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Review – Mistaken Identity – Sherry Derr-Wille






Back Of The Book

Katelyn Devereaux needs a vacation. More than a vacation she needs to put Denver behind her as well as the man who wants her as his wife and the birth family who is insisting on finding her. A secluded cottage on a lake in Wisconsin sounds like the perfect spot to get away - or is it?

Seth miller knows the reason that he mistook Katelyn for Genean is his knowledge that his best friend's wife is searching for the twin sister who was adopted by strangers at birth. Of course he can't change the facts that Genean and Katelyn are sisters, especially after he learns that the company she wants to visit in Wisconsin is owned by Genean's brother, Randy, and her husband, Brad.



A Mallard duck swooped down and landed on the lake, leaving ripples in his wake. He made a perfect model for her to sketch. Opening her pad, she began to draw the duck’s features.

“Genean? What are you doing here?”

The sound of a man’s voice sent the duck away in frightened flight. Silently she cursed the intrusion on her perfect scene. “I beg your pardon,” she said, getting to her feet. “I’m afraid you’ve mistaken me for someone else.” Quickly she wiped the last of the tears from her eyes. Did he see me crying? The last thing I want is to have some stranger feeling sorry for me. Besides, he did wreck the perfect setting the duck had created for my sketch.

Although he was less than twenty feet away from her the sun at his back made it hard to distinguish anything about him. As she stood up, she shaded her eyes to get a better look at the face behind the voice. He stood well over six foot tall and could only be described as a blonde Adonis. He reminded her of one of the body builders she sketched while in college.

“I’m sorry. I can’t believe the uncanny resemblance between you and my friend, Genean.”

She watched him as he stepped onto the pier in order to get a better look at her.

“I’m Seth Miller. I live up around the point. Are you staying with the Branchs’, Miss . . .”

“It’s Devereaux, Katelyn Devereaux.”

“Katelyn Devereaux,” he repeated her name. She liked the way it sounded when he spoke it. “You don’t look much like a Katelyn to me. Do you mind if I call you Kaye?”

Mistaken Identity © Sherry Derr-Wille



Seth Miller can’t believe what he was seeing in front of him. Genean was sitting on the dock as easy as you please just doodling the day away. When he approaches her to find out why she was there – he is knocked back to see a woman with the face of Genean but she goes by the name of Katelyn Devereaux and she was mightily rude.

Seth and Katelyn’s rocky meeting does not stop him from making a move and asking her out. While she was  on vacation to unwind and get her self together after the last few months that she has had – she was not opposed to meeting someone who for some reason rings all her bell.

Seth has lead quite a sheltered life for the past couple years now, when he sees Katelyn he immediately knows that it’s time he make a go at life for himself. Katelyn is dealing with her own issues including the fact that her adopted family were desperately wanting to make contact with her, she was not having it and was more than glad for the chance to escape it all.

When the two get together, it’s a battle royal of secrets and lies. Seth has everything to give, however Katelyn thinks she needs or wants nothing.  Someone has to give in, but will time and meddling family prove more than they can manage.

Ms. Derr-Wille introduces us to two genuinely  sweet people who have unfortunately had some bad breaks in life. Katelyn is very much an independent person – with a few confidence issues. She has more on her plate than she can handle and it was coming from all sides. She was literally running away and hiding  in her safe world of business. Seth is known as the sweet guy from over the hill, everyone loves Seth and Seth does give the impression that all his well in his world, but his life has been on pause for a long time now and after a few moment of objective observation – he knows it’s time for him to get back out into the real world.

With a lively and vibrant support cast – there is not a dull moment to be had in this book. Page time is given to enough of the cast to get a full picture of what was happening at all times. The POV jumps between Katelyn and Seth and as much as this annoys me sometimes – I must admit it worked in this context.

Overall – I liked this book alot, the premise behind the book, even what feels convoluted makes the book all that more interesting. There are a few story line going through the book, with twist and turns and accidents aplenty – I was really kept on the edge thinking – what next.

The few issues I had with MISTAKEN IDENTITY was down to the pace and the fact that the first part of the book felt a bit rushed. Once all the formalities was out of the way however, Ms. Derr-Wille tosses in some angst and heartbreak and it’s like the flip side of a coin- this book made me sit up and really enjoyed it.   

This is a solid read at just going on 250 pages, expect to get stuck into a read that will have you enjoying this author.

Bottom Line

MISTKEN IDENTITY is an easy enough book to like, with characters who are decently fleshed out, a plot that works with the multitude of side story going on, but most importantly it’s a book that sees Ms.Derr-Wille stepping up to the plate with a story that will live on in my imagination for a while yet.

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