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In Conversation - Eric Courtland –The Courtland Chronicles

Today I am pleased to say i have been allowed to have a few word with  Eric Courtland of Courtland Industries and The Courtland Chronicles.

Mr. Courtland is not only a titan of the industrial sector that he is in, but he has made a name for himself as a Senator and at a reasonably young age.

Despite scandal and close health calls Mr Courtland is blessed with the genie of opportunity and swift recovery and I am honoured to be having this conversation with him today.


Hello Mr Courtland.

Welcome to my humble abode, Thank you for making the time to visit with me.


Firstly, let's start from your college days. What was it like dealing with a sick mother, an inadequate father plus an attraction - all during a high pressure Uni course.

That was a very difficult time in my life. But that was also when I met Nick, and fell in love for the first time. I wouldn't change that for the world.


After all is said and done, how do you now feel about doing the nasties on your dad and was it worth it. What are your feeling towards your father now.

My father is dead. I say, let him rest in peace.


A decade ago - did you think you would be at this point in your life - or further along.

Giving up my political career was a disappointment, but I don't regret it. I never thought I'd find one person to share my life with, much less two. Any sacrifices I've made for Nick's, Allison's and my collective happiness were more than worth it.


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I have a tendency to become focused on my work to the exclusion of everything else - classic Type A behaviour. I've managed to get it under control in recent years, but it's still hard-wired into my DNA.


What are your true feelings for Nick and Allison.

They're my life. I couldn't exist without them.


You kept two peoples life rotating around you for more than a decade - was it worth it.

For myself, absolutely. For Nick and Allison... you'd have to ask them.


Can you speak about Bran


What was the attraction

Despite the way our relationship ended, Bran is an extraordinary man. I learned a lot from him. And that's all I'm going to say.

After two marriages and a less than spectacular love life - what is it about Nick that rings your bell.

It's called love.


It's said behind every great man there is a greater woman (In this case " and man) - of the two who made the most impact on your life and why?<<<

If you're asking me to choose between Nick and Allison, I can't. They're my partners, my spouses. My husband and my wife. I can't measure their impact in my life because it is, by definition, immeasurable.


When you hooked up with Ally, did you think that she would be the one to give you that "sense of rightness" that you were missing with two other partners.. and what does that say for Nick - was he not worth it.<<<

Of course Nick was worth it. Why do you keep trying to make me draw comparisons between him and Allison? They are who they are. Asking me to measure one of them against the other and find one wanting... that's an insult to both of them.


You said these word to Allison "You're not a mess. You're lovely.I think of you as an unfinished diamond-all you need is a little polish and the right setting, and you'll be perfect. Besides, isn't it a husband's prerogative to shower his wife with gifts?" were you trying to mould Allison into what you wanted her to to be?

I've always wanted Allison to live up to her true potential. She's an extraordinary woman. She'd have to be, to put up with me for so many years! I'll admit that at the beginning of our marriage, I tried too hard to remake her in the image I had of her in my head. But I stopped doing that long ago, because I realized it wasn't necessary. She's perfect the way she is.


When you popped up into Cat's imagination, did you think you would have made it onto paper?

Let's just say I'm surprised, and leave it at that.

Did she do right by you<<<

She's portrayed me in an honest -- one might even say, unflinching -- light.


How much more of your story do you have left for Cat to give to us?

Nick, Allison and I have lived together as partners and spouses for ten happy years. There's still that part of the story to tell. I'm sure Cat will do a fine job.

In Closing.

While I had a few more questions for Mr .Courtland, he has answered the questioned he wants to and his writer has released this statement in regards to the unanswered questions.

You've asked some pretty personal stuff, and we all know Eric doesn't like to open up to strangers.

I will press on and keep my fingers cross that Mr.. Courtland will grant either myself or probably another of my colleague another interview later on in the year.

Thank you.



And for your reading pleasure…….

Please find excerpt from Cat Grant’s upcoming addition to The Courtland Chronicles – TRIAD…

(P.S – The bulk of the excerpt including explicit material is on another post –  after the PG section - Follow if you dare)

TRIAD – Excerpt

   Newest addition to The Courtland Chronicles

Eric Courtland poured his husband and his wife ice-cold flutes of Veuve Cliquot, then raised his own for a toast. "A decade together, with every year happier than the last. Here's to ten more, and beyond."

"Hear, hear," Nick and Ally both murmured, draining their glasses before tugging Eric down to lie between them on the plum silk duvet embroidered with the emblem of the Plaza-Athénée Hotel. They'd just returned from a celebratory five-star feast downstairs in the hotel's luxurious dining room, and now, wrapped in plush terrycloth robes, they curled up together, basking in contentment. New rings glittered on their left hands, elegant platinum bands sporting a flawless two-carat diamond for each year of their union. Eric had presented them to Nick and Ally that afternoon at the Paris registry office, when they had become legally husband, husband and wife, on the same date he and Ally had tied the knot in New York eleven years ago. The European Union had legalized gay and multiple-partner marriage ten months earlier, but to Eric, it had seemed only apropos to celebrate an existing anniversary while at the same time creating a new one.

So here they lay, on the same king-sized bed in the same lavish art-deco presidential suite where he and Ally had spent their first honeymoon. At last Eric pressed soft kisses to both his spouses' foreheads and remarked, "I can't remember the last time I've experienced such peace and quiet. Is everything all right?"

Ally favored him with a drowsy smile. There were tiny, crinkly laugh lines around her eyes now, and Eric cherished each and every one of them. Had they still been living in the States, she probably would've had them botoxed out of existence, but fortunately, European women didn't share their American counterparts' fear of natural aging. She rarely wore makeup anymore, but she hardly needed it; her skin and pale blond hair glowed with health from ten years of living in the Tuscan countryside. Eric didn't care if she never put on lipstick or blush again. To him, she looked beautiful exactly the way she was—all five feet and three inches of her. "I'm enjoying my alone time with my two favorite men. Anything wrong with that?"

"And I think I'm still a little stunned," Nick replied, propping himself up on one elbow, running his other hand through his gorgeous, unruly curls, flecked with new gray at the temples. He'd turned forty-five a couple of months earlier, but, thanks to the Olympic-sized pool and private gym they'd installed at their villa outside Florence, he'd managed to remain fit. Granted, he wasn't a twenty-year-old football player anymore, but the years had been exceptionally kind to him, slowly chipping away at his former lush male beauty to reveal the calmness, integrity and inner strength that lay beneath. Nick was the rock of their relationship, the one who held Eric steady when doubts and fears assailed him. "We've all wanted this for so long. Hard to believe it's finally happened."

"I've considered all three of us married for the past decade," Eric said. "The ceremony was a mere formality."

"I know, but…now I can all myself Nick Thompson-Courtland, and no one can say it's not true."

"No one in Europe, anyway," Ally interjected a touch bitterly.(Read more –TRIAD)

Triad © Cat Grant


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Leontine on 10 July 2009 at 16:46 said...

I think I've just fallen...for Eric Courtland. If your reviews didn't already indicate I might enjoy these novels E.H. than Eric just did. Great interview and I hope you'll do more of these exposé's!

Lea on 10 July 2009 at 22:40 said...

Bravo EH!

Wonderful conversation and interview!

I wasn't initially too intrigued by this series, however I have to admit that has changed. :)

Well done....


Erotic Horizon on 12 July 2009 at 18:31 said...

Hey Leontine..

Eric is just as the interview is, he is very abrupt in his manner and very high handed..

But i like him a lot...

Happy reading..


Erotic Horizon on 12 July 2009 at 18:33 said...

Hey Lea..

I do think you would appreciate these.. its loads of angst.. easy on the smut but big on the emotional upheaval... and of course Eric is so difficult to like...

Hope you get the chance to read them soon.