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Review – Dalakis Brothers Bk4 – Eternal Brother – N.J. Walters




Back Of The Book

The Dalakis brothers are rich, powerful men, but they have secrets — the kind that men kill to protect. Ex-cop Zane York has watched them for several years and has returned to New Orleans to resume his investigation. He has to know if his suspicions are true — are the Dalakis brothers murderous vampires?

Reporter Sophia Daring has had many tough assignments in her life, but nothing has prepared her for the late-night phone call, which leads her to the cemetery and to the body of a dead woman. The murderer drained all the blood from his victim's body and the clues point straight to the Dalakis family.

The attraction between Zane and Sophia is instantaneous and explosive. But Zane has secrets of his own and questions that need answering. Are the Dalakis family the villains or are they being framed for murder? As Zane and Sophia investigate the grisly string of deaths, they discover that the murderer may not be the family's only enemy…and a secret from the past may bring the deadliest threat yet.

Gagnon had told him that Lucian Dalakis had been with Delight Deveraux when they’d questioned her and that his attitude had been very protective. Whether he’d been protecting himself or Delight, Zane hadn’t been sure at the time. But now there was no doubt in his mind that he’d been protecting his woman. The fact that they were now married spoke volumes. However, it had also raised Zane’s suspicions. What had happened to the men in the alleyway?

Then there was the incident at The Club, a local hotspot, a short time later when local crime lord Jethro Prince and his chief enforcer, a man known only as Smith, were found murdered. Once again Sam Cassidy had been on the scene and it was written off as hit from another crime syndicate—a falling-out among thieves.

But Zane hadn’t been convinced. He’d snooped around the streets and alleys around the club and found a drug addict who remembered a large man with fancy clothing and long black hair entering the club. No one inside the club remembered seeing such a man. That had raised Zane’s hackles. The description easily fit Lucian Dalakis.

He’d dug further but had uncovered nothing. Worried about his preoccupation with this family, he’d resigned his job and returned to New York. Then a new rumor had reached his ears a few days ago. Sam Cassidy was now working for the Dalakis family. What that meant, he wasn’t sure, but he’d had to find out.

Zane saw the man in question slinking out the side entrance of the garden, searching the darkness. So Cassidy sensed that someone was out here. It wouldn’t do to underestimate this man. He was a good cop. Or at least he had been. Now Zane was no longer sure. Turning, he walked swiftly down the street, careful to keep to the shadows. He wouldn’t learn much else tonight and wanted to return to his home to think.

He’d tried to resist the temptation of returning to New Orleans, but it was no use. He had to know the truth, not only for his own sake, but also for the protection of the people of this city.

And if the Dalakis brothers turned out to be what he feared they might be, then he’d be left with no choice.

He’d have to kill them.

Eternal Brothers © N.J. Walters


ETERNAL BROTHER starts off with a  nosey reporter, Sophia Daring following a tip to the local cemetery only to see the last thing she ever expected. With the body of a dead woman left in pose drain of blood and a note stuck to the body – she begins the hunt.

Zane York is also hunting and it looks like he is hunting the same people who may have have committed the cemetery crime. Needing to find answers he goes directly to the first source he can make contact with – and that happens to be Sophia Daring. Sophia is not willing to hand over the goods without something in return and she is holding firm to her convictions. Not expecting Zane to get under her defences she finds herself compromising for two reason, firstly to get the first crack on a hot story and secondly to spend more time with Zane.

The Dalakis are not only rich they also keep a low profile in a city that is always hungry for more information. Someone is doing the dirties on the family and only with a stroke of luck and good will do they get a heads up on the goings on.

An array of events happens all at once, and this makes tackling the enemy all that more difficult as within their midst is not only the eternal ones but the ones that breaks easily.

Every book I read in this series only gets better and better. ETERNAL BROTHER is Zane’s and Sophia’s story, meeting under the most unusual of circumstances Sophia is understandable leery of Zane and his quest for information about the Dalakis brothers and the murders. Zane is not to be put off anyhow as he has been stalking the brothers for years and needs to know if he has to take the ultimate step in stopping them in their tracks.

He gets a face to face with the brothers sooner than he expects as more than one someone is targeting them and none of it good. To counter the attack it not only takes Zane and Sophia who are struggling with an attraction but the brothers and their family as well as the human elements that have intertwined themselves into the world of the Dalakis family.

The story is once again a fast pace hop and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did Ms. Walters not do the loads of erotic smut – she took the time to give us some romance and it was everywhere in the book, from the looks, to the touches even the moments of reluctances and mostly the embraces that went on and on, and I was loving it.

The action was layered and not comical but eerily scary in the length that someone would go to, to get at the Dalakis family. From the previous books we know what the brothers and the family is capable of, in ETERNAL BROTHER it takes a little bit more than the family to resolve all their issues and the additional support was just as dynamic as the brother’s themselves.

Zane and Sophia does get enough page time for their romance to run it’s course – some of it, we already know what will happen, but the fine print are exciting to see unfolding and I was really caught up in their moment.

Once again Ms. Walters does a wonderful job of following up on a winning series, not only has she keep the series moving, but the story line has not gotten redundant, she has managed to really hold my interest with this series and after four books that’s saying alot.

Four books and still going this series is becoming a very much recommended read. I am so looking forward to the next book in the series.

P.S. – That cover model is one sexy thing….. very much a fitting cover.


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Hi EH,
Oh yes I like that cover, and finally, his head is in it. I do like that in a cover, not just cut off necks.
This sounds like a promising read

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Oh - I know you would love the cover... nice..

This is a great series...