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Review – Dalakis Passion Bk3 - Stefan’s Salvation – N.J.Walters





Back Of The Book

Stefan Dalakis has been wandering the countryside for months. Since both his brothers have found their mates, loneliness is his constant companion. He’s been searching for five centuries but has been unable to find the one woman who he can love. When his travels lead him to a small roadside bar in North Carolina, he overhears a conversation that will change his life forever.

Laurel Rose McCaffey always knew she was different. Some say she has the Sight. Others say she’s a witch. Most are afraid of her, but they’ve left her alone. That’s always been fine by her. But now strange things are happening, and the peaceful life she’s built for herself is being threatened. Her chickens have been killed and some of her belongings have been stolen. Developers want her land and a lot of the townsfolk are pressuring her to sell.

A dark stranger enters her world, a man who both fascinates and frightens her. As her life spirals out of control and the threats escalate into outright violence, Laurel Rose turns to the one man she’s come to trust—a vampire!


Taking another mouthful of beer, he casually listened in on the conversations going on around him as he pondered if he should try and find a motel close by to rent a room for the night. Most of the chatter he tuned out immediately, not really interested in whose wife was cheating on whom or why someone thought their boss was a shithead.
“…gonna be a problem.”
Stefan’s head shot up as he focused intently on the speaker. His heart was pounding in his chest and he had no idea why. With all his attention centered on the two men talking in low whispers on the other side of the room, he listened.
“She just needs a little more encouragement, is all.” The larger of the two men had long, shaggy brown hair and a bushy beard. He punctuated his words with a nod and a mouthful of beer.
“You think?” The smaller, skinnier one glanced around as he spoke. His leg bobbed in a nervous rhythm.
“Sure,” the big man nodded again. “Laurel Rose is a woman living on her own up in the hills. How hard can it be to scare her into moving?”
“I don’t know, Aaron.” He pushed his thinning, dirty-blond hair back from his face and swiped a hand across his chin as if thinking about what his friend had just said. “She don’t seem to be the type to scare easy.”
White teeth flashed through the bush of facial hair as Aaron smiled. “Don’t you worry, Clem. She’ll be ready to sign them papers and move by the end of the week.”
Clem nodded, obviously more than willing to believe every word the other man said.
Stefan sat frozen in his chair. He had no idea who this woman was and, furthermore, it was none of his business. But some primal instinct had kicked in at the mere mention of her name. Laurel Rose. He rolled it over in his mind, examining it from every angle. He whispered it under his breath. It was a good name, a solid name, and just saying it brought him more peace than anything else had in years.
His eyes narrowed at the two men as the hunter in him surged to life. He needed more information. But first he needed to appease his hunger in order to be at his peak strength. Leaving the bottle still half full on the table, he rose and strode out of the bar without looking back.
Once again, he felt all eyes on him as he blew back out into the night as swiftly and silently as he’d entered. Only this time, he sent out a mental command as he left. He walked around the side of the building and into the darkness. Leaning against the outside wall, he crossed his arms and waited for his company to arrive.

Stefan’s Salvation © N.J. Walters



Stefan Dalakis has been tooling around the country for a while now – in search of the unknown. Now that his brothers were mated he is not only feeling the loneliness of five hundred years more than ever, but he he is definately starting to feel like the fifth wheel.

Aimlessly travelling the North Carolina area, he over hears a conversation that has enough of a tease to it to have him making an effort to investigate. What he overhears his the gossip of a town who has nothing better to do than talk about things that they don’t understand and it seems in turn has stigmatise a woman who Stefan is going to find out the mystery of.

What Stefan doesn’t hear is what concerns him the most and he makes every effort to meet Ms. Lauren Rose McCaffey on her own turf as this seem to be the bone of contention.

Lauren is as independent as they come and his afraid of very little. When trouble comes a calling she faces it head on albeit with a shot gun at her side and an arrogance that takes a strong man to face up to it.

When Stefan enters her world she knows immediately that he was difference, both in a good and a bad way. Trying to find middle ground to accepting what and who he his is hampered when she comes under the spotlight of someone who wants “HER” – not for who she is his, but because she has something that is most rare and he wants it above all else.

Lauren can only rely on Stefan to make things right, but will he get a chance to before all is lost to him forever.

STEFAN’S SALVATION is the third in the Dalakis Passion series and Ms. Walters keeps up that relentless exciting pace that I have become accustomed to in this series. Stefan is meant to be the sweet one of the Dalakis brother, if you could call these creatures of the night sweet. He’s lonely and he’s getting very despondent. Fate has a way of happening just when it’s needed and he meets Lauren Rose just about when she needs him as well.

Lauren is no ordinary girl she is one kick ass chick and  I was loving her to bits -

The shot ripped the ground in front of them, kicking up dirt and rocks and making them jerk backward. Laurel Rose cocked her rifle again. “That was the only warning you get. Now get off my land.”
Both men glanced from her to the woods where the low growling continued. Obviously deciding that it was better to retreat and regroup, they started to back away, heading cautiously but quickly toward the dirt road that led to her property.
“Like I said, a woman alone could get hurt. All kinds of animals up here.” With that parting shot, both men disappeared into the night.

Stefan’s Salvation © N.J. Walters

This woman was as good as her word and she made good on all her promises. I enjoyed the moments that she got page time.

When Stefan and Lauren connected it was like the shifting of the axis – as Lauren had what Stefan so desperately needs and Stefan was all that Lauren was looking for in a man. I thought Ms. Walters could not have done better with these two characters – they were just spectacular.

The mystery to this books was well and truly play, it was eerie, it was edgy and even when all was resolved  I still could not see it, high praise for Ms. Walters for keeping me on the edge of my seat.

All the brothers come out to play in this third book and as is the Dalakis way, I was kept abreast of how they were all getting along.

There was enough smut there to make this book erotic, but not so much that took away from the relationship that Lauren and Stefan were trying to form. The support cast was few and far between and people of note who made an appearance were forces to be reckoned with, they made the story.

I must comment on the cover, and how much graphic as changed over a few short years. The cover is another remedial attempt that did not do the book justice.

Bottom Line.

STEFAN’S SALVATION is a wonderful third book and it would have been my lose to have not read this book. Lauren and Stefan were not only characters that were fully developed, but they bring a certain something to the book and to the relationship that made up this third Dalakis union. With a spine chilling mystery and few hilarious moment  I was captivated by this book and am so looking forward to the forth in the series – Ms. Walters only gets better and better.



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Kara on 7 July 2009 at 21:18 said...

This was my all time favorite of the Dalakis series. I just love Stefan - and when all three brothers show up at the end...yummy!!

Erotic Horizon on 8 July 2009 at 13:27 said...

Oh Kara..

You know the perfect scene.. That Johanna is a pistol, she knows how to take chage of her man..

I love this book..