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In Conversation – Bryce Ryder – Hot In Here!!!

Today i am so pleased to say I have none other than Bryce Ryder her with me. We all know and love Bryce for his skills in the kitchen – However after a recent gossip columnist had a go at his reputation, I am glad he has worked it all out and gotten the girl in the process.


For those readers that missed Jenna's interview yesterday, see what she has to say about Bryce and Sophie. Without further ado welcome Bryce Ryder to the Erotic Horizon.



Firstly I am going to start off with your love of food - where did that come from

Hell, what man doesn't love food? I do, that's for sure. I loved sitting down to the McCabe table and digging in. My own  mother could never be bothered, so Jenna's mom was definitely something I craved-- the warmth, the sense of family. I still like watching her cook. Now we sometimes cook side by side and I'm so happy that I have a mom like that. And she's pretty pleased she's got herself a son! :)


You have this way of  sensualising  food, and  i have to say even i was in awe of your erotic way of describing food - how did you put the two together (Food and the sensuality of it).

Well, food like sex should be savored, so that's I were I went with it. I'm not sure where it comes from. It's just me, you know? That's how I am. I look at the food, and there's just something there. Maybe I'm just a pervert, but Jenna's not complaining! I like finding foods to seduce her with.


Before the gossip column got to your reputation, what was your long term plans in term of a relationship.

None. I'd been so damn burned by Chrissy that I refused to think of long term. But secretly, I always did want the wife and kids, and that family table. After Chrissy though, the thought made me edgy. To have that, that family life, and then have the woman walk away like Chrissy did was too much, so I forgot about those feelings and decided getting laid by a different woman each night would be the safer option for my  heart. Stupid and empty, but safer.


I get the fact that Jenna was your friend and in some respect she was the only constant in your life in terms of female company - but what did you really expect Jenna to do when she turned up for your lunch meeting.

Vindicate me. You know, she was always by my side, and my pride was stinging. I knew she could help with plans to get my rep back, but what I needed was for her to sit with me and tell me I was right. That she believed in me. She was always the quiet type, never made waves, so when she sat up and kind of rode my ass, I saw a new side of her, and I was amazed-- and incredibly turned on. I liked that there was a part of Jenna that wasn't an open book. That there was something there, hidden, and I wanted to be the one to bring it out.


Please forgive the intrusion with this question, but I have to ask   - Your first time with Jenna, what was it really like, as clearly she was not your type.

AMAZING!!!! I never knew that going against type would be so damn arousing! Jenna gave herself that night and I couldn't believe how different the act felt because of that. She was so vulnerable, and it made me feel like a man to protect her, and I felt like a man when I was with her, loving her. I mean, after that, I was totally addicted to her, and well, you read what happened then....


When you decided that Jenna was the woman of the moment for you - Did you really expect Jenna to drop everything for you - and why?

            Yeah, I did. Stupid huh? I have NO idea, other than male stupidity, why I believed she'd just fall into my hands. Just because I fell apart and realized the sex was the best I ever had, didn't mean she felt that way. Although, I wanted to believe it, that I was the best she'd had. That's a regret I have, thinking I wouldn't have to work my ass to get her. 


I am going to be honest with you - it took me a while to warm up to you. For the ladies who don't know you - sell yourself to them.

On the outside, I'm a carefree playboy, on the inside, I was dying for a woman to take away the past pain, and give me a new lease on life. I put off vibes that I'm shallow and can be cool, but really, I'm just an average small town gown-- who REALLY enjoys cooking and sex.  Ego is a shell, and I used it to protect the vulnerable parts of me, parts I didn't want to show to anyone, but most of all myself. Sorry you didn't like me, but I hope you warmed up to me!


From my web hopping I can see a few ladies who are "Team Bryce" - Give these ladies an idea of your dream date.

Definitely cooking for them. My house, their house, little cabin by the lake, out at a picnic, whatever,it 's got to include something good to eat. That's the best foreplay. So, I'd cook them something special--just for them. Oh, and I gotta have dessert and make sure they eat it, because I gotta sweet tooth and I LOVE a woman with one, too. We could take it from there... But then, now that I'm thinking of it, I wouldn't mind a casual date at the markets, just strolling around and getting to know them over a latte at a cafe. But I'm a low maintenance  guy, jeans and T's are my thing, so if she's looking for classy and tight ass socializing, I'm probably not her dream date.

What's this angst with your parent.

Oh, god! My parents are the total opposite of Jenna's parents. I mean, my mother just whelped us, you know? She has zero maternal feeling, and my father is just into making a name for himself and increasing his wealth. We were just ornaments when needed and cast aside all the other times. I swear, I'm never gonna do that to my kids. My life was empty and cold. Thank God for brothers.


From your perspective can you let us in on what's happening with your older brother, Trey and your sister-in-law.

Wish I knew! Jenna doesn't know and she's amazed that Sarah's been so tight lipped about things. But I know my brother, and I think he's totally got it bad for her, but she's still giving him the cold shoulder and trying to tell herself she's in love with Ashton, which is bogus.  Not sure, but I think something happened between them in the past. There's something to do with that barn and the way Trey looks at the hayloft.... 


I want to find out about Sophie and  "You" - yes, you heard me right. I wondered why you choose Sophie instead of Charlotte to give us your story.

Apparently, when you write stories set in different eras, for two different houses, they like the name to be different. Charlotte's house really liked that her voice would be separate for a new genre of work. And I'm glad, because Charlotte couldn't pull off my attitude, but Sophie's got a good ear for it, I think. I might have been running around saying a lot of crap I'd never say, and wearing britches. But then again, I might have lived in an awesome English manor house!!!! Charlotte knew that a contemporary would be really different from the stuff she writes, and she didn't want to disappoint readers if the read wasn't the same. She always didn't want to alienate people who had tried her stuff as Charlotte and didn't like it. I'm amazed at how different one person can be.


Did she follow your instruction or is there more to you that never made it on paper..

There was a little more angst, and few more tears that were cut out of the story (hey, I can't look like a sissy!) and maybe a little bit of emotion. Charlotte kind of snuck in there at times, and we had to shift around things, but in the end, it's pretty much the story I told her.


After a whole lot of trial and error Jenna is more or less on the road to being your wife - Jenna wants a special Saturday night at home after a hard week, give us  a sneak peek at how you would pamper your bride to be. 

Easy! Jenna's really open to anything and I love how she can be happy going out or just hanging out. With us, a special Saturday night would probably involve me cooking at home (I've given up some of those weekends at the restaurant and am letting my sous-chef have more control at times) Then maybe a bath, and I'd give her a massage, followed by a chick flick. We'd cuddle on the couch and let nature take its course. Although, last Saturday I took her to the beach and we sat on the dock watching the sun set while we shared some fries and listened to the waves. Sex on the beach is an awesome way to wind down the week! :)


A big thank you to Bryce, Jenna and their writer Sophie Renwick for coming out to play on the Erotic Horizon on IN CONVERSATION…


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Unknown on 31 July 2009 at 22:05 said...

I love Sophie's voice in this book, and I can't wait to hear more in this series. I would love to get Sarah's story, hoping it will happen!

Once again, great interview EH, Bryce has found a place, and it wonderful to hear his thoughts.

Dottie :)

Erotic Horizon on 1 August 2009 at 12:22 said...

Thank Dottie..

I agree with you - I am so awaiting Sarah and Trey's story.... it the firecrackers they throw off each other .... sounds exciting...


Leontine on 1 August 2009 at 17:38 said...

Hi EH and Sophie,
I love, love LOVE these "In Conversations" and Bryce, wow, where can I get a spoon and dig in to his story? I really needed a pick me up and had a fabulous time reading this conversation *wink*

Thanks EH and Sophie (((hugs)))

Blodeuedd on 2 August 2009 at 10:16 said...

Wow, I am loving that last answer
Bryce is just the man

Erotic Horizon on 2 August 2009 at 20:41 said...


thank you for enjoying In Conversation - I have a few more lined up - Bryce is so cool...


Erotic Horizon on 2 August 2009 at 20:42 said...


Bryce is something else... glad you liked the interview..