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Review - Jacob’s Pony – Jude Mason





Back Of The Book

In a world where man power takes the place of machine power, pony boys are the norm. Can a wealthy land owner fall for his steed?

Society has finally decided that putting criminals in prison and forcing society to pay for their upkeep just isn't working. So a three-strikes-and-you're-out law is created. On the third strike, the convict is sentenced to lifelong slavery. He or she loses all rights and is sold to the highest bidder. The only rule for the buyer is he, or she, can't end the life of the slave.

Jacob Scott is a landowner and slaveholder. He's single, dashing, gay and very much into treating his slaves well. He's just bought a shipment of slaves and one of them, David, catches his eye. The attraction grows, and as the slave is put through his paces, their lust turns to a more tender affection. When David declares his innocence, Jacob wonders if he might be telling the truth.
How can a wealthy landowner trust a convicted felon? Can a slave truly find a way into his master’s heart?



Jacob is one of the new breed of landowners and slaveholder on earth. Things have chance alot and the judicial system has stepped in to make some radical changes that not only affect convicted criminal but the entire frame work of earth.

When his new crop of men turn up, Jacob is bursting with anticipation – as he has chosen this lot with great care as he has seen someone that makes him perk up.

With convict not owned property, having no say in there life after conviction – David goes where he is sent and does what he is required to do. He however has a story and as luck would have it he is believed, but in the big scheme of things, he is already a branded convict – he really doesn’t have any other choice, or does he.


Jacob Scott stood looking through the tall, multi-paned window of his study, watching the many slaves bent forward, labouring in the fields. Hobbled in groups of six, the muscular men were forced to work as teams, eat only when their mates ate, sleep together, do everything together. Over time, the work slaves bonded, became more like brothers than the slaves they’d been sentenced as.

Criminals no longer filled the prisons. In the collapse of 2045, prison had been deemed an ineffectual way to deal with those who broke society’s laws. The resources no longer existed to pamper them, and their labour could be used much more productively. Slowly the prisons emptied as guards cleaned the men up and sent them to newly built auction houses where they were sold to the highest bidder. Farming, mining, and mundane jobs were no longer done by machine, but by slave power. The young and good-looking found themselves in a different kind of bondage. Trained as male whores, they became the lunchtime playthings and subservient toys of anyone who could pay the pittance their owners charged. Unable to refuse a client’s desires, the slaves became accustomed to being used and abused dozens of times a day.

Jacob thought about those early days, when the first few slaves appeared. A great many people had still thought of them as convicts and wanted revenge. Prices were high and the typical family couldn’t afford the luxury of slave ownership. The poor sods were abused terribly until the citizenry realised that slavery was punishment enough in most cases.

When more slaves became available, prices went down and the average household could afford at least one. It became commonplace to see naked, or nearly naked, men going about the business of their Masters or Mistresses.

It was easy to spot a slave. Upon being sold, they were branded and collared. The collar could be changed, but the brand was permanent and always visible. It was incredibly rare for a slave to be given his freedom.

Jacob’s Pony © Jude Mason


Surprise Element

Firstly let me say this type of book is the type of book I shy away from as much as possible. Anything to do with one human belittling another and I am off..

There’s a few reasons why I decided the give this a try, The length was the main factor- this  was a novella, short and sweet, over before I could start finding fault.

Secondly, just the premise of  the book got me very much fascinated – from the blurb this should read like a Sci-Fi but it doesn’t. It’s actually set on terra firma and I thought it was well presented.


Smut/Ick Factor

The smut was one of the more immediate positives of the book. The story starts of with a voyeuristic session that lead to some rather tender scenes, although I don’t think the main protag intended them to be tender, but where a strong emotional bond is highlighted from early on – the smut generally lose the shock factor and went more along the line of ‘More Please, Sir”.

There wasn’t an overabundance of sexploits and I like the fact that despite the situation that David and the other men were in, Ms. Mason didn’t overly degrade them in our eyes – I thought that was a nice touch by her.



I really like Ms. Mason voice in this – i am constantly amazed by her imagination. This book was so left field for her and she carries it off with flair.

I appreciated the fact that she made me actually sit up and took notice of the story line – I am not sure if this was a conscious decision on her part, or if she realised that section of this book is a definite turn off – but  I am very pleased I  read it.

There is a basic down to earth feel to this book that gave eroticism a new name. While  I was reading it, I thought how degrading – but with a little bit of know how the entire thing was turned into a erotic scene the likes of which I have never read.

There was little or no support cast – they were in hindsight or in the background and this only lends to highlight the relationship that was developing between Jacob and David.

Because of the length of the book,  I was not expecting any sort of character development – but the little that was given was more than enough to get the full understanding of the book.

I can’t say there was any angst of such – but just by the nature of the time that the books was set in – there was more than enough there to hold even the most sceptic of reader.

Nice, nice world building – I am always pushing for Ms. Mason to go further with these books that she write – this one really shows how strong her imagination is.  



I have loads of stuff that niggled me about this story just by the nature of the story itself. I am objective enough however to give Ms. Mason high prise for coming up with the storyline – keeping the scenes short and to the point, so nothing was overly offensive and areas that probably runs parallel to a less than stellar time in world history was nicely covered by explanations and an understandable attitude toward an out of control penal system. Well Done..



Doesn’t say a lot for Total –Ebound. Another generic production that did not sit well with me. The book has a strong elemental feel to it and the cover clearly did not do it justice.


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Unknown on 7 July 2009 at 00:28 said...

Hi EH!

I really enjoyed your review. I'm not much into the whole slavery issue, but I understood this one and ended up being to think that maybe this one wasn't about one person taking advantage of another because of who they are or factors beyond they're control.

Thanks for the great review!

Dottie :)

Lily on 7 July 2009 at 03:18 said...

I passed on this book, it just didn't appeal to me. Great review tho.

Also, I don't like this cover either. There's just something about it that puts me off.

Lily :)

Sassy Brit @ on 7 July 2009 at 11:01 said...

I love this review - objective and detailed. I think the colours on the cover somehow put me off. The picture itself is NICE!

Here is my latest postTuesday Teaser if you would like to have a look!

Take care,


Erotic Horizon on 7 July 2009 at 13:38 said...

Hey Dottie..

I started out thinking was this the set up - but Ms Mason really outdid herself with this one..

I would never read a book like this in a million years - but I am so pleased I did...


Erotic Horizon on 7 July 2009 at 13:39 said...

Hey Lily...

I can understand that and I so agree with you about the cover - too much upper body emphasis...


Erotic Horizon on 7 July 2009 at 13:40 said...

Hey Sassy...

This book is just your ticket - I know you will get to it - eventually...

I know you are a Jude Mason lover as well...


Jude Mason on 7 July 2009 at 17:47 said...

Oh wow! EH, you've really nailed it on so many points. The cover wasn't something I had a choice with, this time. I do agree, it's not one of the best Total E-Bound cover artists have come up with and I'd have taken another one if I could. Sigh!

The plot behind this book has been niggling at me for a very long time. Yes, I'm a perv...LOL Having men take the place of machinery in the future seemed like such a good idea. The way things are going, it just might come true. Now, watching some hunky fella pulling your cart wouldn't be such a bad thing, would it? Specially if he's some rough and tumble bad guy who got busted.

Okay, I'm getting carried away here. LOL

Everyone, thanks so much for commenting. I really appreciate you taking the time. And, EH,thank you, big time for tackling this one.


Erotic Horizon on 9 July 2009 at 13:09 said...

Jude only you would get carried away thinking about hot sweaty men dragging heavy equipment....


I think not a lot of people like these generic covers of Total ebound... But the book itself was really good - very impressed...

Congrats on this release as well..