Friday, 31 July 2009

Just Found – Celestial Lovers – Starstruck Hunter – Michelle Lauren


TITLE: Starstruck: Hunter (Book I of the Celestial Lovers series)
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
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When twenty-four year old celestial star Miranda Snow crash lands on Earth, a place where humans hunt and kill her kind for their life-prolonging energy, she doesn’t know who to trust. Danger is everywhere. Her only hope for survival lies in the unlikely arms of ex-star hunter Noah Benson. Tall, dark and jaded, his touch sparks her passion and melts her defenses.

Ten years ago, Noah lost everything in one night: his freedom, his friends and all hopes of a future in his chosen career. Now he is driven by revenge against the man responsible, a ruthless killer determined to claim Miranda – something Noah refuses to let happen. But when faced with an impossible choice, will he be able to protect Miranda or will he lose her for good?


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