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In Vegas on a week-long business trip, attorney Steve Elliot isn’t as interested in buxom strippers as his co-workers, Jake and Dylan, seem to be. Steve has other interests, and at the first opportunity, leaves the strip club for a nearby gay bar. To his surprise, Dylan follows him there, hoping for a chance to get Steve alone. After a quick battle with his conscience about dating a co-worker, Steve relents and goes back to the hotel with the younger, sexy man.

Their night of passion ends abruptly as Dylan’s past comes back to haunt him in Sin City. Will Steve and Jake be forced to pay the price for Dylan’s prior indiscretions?


Steve pushed away from the machine. “Thanks for the lesson. I should be going now.”

Dylan pressed his chest against Steve’s back. “Don’t rush off. I lived in Vegas for five years. I could teach you a lot of things. Give you some pointers, so to speak.”

The warmth of the man’s body heated Steve’s. A pleasant sensation, but Steve tamped down the feelings. While it was obvious what kind of ‘things’ Dylan referred to, getting friendly with another guy from his office seemed like a bad idea. “Thanks for the offer, but I’m not much of a gambler.”

“You sure about that?” Dylan’s hands roamed over Steve’s shoulders, under his arms and settled on his chest. Groping Steve’s pecs, he squeezed and spoke quietly again. “We could start with a drink, talk. Get to know each other a little better.”

Steve bit his lip. That’s the last thing I need. He opened his mouth to reply when Dylan pinched one of his nipples, and Steve jumped. His cock twitched. With a deep breath, he attempted to compose himself.

“Want another drink, Steve? I’m buying.”

Steve reached for the half-full glass next to the slot machine and took a nervous sip. “No thanks, I’m good.”

“I’m sure you are.” Dylan’s hand slid down the front of Steve’s shirt and under the waistband of his trousers. “I was hoping to find out how good.”

Steve tried to pull away. “Landry . . . look. I’m not—”

“Take it easy.” Dylan held him securely. His hand reached its destination and folded around Steve’s semi-hard erection. “I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable. If you really want me to stop, I will. Just so you know, I don’t want to. I’d like to do more, much more.”

Steve inhaled. He had a decision to make, and a little angel and devil sitting on each of his shoulders. They argued like they were at war with one another.

I don’t get involved with people from the office.

But this is Vegas! Everybody has a good time in Sin City. Relax! Loosen up!

I barely know this guy.

Isn’t that part of the fun?

A hard squeeze of his cock knocked the little angel out of the picture and the devil grinned. Steve tossed back his drink, downing the last of the bourbon.

He set the glass down and looked over his shoulder. “Shall we go somewhere?”

What Happens In Vegas © Jenna Byrnes



On an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for a conference, the last place Steve expects to find himself one evening is hanging out at a topless bar with two of his work colleague Jake and Dylan. It was so not happening for him and the first chance he gets he cuts and run to find more suitable entertainment for his taste.

Just as he was getting comfortable - Dylan turns up and turns up the heat as well. Dylan is the newest member of the firm that they all work for and he is not shy about what he wants and before long they are enjoying the night of their life.

Dylan is a risk that Steve knew he was taking – when there’s a knock on the door at 2am, he soon realise just how big a risk Dylan was.

A sweet treat from Jenna Byrnes and there is nothing to complain about in this short story. The story start off with a scenario that drags me in and before I knew it – I  was caught up in the drama that was evolving in this one night in Vegas. The pace was fast and the language edgy and the combination made the book quiet a read.

This is clearly where Ms Byrnes excels, she certainly knows how to pack a story into a few pages and after a few weeks without my usual fix from her – I was loving WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS.









Back of The Book

Wait until Dr. Parker Easton finds out it's his former lover, Deacon, who has "bought" him for a date at the bachelor auction in which he was forced to take part.

Dr. Parker Easton has used his work as an oncologist to try and forget the pain of losing his lover, Deacon Wagoner. Parker had thought they'd be together forever, and he would never understand how Deacon could have cheated on him. It had been two years and Parker was still too hurt to even think of seeing anyone else.

Now he was forced to participate in a fundraiser for the new hospital wing, a ridiculous bachelor auction. He'd planned on donating only, but now found he had to strut out there and try to raise money for the cause.

Stunned, barely covered the way he felt when he found out it was Deacon who had arranged to pay an exorbitant amount for the date. What the hell?



“Oh, my good Lord! Tell me you’re kidding.” Parker raised his eyebrows almost comically high over his piercing blue eyes. The creases in his forehead nearly crawled up into his hairline.

“Aw, come on, Dr. Easton, you said you’d help out.”

Parker leaned down from his six-four height and put his frown right in Dixie’s face.

“We both know I did not mean I would be part of…of…that! There is no way I’m going to walk out on a stage and let people ogle me like a…a…crap, you’ve got me lost for words. You know I meant I’d donate, not participate. I think the idea of an auction for dates with people is ridiculous.”

“It’s not. It’s been proven to be a good money maker. It’s for the last bit we need for the new wing, which, by the way, will have your office in it when it’s done. It makes sense for you to be part of it. Besides, you’ll bring top dollar. Everybody says so.”

“Everybody knows? Already? What the hell!”

“Hey, I didn’t put your name on the list.” Dixie, sweet southern Dixie from the PR department, was trying not to cower in the presence of his obvious anger.

“Who did? Who put my name on that list?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t say,” Dixie said.

“Tell me.”

Dixie’s explanation ran together so quickly, Parker had a hard time following the words. “Actually, the committee got a letter saying that you would go for over ten thousand if you would participate, and as a group, we decided it would be stupid to turn down that much money for the project.”

“You’re kidding. No, I’ve got to stop saying that. This is a nightmare. You actually got a letter saying someone would pay that much to go out with me? Hell, I never go out. I never have time. Who in the world would pay that much? Do they even know I’m…?” Parker paused.

“Gay? Uh, I believe so. I guess you want to see the letter, huh?”

“Oh, yeah. I want to see it. And this is not necessarily a done deal yet.” He put out his hand for the letter he figured she had in the overstuffed folder she clutched to her ample chest.

Parker usually didn’t go for the intimidation routine, but he was not going to get roped into taking part in this auction thing the PR department had come up with to get their much-needed funds. He was all for more money for cancer research. They definitely needed the new wing. He didn’t care where his office was located, but the new equipment would make a huge difference along with the added rooms and offices.

“Here it is, but it’s not going to tell you much. It’s not signed.”

Bought and Paid For © AKM Miles



Dr. Parker Easton has been nominated to enter the bachelor auction for the hospital fundraising event and he is not happy about it. For one he  has not gone on a date in two years and he has no motivation to be on the auction block for a bunch of fawning women to ogle.

When he hears the terms by which he was nominated he has no choice but to concede. Things are not as cut and dry as his secretary makes it out to be, as two things happens:

  1. The bidding went further than expected.
  2. The wining bidder is not someone Parker expected to see or wants to see again.

A delightful read from Ms. Miles’ and it just hits the spot. With characters that you can’t help but empathise with and ultimately fall in love with, Ms. Miles has continued with her usual style of tossing young men who are battling against person or persons to ultimately get to their soul mate.

Most of the story is told in hindsight, from both the main protags point of view and it flows and flows well.  BOUGHT AND PAID FOR  is filled with enough smut to tempt a saint and it is bloody hot, there was no beating about the bush with these two when they had to get their groove on.

The storyline is good, it’s catchy and as much as Ms. Miles only gave us a short story – I can easily see Parker and his man being revisited at a later date. The support cast are in you face and funny with it as well – I like them alot.

Ms. Miles has come out to play with BOUGHT AND PAID FOR and I for one am having fun.


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Lily on 29 July 2009 at 18:07 said...

Great reviews, both books sound really good. I love AKM's stories. I'll have to add them to my buy list.

TheChicGeek on 29 July 2009 at 19:22 said...

Sounds neat, E.H. I'm laughing at the "Naughty Nibbles" What Happens in Vegas....such a funny title :D

Erotic Horizon on 29 July 2009 at 22:11 said...

Hey Lily..

AKM books are really good. My fav is still Soldier, I can't wait for Tommy's story...

Hope you are having a good day...


Erotic Horizon on 29 July 2009 at 22:12 said...

Hey kelly

The name does suit this book so much - as there's a whole lot of something that's besrt left in Vegas...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review EH! Glad you enjoyed it. I've got a couple August releases, I'll keep you posted.

Just now I'm at Jude Mason's house seeing what trouble I can cause. You know the saying, what happens in Canada...




Erotic Horizon on 30 July 2009 at 00:04 said...

@Jenna ...

You are so bad - "What happens in Canada" in deed...

Pass my regards onto Jude and you girls keep it clean...

love the book....

Have fun..


Cecile Smutty Hussy on 30 July 2009 at 04:44 said...

Okay... the notebook is starting to over flow... I will have to look into getting a bigger notebook!!
Awesome reviews as always... Making the M/M scene one to be reckoned with!
As always my dear friend... I hope you have a wonderful day!

Erotic Horizon on 31 July 2009 at 10:27 said...


I need to get that notebook.. you are getting out of hand now...

You have fun in Borders.