotective parents, exes’ and want to be love interest. I have to admit I was more interested in the carrying on’s with the support cast than Joe and Trish – confusing getting together. There were a few hilarious moment that was well time and suited the situation as well , I thought Ms. Blake dealt with some home truths in this book that are sometimes skirted over in books about small town living.

Bottom Line.

As my first introduction to Ms. Blake’s style TEMPT ME TONIGHT was an easy read. While the main protags had their up and down moment with me, the support cast did carry the book in my opinion. The array of story- lines lends a realness to the book , as well as  giving depth to the relationship that Joe and Trish was trying to salvage.

While I didn’t particularly care for this book,  I am eager to read more from this author – as there were some moment of brilliance in TEMPT ME TONIGHT and I am hoping to see what she does with the characters she presents in her other books.


For another view on this book - see VFG review – She absolutely loved it.

I have to thank Barbara for urging me to read this book. 'Tempt Me Tonight' embodies a strong and easy flow that draws you in and captivates until the very end. Joe makes your heart flutter and your body tingle while you simultaneously clench your fists over Trish's fear. While I understood her pain, I wanted Trish to just give in to the magnet that is Joe. If I had written this book, it would have been over in a few chapters. That's why I'm so happy to not be an author today for I'd be hopelessly unemployed. Instead, I willingly give myself over to the torment of the women who pen the beauty that is romance. I submit to the angst and nerves pulsating in my heart with the only reassurance that all will work out in the end. I don't know what I would do without the bliss of a guaranteed Happily Ever After. Nothing is guaranteed in real life but in a romance novel, I can pitch a fit and scream and rail at the hero and heroine while knowing that happiness is their destiny.

Tempt Me Tonight © VampFanGirl



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VampFanGirl on 15 July 2009 at 00:25 said...

E.H.! Loved the review girl! But I'm sorry that Trish gave you such a headache. She did sound like a broken record at times I agree.

For me, I did have to remind myself why Trish would act like such a tool. Joe was her one and only and his easy ability to crush her heart and soul really changed and fortified her heart against any other attack. I understood her fear knowing that Joe could very easily do the same thing that he did 14 years ago.

But with the added benefit of viewing Joe's POV, we know that he could never hurt her. He wants her too badly to screw up again. I think this is where the frustration stems from. We know that Joe will not pull a repeat and it's hard to reconcile Trish's distrust while already trusting Joe ourselves. It makes things annoying.

I do hope though that it satisfied your inner hussy. I especially love the scene where Trish and Joe make love in the rain. HAWT!!

((hugs)) VFG

Mandi on 15 July 2009 at 00:33 said...

Well..if my inner hussy will be satisfied:) I don't know about this one..I love a book with a good supporting cast so that may make up for Trish a bit:)

Cecile Smutty Hussy on 15 July 2009 at 01:28 said...

Damn you all!!! LOL!!
***Grabbing my notebook to write this one down***
Between you, Vamp and Barbara... damn!!!
Very nice review Erotic!! I can't wait to have it my hands!

Lea on 15 July 2009 at 01:46 said...

Man, I've got this one sitting in the Alps staring at me. If I read one more review, I'm not going to read it because I'll know the story.

I'd best try and move it up the line and get reading!

Man, I hate slumps....

Thanks EH - great review - I like the excerpt and your POV about "Trish".


Word Verification: cring - how, quaint! HA!!

Blodeuedd on 15 July 2009 at 06:38 said...

Nice review EH.
But hm, now I wonder, would it be worth it. If it comes my way yes, but otherwise I wont go crazy looking for it. Too many others before it.

Yvette Kelly on 15 July 2009 at 07:47 said...

This just reminds me of how you dream of meeting that "one who got away" and in your dreams you are going to look so good and say totally intelligent inspiring things and he is going to fall totally in love with you(unlike before)and then you do see him and either he does look good and you say stupid things OR he looks terrible and you say "oh,whatever!!
all those wasted years of dreaming...

Erotic Horizon on 15 July 2009 at 08:46 said...


I do agree with you, I wasn't totally dejected when I finished this book - because the side cast did make the book a wonderful read.


Erotic Horizon on 15 July 2009 at 08:48 said...

@ Cecile..
Hello girl - you and that notebook need to be banned...

But I think you would love this story actually, it has all the stuff you like....


Erotic Horizon on 15 July 2009 at 08:51 said...


This is one of the draw backs about reading reviews - you read so much POV that in the long run you end up knowing the book before you have even opened the first page....

Only when you get the chance - make the effort, I think Reckless Summer is the one to really read...


Erotic Horizon on 15 July 2009 at 08:52 said...

Hey Blodeuedd...

Totally agree with you.. I am rushing back to my pile at the moment..


Erotic Horizon on 15 July 2009 at 08:54 said...

Hey Yvette...

You so nail it in one - it's that dream at the back of your mind, to be the one that got away but when it happens it a total topsie turvie moment...


Leontine on 15 July 2009 at 09:30 said...

A bit late to the party but better late then never! I enjoyed your take on TMT E.H. Sometimes the seperate pieces don't make for an incredible picture but glad you're going to try some more from her hand!

I already sampled Toni Blake with her Letters To A Secret Lover so I know she can deliver for me. I also have TMT high on the TRP thanks to VFG :D

Erotic Horizon on 15 July 2009 at 09:48 said...

Hey Leontine.....

I agree with you, as much as I wasn't over the moon about the whole - there were some moments of magic, hilarity and a few Biker Chick moment that just knocked my socks off....

I have LETTERS TO A SECRET LOVER next up from her... as I do actually like her voice a lot..


Erotic Horizon on 15 July 2009 at 11:26 said...


Where to begin with this book....small town, lost love, I was so getting the premise - I thing Trish messed it up for me with her "will she, won't she" ways

And really how much more could Joe do - that man was pure gold - she didn't deserve him.

"For me, I did have to remind myself why Trish would act like such a tool. Joe was her one and only and his easy ability to crush her heart and soul really changed and fortified her heart against any other attack. I understood her fear knowing that Joe could very easily do the same thing that he did 14 years ago."

I do feel for her i really do, but come on - give a little already, the man is bending backward to get her seal of approval, you would think the exposure of a big city would open her eyes to being a little objective about her past rather than subjective...

"I especially love the scene where Trish and Joe make love in the rain. HAWT!!"

I kinda like the first time Trish biker chick made an appearance - most decadent..... and Ms. Blake's language was very apt "sharp and intense".

I need to read RECKLESS SUMMER - the blurb sound wonderful and if there's another Joe like hero - I am so good...