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Sassy Brit Introduces her Gang
First and foremost I would love to introduce my "gang"; my team of reviewers and staff behind the scenes of of whom I am very appreciative of all their hard work and the hours they put into helping me.





Trisha Collins is our "erotic" review coordinator. Trish deals with all the erotica book review requests from authors and publishers, which come in and need to be sent to her reviewing team (Team Trish) to be picked up for possible review. We do make it clear we can't review every book that comes in, but we do our best to get through as many as we can.





Lucille Perkins Robinson is a reviewer and in charge of our interviews. She is a 61-year-old housewife, retired school teacher, and caretaker for her comatose daughter from Rayne, Louisiana. Her hobbies, aside from writing and reading, are video games and crocheting. She has had fiction published in "Uncommon Bonds" an anthology published by the Summer 1994 class of the Acadiana Writing Project at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, as well as in her own anthology, "Short Stories That Kill Time" and most recently has a story in "A Mouth Full of Bullets".
You can also find Lucille HERE:  and catch up on her reviews HERE:




WitchGiggles is an AR reviewer. This is her story in her own words 'Born far longer than I care to think of. A voracious reader from early childhood I enjoy everything from history to mystery to erotica with paranormal and sci-fi/fantasy thrown in.
My sense of humor is a tad more than a wee bit perverted, but it helps life go buy, so that suits me just fine. I have little tolerance for intolerance, bigotry, and stupidity and while I don't suffer PMS I do have CMS so I'm a cranky witch  all the time.
I got into reviewing as a means to give expression to  my reaction to all the wonderful books I've come across in my search for new things to read. The discoveries in genres that I've made in the past few months is astonishing, but not as much as the talent of the writers I've become enamored of. WitchGiggles can also be found HERE: and for her reviews, please see HERE:




Aris is an AR reviewer and her reviews can be found HERE:  Between her and WitchGigggles they have read hundreds of books! Lately, however, Aris has had to take a step back from reviewing and take care of her fast growing family as a grandmother with several new grandkiddies to keep her busy.




Bo Perkins is our AR editor and details of her editing skills can be found HERE. Bo has very kindly offered to donate a percentage of any of her editing earnings made via advertising on AR, which is absolutely lovely of her.



Michael's bio can be found here: He is away on holiday at the moment,  but he is shortly to start reviewing books from Black Lace and Nexus (Virgin Books UK) alongside Angelika Devlyn. Stay tuned. Read Michael's reviews HERE:



Clayton is our newest bright spark and reviewer at AR.

Clayton Bye, under the imprint Chase Enterprises, has been writing and publishing since 1994. The author of several books as well as Internet short stories, poems, articles and reviews, he's also known as an accomplished speaker,trainer and small business consultant who has delivered countless keynote addresses, seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics.

Mr. Bye's current projects include increasing his Internet presence and writing a sequel to his novel, The Sorcerer's Key.

A member of the Manitoba Writers' Guild (MWG), the Manitoba Editors' Association (MEA), the Writers of the Woods(WoW), the Lake of the Woods Art Collective (LOWAC) and the Independent Authors Guild (IAG), he lives in the City of Kenora.

You can enter a competition to win some of his books HERE:

Clayton's reviews can be found HERE:


Angelika is an AR reviewer and her bio can be found here:
You can also check her out at her own wordpress blog here: and on MySpace:
Her reviews can  be found HERE:


Unfortunately we have two members who do not have pictures yet.




Author, N. D. Hansen-Hill,  has edited our reviews for  us. Here is her bio: N. D. Hansen-Hill, a resident of Auckland, New Zealand, began by writing fantasy series, then branched out into science fiction and horror. All her novels are suspenseful, and all bear traces of the paranormal.
Two of her books were EPPIE finalists in the fantasy and horror categories, and three others were nominated for the Sir Julius Vogel Award.
Recently, she has been concentrating on single titles at Cerridwen Press, rather than series. With a busy schedule that includes work as a professional artist and designer, N.D. stays in touch with science via university, where she takes classes ranging from anthropology to virology. She is also working toward a graduate diploma in teaching, and intends to teach novel-writing in the near future.


Ella Blackhart is our publicity manager and her bio can be found HERE:

We also receive contributions from guest bloggers, columnists and reviewers. Anyone interested in having their review or guest post on AR just need to contact me: Sassy.Brit at gmail dot com - all credit and links back to their site are added!

For those that don't know this is me, the owner of AR. I take all the non-erotica book review requests and also have my  own team (Sassy Squad) for those those that do not want to get involved with the erotica side of reviewing. I also respond to all queries, update the website and take care of anything that does not come under Trisha's umbrella. You can read my introductory post HERE. My own reviews can be found HERE:



We also have a newly formed READERS and REVIEWERS TWIBE group:

TWIBES Unfortunately Twibe have agreed there are problems with their join link for this group. So, if anyone would like to join, until this is fixed, please direct message (DM) me in Twitter and I will add your name to the list and get you in. Apologies for this inconvenience, but it is just one of those things I cannot do much about!
Contact me via Twitter:
For anyone interested in joining AR please see the vacancies we have on offer HERE:

We are also seeking someone experienced in the layout and sending of newsletters. All info to add is sent to you, so there is no 'thinking of what to write' involved. I just need someone to be able to set this up and send it out on a monthly basis. Please contact me if you are interested.

To find out who our latest Author in the Spotlight is, please go and visit here: Recognise him? I do like to give staff a spot here, should they want it, as a way of saying thank you for all their help with AR.

Visit the front page of the main website here:
We also have a Yahoo Chat Group called An_Alternative_Read, where you get to find out about all 'our' authors new releases and chat with them, too. You can join here: Here we have promotional chats with publishers and PR groups, so do come and see what we are talking about.
Finally I also host the What's on Your Desk Wednesday?' bookish blog meme on This is promoted on my MySpace account, and you can look through the pictures of participants desks and book shelves at my Flickr photo set here (feel free to comment on them!) :

Before I go I would like to thank you, E.H, for this opportunity to introduce my "gang", and I look forward to coming back tomorrow to answer your interview question.


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Lea on 12 July 2009 at 15:56 said...

Hey EH!

Thanks for allowing Sassy to introduce herself and her gang. I've only recently been introduced to her site and am so impressed by how comprehensive it is, and the talent of here "staff".

I'll look forward to your interview tomorrow. :)


Donna on 13 July 2009 at 01:29 said...

I've always wondered about review teams. Very interesting indeed. Thanks!

Sassy Brit @ on 13 July 2009 at 09:05 said...

Thank you, EH, for this! You've done a wonderful job, and I really appreciate it.

Just adding a post to let my readers and Yahoo group members know this is up. I've had a busy weekend, when I thought yesterday (Sunday) was going to be a day of rest. Fun though, but very tiring, and not much computer time.

Thanks again for this!