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Review – Hot In Here – Sophie Renwick







 Back of the Book

She wasn't his kind of dish - until someone turned up the heat.

Celebrity chef and infamous ladies' man Bryce Ryder can't believe the thoughts he's having about his old friend Jenna McCabe. She's always been the shy girl next- door, but when some bad publicity threatens everything he's built, Jenna gets down to business - and shows a side of herself that is take-charge and totally irresistible.

Soon things are heating up in and out of the kitchen - and all of Jenna's secret fantasies about Bryce start coming true. But will she be the one to tame his heart, or is the sexy chef just indulging another one of his cravings?



Bryce Ryder – Son, brother and first class cad when it comes to the ladies. Burnt once and not willing to take a chance again, he is looking at the real deal and don’t even realise it until it hits him in the face.

Jenna McCabe – Daughter, sister and stead fast friend to Bryce over the many years that they have known each other. The best at what she does, she takes no prisoners when it comes to business. Bryce needs her to help him and as much as it is business – she is pushing for pleasure.


Surprise element

I must mention here that I was thoroughly impressed with Ms. Renwick's voice. I am a big fan of the voice of Charlotte Featherstone and Ms. Renwick takes the best of Featherstone style and made it into an edgy erotic experience– that has me thinking dirty, dirty thing.

I will be following Ms. Renwick for a long while yet.


Bryce couldn’t think. Hell, he couldn’t breathe. Watching Jenna saunter away in that pretty little chemise was playing havoc with his synapses. He didn’t even blink as he watched her walked away. The ecru- colored lace skimming just beneath the luscious curve of her cheeks commanded his attention, not to mention fueled his imagination.

She had the finest ass he’d ever seen. Full and round, begging to be cupped by his hand.
Shit! What was he thinking, cupping her ass? This was Jenna. Safe, little Jenna. The friend he hadn’t had any sexual thoughts about. Well, not since…Okay. He finally allowed the dirty truth to come up. There had been a few times when he’d awaken from a vivid dream, his sheets tangled and wet, his brain burning with images of him and Jenna.

But he’d always laughed it off. Always thought it absurd. He used to tell himself that the dreams were about Jenna because she was the only woman he really knew well. They were friends, had spent a lot of time together. Naturally she’d invade his dreams.

Pressing forward, he leaned over the counter and watched Jenna. Her profile was just as stunning as the back view. Her breasts were just as hot as her ass, and the way they bounced and moved as she reached for the blanket that lay across the back of the sofa had him groaning.

Man, he was hard. And completely fucking losing it.

Jenna was a friend. He wanted that friendship. Depended on it. No way was he going to toss a decade of friendship down the toilet because his subconscious all of a sudden decided to cough up a few instances of past wet dreams involving Jenna.

He couldn’t imagine his life without Jenna in it. She had always been there, to talk to and hang with. He liked just calling her up for no reason and chatting. He liked how they laughed at the same things. If he couldn’t have that anymore, if he ruined the relationship by making it all awkward and heavy with sexual shit, he didn’t know what he’d do.

Hot in Here © Sophie Renwick


Chef extraordinaire Bryce Ryder’s reputation is in tatters or going that way, all due to a gossip columnist, his only way out of this dilemma lays in the hands of his childhood friend – Jenna McCabe.

Jenna has her own ulterior motive for helping Bryce and most of it does not include getting Bryce’s reputation back. While Jenna plan started off just as she expects – Bryce being his unpredictable self  take over from there and this is when the fun and games begin.


Smut Ick/Factor

What can I say but the man knows his way around his food and a woman's body. From the moment Bryce opens his mind to the fact that he wanted Jenna, he sensualises everything and anything that comes into contact with her.

He is quick on the uptake to not miss a sure thing when he sees it and he knows how to care and cherish a treasured possession. I have to also admit he does last the distance and what a finisher he is.

Jenna is no slouch in the fantasy department as well – There was a voyeuristic moment that just about set the book on  fire. She has a huge amount of confidence issues but when she lets her inhibitions reign free – she is definitely a class act.



I would say only the fact that I knew the HEA was assure was about the only sort of predictable in this book. The angst was relentless through the book. There was not a steady and peaceful 10pages – it was upheaval after upheaval and I was liking it alot.



I am noticing more and more how an author draws me in from the moment I open the book – some get it and some don’t. Hot in here was one smooth start

“I like my women the way I like my recipes: fast, easy and full of variety.”
There was a pregnant pause, followed by a raised brow and
a fl ash of blue- green eyes above the spine of the glossy magazine.
“Did you really say that?”

Hot in Here © Sophie Renwick

This is a solid read – with back history, a support cast that played a full part and evidence of a follow up within the story

The main protags themselves were fully developed and I love how Ms. Renwick gave them their own identity – they were themselves first before we see them as a sister, a brother, a daughter or a son.

The plot was a nice mixture of a combination of a whole lot of familiar plots. Ms. Renwick has pulled it all together and made a story line that made me laughed, sighed and I even had the OOHHH moment – well done.

The were a few side stories running through the book that tied in nicely with the main plot. The support cast came into their own and it is definitely a credit to Ms. Renwick for reigning in some of the more assertive characters so they did not hog the limelight.

Although I mentioned the smut earlier, I must applaud the author for bringing this wonderful element of Featherstone style into play. Her words are magic and she clearly has an angle on the different voices.

The book had a good pace and with the changing scenery I was not bored at all with the drive of the book.

Bottom Line

A sweet story with loveable characters that is a credit to Ms. Renwick. With a distinct voice she rushes out of the stable with this fun loving and funny story that gives a nice balance between wanting and needing. She has gotten the art of anticipation down on her first book and has nicely laid the ground work for a series that looks to set our hearts on fire. Well done Ms. Renwick. 


Jenna has so much confidence issues that she gave me a whiplash moment as well as she played the TSTL card as well. While she started off as this assertive, in your face chick – she quick went from bitch to bitchy and  I was not liking her after a while. She came back around but by that time – I was at the point of “What Now”.

There was an undeveloped scenario between Trey and his father, but as this is the first book – I am reserving judgement until the other book in the series are released.

Bryce took a little while for me to warm up to – After having a bad relationship and cutting himself off from “commitment” , he was downright possessive and single-minded in his pursuit of Jenna. It was too quick too fast for me.


A few review to see… 

'Hot In Here' was a fantastic escape read. Bryce is an intense hero who is originally a bit frightened by the sudden spark of lust that he feels for his long time friend. But he shows real strength with his fast and determined commitment to Jenna. If anything, Jenna is the one with commitment issues, IMO, but much of that can be blamed on Bryce's earlier behavior with women.

Also, food has never read so sexy. I've developed new meaning to words like custard, gelato, and Carmel. Chocolate needs no added eroticism, it's a dessert that's always been associated with sex and boy was I reminded why.


There is a scintillating parallel between mouthwatering culinary delights and sex in this novel that IMHO enhances the erotic scenes. In addition, through Ms. Renwick’s lovely erotic prose, I could feel Bryce’s love for Jenna deepen during their emotional intimate encounters. This is a hot erotic romance and there are a number of intense sexually explicit scenes in changing settings, which I felt also, enhanced their deepening feelings. First a reader is shown the city where both Jenna and Bryce’s businesses and homes are located. Then we are whisked to romantic Tuscany where Bryce has a lovely old home overlooking a beautiful vineyard. Finally, they return home to the small rural town where both of them grew up under very different circumstances.


I think Jenna and Bryce are great together and the sex between them is extremely hot and good (and no I'm not spilling the beans because that would spoil things:)). I also enjoyed the fact that food and family play a really important part too, with some nice girly moments between Jenna and her sisters, and a nice relationship between Bryce and his older brother Trey who I have hopes for with Jenna's sister Sarah, I think potentially there's a great story in the making for them.


I felt Jenna was a little too quick to condemn Bryce when she finds out about his supposed schemes that make her feel foolish, embarrassed, and hurt. She does this at least twice, never showing a lot of faith in him and his love. And he does love her; he nearly crawls and begs for her forgiveness each time and then she gives in a little too easily considering how angry she is to begin with. I just wanted a little more motivation on Jenna's part to be that angry with Bryce, especially when he explains his brother's part in all of it. Of course, the make-up sex each time is to die for. Other than this, though, Hot In Here is a good read.


I like the theme of friends becoming lovers and learning to know each other in a different way, and look at each other in a different light. They seem so right for each other and I wonder why they didn't get it sooner. But love is blind, and Bryce needed to learn to look past things. I am sure glad he did because they are sweet together, and I get the little jealous streak that comes out of him when he sees her with someone else. Then we do see that he want her, and he begins to admit it to himself. Admit that he may always have felt it. I do like Jenna, she is not a plain girl, she is Strong ans sweet, and Bryce is sexy and I wouldn't mind him cooking me something.


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lol, I didn't notice that that was from my blog. How forgetful I am

Great review EH, and yup I know which scene you're talking about. And there were sure some hot ones

Lea on 30 July 2009 at 19:11 said...


I'm so happy you liked "Hot In Here", EH... Wonderful concise review as always. I too like Sophie Renwick's voice and am so excited to read her upcoming paranormal work!!

Gee, thanks to linking to my review, that is so very kind of you. :)


Cecile Smutty Hussy on 31 July 2009 at 01:37 said...

Hey EH!
Love the review. I have yet to read it. I have it downloaded on my computer... and since I have a slow computer at work... and I blogging alot in the evening... reading on my laptop in bed... well, I think hubby would kick me out! But I am determined to read this one... maybe this weekend. Still don't have plans yet... who knows!
But I LOVE your review!!!

Erotic Horizon on 31 July 2009 at 10:15 said...

Hey Blodeuedd

I know there was some hot scenes in this book....

I love the smut...


Erotic Horizon on 31 July 2009 at 10:17 said...


Thanks Lea... Renwick's voice is certainly easy on the eyes...

I am definitely looking forward to her upcoming Paranormal book...


Erotic Horizon on 31 July 2009 at 10:18 said...


If you ask nicely I am sure he will let you read in bed.....

You must read this book - Bryce is some hot stuff...


Unknown on 31 July 2009 at 22:00 said...

Hi EH!

Glad you enjoyed Hot in Here, it was great IMPO. Jenna and Bryce story was hot and sweet, sexy and spice in all the right place!

Yay Sophie!

Dottie :)