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Review – The Courtland Chronicles – Complications – Cat Grant







Back of The Book

Ambitious CEO Eric Courtland is devastated when his long-time lover Nick breaks up with him. Finding himself at a crossroads, he throws himself into a passionate affair with an old college friend, Ally Taylor.

Ally is shocked by Eric's marriage-of-convenience proposal. Sure, they're a great match in bed, and Eric's plan would help both their careers, but there'd been no mention of love... Does she really dare risk her heart and livelihood on such a volatile lover?



"You think I haven't been at the end of my rope? Believe me, I have. I'm sure Nick must have told you what happened the year my mother died."

Jesus, why the hell didn't he just go? "What's that got to do with me?"

"Nothing. Everything. I don't know." Eric shrugged, looking away for a moment, and suddenly Ally saw the weariness-and the loneliness-beneath his veneer of casual indifference. "But I'd hate to see you tumble down the same rabbit-hole I ended up in. I wouldn't wish that misery even on my own father, and I wasn't exactly his greatest fan."

She didn't know what to say to that, but she knew she had to say something. "It's really not that bad. I've got a roof over my head and all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I can eat. It's sweet of you to want to help, but I haven't reached the point of utter desperation yet."

"All right." He nodded, fixing her with an intense blue gaze that turned everything from her knees down to water. "But I'd count it as a favor if you'd have dinner with me this evening."


"Because I'd rather not go home tonight and drink myself into a stupor again. Think you can help me with that?"

A thousand lame excuses swirled around in her addled brain, but when he flashed her that roguish smirk that had made her want to slap him so many times in the past, her last molecule of resistance dissolved. "Okay, you win. But it can't be one of your fancy five-star eateries. I don't have anything appropriate to wear."

"I know just the place. Pick you up at seven?"

"Seven it is."

Eric still insisted on his driver helping her in with her packages. This time she didn't kick up a fuss, although her stomach plummeted when Eric stepped inside for a moment and saw the rumpled bedding piled on the couch. Afterward, she snuck a glance out the front window as the limo pulled away from the curb, a tiny, anxious flutter springing to life inside her.

She had the distinct feeling she was doomed.

Complication© Cat grant



COMPLICATION is the third prequel to the main book THE ARRANGEMENT and once again this is a snap shot of a crucial point of Eric's and Ally’s  life – basically how the got together.

There was nothing easy about how this books starts. Nick it seems has finally decided to get on with his life – and so it begins - a road of complications. Eric is pursing his political dream to the exceptional of all else even his long time lover Nick. With a past and a life of marriage and divorce behind him, Eric is not prepared for Nick’s news – but be that as it may, he has to accept it, because it’s Nicks choice and secondly he really has had his time and his chance.

Carrying on, he meets up with Ally - a friend who knows the best and worst of Eric and although reluctant she agrees to go to dinner with him. It’s a refreshing change for them both. For Eric it’s a chance to be himself, as after all Ally has seen him at his down and dirties and for Ally she needs to eat and as she was down on her luck at the moment – and in a sympathetic mood towards Eric, she begins a game that only gets more involved with a proposal from Eric.

Things are not as cut and dry as Eric makes it out to be, as some feeling are not that easy to get rid of and some major players in Eric’s life has a way of not laying low.

Firstly let me say right off the bat, I didn’t like Ally when she was introduced in BY CHANCE and I still don’t like her. As much as  COMPLICATION is the shortest of the three books so far – it packs  a hell of a punch.

Starting off with Nick’s surprising news and in some respect Eric’s reaction to the news - as really, I didn’t think he had it in him to give Eric an ultimatum. Meeting up with Ally or Ally running to comfort Eric so to speak can be looked at as a good and a bad thing – for me, any thing Ally is involved in, it’s a bad thing (Hate much – you can tell).

I can see growth in Eric, in his language, in his mannerism and in his style, and that lessens the arrogance we are used to, it coats over some of the issues I had with him and as much as I don’t like his attitude towards Nick, Nick has made his choice and life move on as they say.

Hence comes Ally, and there begins an enlightenment. We see a side to both Ally and Eric that  I am very pleased the author exposed me to. Along with Eric’s down to earth attitude towards his relationship with Nick and Ally’s inspection of her life up to that point, things doesn’t go smoothly and when Eric has a chance meeting there starts the secrets and the lies begins.

COMPLICATION took care of so much for me, fair enough it threw up a lot of questions as well, but  I thought this was an intense read, highlighting another side to these characters that I have come to love and hate while leaving me scope to see that they have a lot left to them.

A not to be missed third book that has really now made THE ARRANGEMENT the book to really read.  


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Leontine on 9 July 2009 at 21:26 said...

Hi E.H.,
I love to read how you're taken in the development of these characters. To be moved by each story, for better and for worse.I feel it could have the same effect on me too. I'm so glad to hear the series revolves around the same protags, I never mind to attach/invest myself for more than one novel to the same characters.

TheChicGeek on 9 July 2009 at 22:35 said...

Found it!!!! Yeah! I have been so frustrated visiting and not being able to comment!
Now I will go read the review and come back...LOL

TheChicGeek on 9 July 2009 at 22:39 said...

Hey, E.H. bty, I'm loving the look here...very cool!
I think if you have a character you hate and ones you love then it can make for an engaging read. This one sounds like a good one to try. I like the back cover :D

Monroe Dawson on 10 July 2009 at 01:24 said...

Very interesting blurb. I just might have to check this series out! :o) Thx for the good review!

Erotic Horizon on 12 July 2009 at 18:41 said...


It's not hard to miss the difference in Eric's and Ally's characters - it's a big development...

and i agree with you, it's refreshing to read a full series about the same protags, rather than jumping to new ones...


Erotic Horizon on 12 July 2009 at 18:43 said...


Hello lady Jane.. glad you have found the link, missed you..

I do agree with you , the mix of feeling for the protags did make the book a better read for me...

speak to you soon..


Erotic Horizon on 12 July 2009 at 18:44 said...


glad you stopped by - this a read that really made me sit up and made note....

hope you get the chance to read them..